What are your options if looking for gold buyers in New York?

Do you expect a high purchase price, honest advice, and an overall positive experience when looking for a gold buyer in New York? It’s great to set your standards high. But before you set out to compare buyers, take some time to learn more about gold buyers in New York. reDollar.com is an online gold buyer with a flawless reputation paying the highest prices for gold and precious metals. Benefit from our knowledge and read this article carefully. It will very likely prevent you from having a bad selling experience and leaving money on the table.

If you’re in a hurry, please use our gold calculator for a quick price check. All you need is a good working scale. Our gold calculator will prepare you well for selling gold in New York City.

We know how the gold-buying industry works, and our company was founded to do it much better than the competition. We work very transparently, we educate our customers, and we pay you the highest possible prices for your valuables. Most gold buyers in New York are not interested in educating you, because they know that knowledgeable customers have more power. If you understand how they have evaluated your gold and jewelry, you’ll be more likely to question why they aren’t offering more for your gold. That puts the buyer in a difficult position. How can they justify a profit of hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

reDollar.com works differently. We are very transparent about our profit margin, which is somewhere between 5% and 10% depending on the type of merchandise we’re buying. You get to keep between 90% and 95% of your gold’s real value. Go and compare us to other gold buyers in New York. We bet you won’t find a single buyer able to compete with our pricing system.

At reDollar.com, we buy everything from fine jewelry, diamonds, and luxury watches to coins and silverware. We also buy scrap gold and dental gold for the highest possible price.

Sell for $50 to $15,000 in New York

You plan to sell items ranging from $50 to $15,000? No problem, reDollar is offering lightningfast, convenient, and 100% secure selling solutions for smaller and medium sized transactions.

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Sell for $15,000+ in New York

You plan to sell for more than $15,000? We offer appointment-based services for high-value selling transactions at our Rockefeller Center Office in Midtown Manhattan, located between 48th and 51st Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

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Sell Gold from the Comfort of Your New York Home

It’s never been easier or safer to sell gold from the comfort of your home. With reDollar serving New York City and New York State, selling your valuables is just a few clicks away. Customers appreciate us for our extremely high purchase prices as well as our discreet and safe way to sell. Would you feel safe riding the metro with your jewelry? Would you feel safe presenting your gold in an environment you don’t know and trust? With reDollar.com, you can sell your items in 3 easy steps without ever meeting a stranger or putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

(1) Start Online

Start online to sell from the comfort of your home. Just tell us some basic information about the items you plan to sell.

(2) Ship Your Items

Pack your gold, silver, and jewelry and ship with our fully insured shipping label. High-value shipments will arrive in our lab the next day.

(3) Get Paid

Your items will be appraised the same day they arrive in our laboratory. We pay you immediately once you agree to the offered amount.

We also serve your neighborhood

We serve all communities and are happy to accept customers from all of New York.

✔ Manhattan
✔ Brooklyn
✔ Queens
✔ Staten Island
✔ The Bronx
✔ Staten Island

We also serve customers in Patchogue, Bay Shore, Farmingdale, Garden City, Uniondale, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich, White Plains, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Morristown, Edison, New Brunswick, Long Branch, Asbury Park, and Point Pleasant Beach.

Items We Accept

Wedding bands, engagement rings, fine jewelry, diamonds, class rings, gold coins, dental gold, silver bullion, flatware/cutlery, scrap gold, gold jewelry, nuggets, and much, much more.

Sell your gold by using our free shipping label and visiting the nearest UPS drop-off location. It has never been easier to sell safely in New York.

Curious How Much Your Gold & Jewelry Is Worth?

It’s easy to find out how much your valuables are worth. Use our gold calculator for unbranded jewelry, coins, dental gold and other items. To find the value of diamonds weighing 0.25 carat or more, refer to our diamond price list.  Please ask a reDollar expert to find out how much your fine jewelry, designer jewelry, antique jewelry, and other rare items are worth.

Be Aware: A True Story About Selling Gold in New York

This is a true story about a New York woman selling gold and jewelry between 2017 to 2020. Her husband was well-off and bought her many pieces of expensive jewelry over the years. Unfortunately, after almost two decades together, they got divorced. Suddenly, the woman was responsible for covering all expenses on her own. She soon found herself in financial hardship, spending her savings on insurance, taxes, transportation, and health care. It was just a matter of time before she had to turn to selling her jewelry.

