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New York CityThe City of New York is presumably the jewelry, precious metals and gemstone capital of the US – probably even the world’s capital. But what about the rest of the State of New York? There are important cities like Buffalo, Jamestown, Watertown or Amsterdam and hundreds of smaller towns. Furthermore the State of New York is home to thousands of gold buyers, pawn shops, jewelers and second hand dealers. Do they pay high prices? Do they perform their business reliable? That’s the question of all questions but the answer is questionable: some are really reliable but the majority tends to rip you off. The NY department for consumer affairs once investigated that 3 out of 4 gold buyers are in violation of local laws. Some gold buyers make willful weighing mistakes or a wrongly evaluations. They determine false gold qualities or don’t “realize” that an authentic diamond is present. Keep that in mind when you look for gold buyers in the State of New York. But don’t worry, you got help. and its experts help you to make you ready for selling. You can ask our experts for free before you get started for selling in your hometown.

Consider “the online selling option” in comparison to local gold buyers. It’s not unusual that you can get paid more money online than in your local pawn shop. But search our list of cities in the State of New York to find out what’s best for you.

Gold buyers in New York: our list of investigated cities

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