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How much is an Omega watch worth? Asked Larry

ModelHow much this Omega is worth
Omega De Ville annual calendar limited edition, caliber 8611$10,000
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M chronograph in 18K red-gold$8,500
Omega DeVille Ladymatic diamond bezel, automatic movement 8521$8,000
Omega Speedmaster chronograph moonphase in 18K gold$7,000
Omega Railmaster 2914 1 broad arrow caliber 284$5,000
Omega Seamaster bullhead Co-Axial$3,700
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How much is an Omega watch worth? Asked Larry

18K gold Omega watch with diamondsDear Steve, I got 3 Omega watches from my ex-wife. We are divorced since nearly a decade but for any reason she left me these watches and other things after her death. I sent you some photos in hoping that you can tell me more about this Omega watches. I already tried to sell them to a watch buyer but I wanted to double-check the value before I finally make the deal. How much is an Omega watch worth, Steve? Can you help me finding a good selling price?
Larry from Buffalo in New York

Hi Larry, I like your watches. Omega is one of my favorite brands. First, because the company has an awesome history beginning in 1848 and second because the quality of Omega watches is really outstanding. Your photos were very helpful for me, and I’m pretty sure that all your questions can be answered. You told me that your ex-wife’s dad was a scientist working in the drive technology industry and in cooperation with the NASA. Maybe that was the reason why he collected Omega watches. In 1969 Omega watches were chosen from the NASA as the official timekeeper for astronauts. Even Neil Armstrong wore an Omega watch at the famous Apollo 11 mission. This fact gave Omega a tremendously boost of fame and popularity and it was like a must for scientists and NASA fans to have an Omega watch at that time. I guess your ex-wife got the watches from her dad and he was probably an Omega supporter.
reDollar appraiser, Steve Redrich

Larry wants to know, how much is an Omega watch worth?

Vintage Omega Constellation watch 1950'sLarry: I told you about my ex-wife’s Omega watches. I’m interested in selling these watches because I’m not interested in watches. I never wore watches since cells popped up. I always became skin irritations when I wore watches, because of the metal I guess. So Steve, there is no reason for me to keep these watches. Maybe you can help me learning more about Omega watches. Moreover I’d like to find out, how much is an Omega watch worth? I tried to browse the internet but there are so many different models so that I stopped my investigation efforts promptly.

Steve: It’s not easy to unlock the value of watches like that, if you don’t follow Omega watches. It’s like you said, numberless Omega watches have been produced over the last centuries. Omega was founded in 1848 and is one of the longest existing watch manufacturers all over the world and therefore series and models are hardly to overview. It needs a lot of background information, special books about watches and experience to make an evaluation. You have three nice Omega watches. Two of your watches are very common and one watch is special. I guess, you will like what I have to tell you.

Larry: Sounds good, Steve. My favorite Omega is the more modern one with the Roman numerals. It shows an observatory on the casing’s back. Is this related to the Apollo 11 mission? Do you know that? Furthermore it seems that this Omega was named “Constellation” because of is relation to the space science?

Steve: Yes and no. Omega launched the “Constellation-family” in 1952, 17 years before the Apollo 11 mission. The most important specification of the product series was the ultra-precise movement. Well, the special elegance of Constellation watches was also very important for its popularity but the movements of this series are really special – ultra precise and responsible for its triumph. Very interesting to know is that Constellation watches were traded as “Globemaster” watches, here in the US in the 1956s, because of a trademark dispute. But Larry, this model was made in the 1990s. Sadly, because the early Constellation watches can be very valuable. The more modern ones, like yours, are nice but not highly sought after. This Omega watch can sell for about $380. Our company would buy this watch for $300, if it’s running well.

18K white gold Omega DeVille 1970'sLarry: I was in hope to achieve more money for that Omega watch.

Steve: Larry, I have a lot better news for you. You will see. You know that you have a second Constellation watch, showing the observatory on the back, too. But let’s pay attention on your Omega watch with the blue dial before talking about your other Constellation.

Larry: Ok, why not.

Steve: This model is named “Geneve” and has not the best reputation under Omega supporters. There were some regrettable models manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s, particular of very mediocre quality, as many followers think. But it depends on the exact model and the exact year of make and generally Omegas are very good watches. I’m not sure if I can support this widely spread opinion. Your Geneve watch was made between 1971 and 1983. It comes with an automatic movement in a stainless steel case. Nevertheless, I estimate the value of this watch with $700. Our company would pay $500 for this watch if it’s good running. Consider that it takes time to sell this watch because of its wide spread reputation. My personal opinion is that you own a very nice watch with a special dial thanks to the blue dial.

Larry: That’s not bad. I would have seen a higher value in the other watch but you know that I’m not used to Omega’s. It was just my visual impression. But now, Steve – it’s time for my good news!

Steve: Of course, Larry. I don’t want you to wait longer. Let’s speak about you gold-colored Constellation as you described your watch. It’s not only gold-colored. This watch is made of solid gold. The casing is made of 18K gold and first just because of the gold value, this watch is really valuable. But it’s not only the gold. This watch is sought after by collectors and reflects a rarity. Please look at the photo of the inside of your cases back. We see a marking saying “18K 0,750” plus the manufacturer information like “Omega watch Co”, “FAB.SUISSE SWISS MADE” and the serial number. 18K stands for 18K gold and 0,750 is just a European marking for gold equaling 18K. You know, Omegas were made in Switzerland therefore they added also European gold hallmarks to achieve acceptance. This watch is an early Constellation from the 1850s – a value rising fact. Your watch has an automatic movement and can sell for round about $2,500. Our company would pay $2,000 for that watch if it’s good running.

Omega Sea Master De VilleLarry: I agree, that are really good news. Just for my knowledge, what was the most valuable Omega watch you have ever estimated?

Steve: I remember two very valuable Omega watches. One was a 1958, a very rare Speedmaster, selling for $15,000 and a nearly brand-new Omega Seamaster in 18K gold, selling for $18,000. But I hope to have an Omega DeVille watch in my laboratory one day. This watch has a fabulous precise working movement. This would be very exciting. But Larry, I’d love to have your Omega’s in my lab too. Especially your gold Omega is very nice and also for an expert like me a great pleasure.

Larry: Let me tell you something. A watch dealer offered me a grand –for all watches. It’s self-explaining that this Omegas find their way to your company. That’s for sure.

Steve: I would love to work with your watches. You know, the selling process is extremely fast and easy.

Larry: I know that. Thank you. Please inform me as soon as my watches have arrived.

Steve: Of course. We inform all customers about delivered assets.

Larry: That’s good to hear. Thank you for your time.

Steve: Thank you for sharing such wonderful watches. It was very interesting for me and our readers.

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