Because everything had been gifted to her, she had no idea how much her ex-husband paid and how much the items were worth. She decided to sell her gold and jewelry to different gold buyers and jewelry stores in New York’s diamond district. She sold the jewelry back to the stores where her ex-husband originally bought the pieces. She’d shopped at these places for many years, so she knew and trusted them. Most people there still knew her by name, and the situation felt very comfortable. She never considered that she might be getting paid too little for her jewelry.

As time passed, the woman and her ex-husband fell in love again. She felt ashamed of having sold the jewelry and kept it a secret as long as she could. One day, her husband insisted she wear a certain pair of diamond earrings for a special occasion. She had no choice but to tell him the truth. Looking through the sales receipts, they realized that she’d been significantly underpaid. Most of the items had been sold off for a fraction of what they were worth. The estimated losses were at least $150,000.

What can you take away from this story? Do not blindly trust your gold buyer, even if they know you personally. Way too often, we hear about buyers taking advantage of the trust they’ve built with customers over the years. Always get a second opinion, and please strongly consider reDollar.com as your company of trust and transparency.

Explore More Selling Options Before You Sell Gold in New York

Before you sell your gold, you should really learn more about the value of your items. We have a ton of educational material available on our website covering every relevant topic you can imagine. Check out our answer center or give our estimator articles a read. It really is worth it to spend some time educating yourself, because not doing so can result in high losses. Use our gold calculator, if you’re selling unbranded gold jewelry, or explore our diamond price list if you plan to sell diamonds. Using these resources is good preparation for selling your items. If you know roughly the amount you should get paid, you can avoid getting paid too little. Gold buyers in New York are far more likely to take advantage of you if you’re uninformed.

Where to Sell Gold in New York?

Valuables can be sold to gold buyers, pawn shops, and most jewelry stores in New York. We estimate that New York City alone is home to more than a thousand places where you can sell gold, silver, jewelry, coins, watches, or diamonds. Those cash-for-gold places are known for fast cash. But do you think the majority of them are paying high prices? Most won’t.

Popular Places In New York
✔ Jewelry Stores ✔ Pawn Shops ✔ Gold Buyers ✔ Antique Dealers ✔ Auction Houses

We know firsthand that a significant number of gold buyers will offer you just 30% to 60% of your jewelry’s real value. Even for scrap gold, the profit expectation of our competitors is outrageous. Most buyers pay only 50% of the current gold price. Would you allow a gold buyer in New York to make that much of a profit on your items?

Sell Gold In New York’s Diamond District

You can sell gold to diamond district gold buyers in New York or gold buyers in jewelry malls like the famous IGT Jewelry Shopping Mall, located at 44 West 47th Street. But as you’ve already learned, a well-known dealer with a fancy store is not necessarily reliable or honest. Especially in malls, dealers are well connected—way more than you would think. We encountered this when running our own gold buyer comparison in a popular New York mall. After meeting the owner of one store we visited, we ran into him just two hours later—in another store he also owns. Same management, different names. Similar store concept and same buying philosophy. You have to be careful when you compare offers, because owners and managers are often well connected. You may not get a better price if you go from one shop to another on the same day.

The IGT jewelry mall is know for: ✔ Kent Jewelry ✔ Zela Jewelry ✔ Diamond Scene ✔ Majestic Diamonds ✔ Jangmi Jewelry ✔ Amsterdam Diamonds ✔ Lanetti & Co ✔ The M Jewelers ✔ Roni Rubinov ✔ Cohen & Pariser

We suggest you only visit two or three buyers in one block or in the same building. Continue your comparison a few days later. It’s not a myth that you can sell a 2 carat diamond for $5,000 at one place and maybe $10,000 at another place.

IGT Jewelry Mall New York

The 16,000-square-foot IGT Jewelry Shopping Mall is located on the first, second, and third floors of the Extell tower. This block is very well known as New York’s diamond district because it is home to 25 exchanges with hundreds of open booths and over 2,500 jewelry and gemstone businesses. Industry insiders estimate that almost 90% of diamonds being imported to the United States go through New York’s diamond district. The IGT jewelry mall is located at 44 West 47th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in Manhattan, New York.

Sell Gold FAST in New York to Gold Buyers, Jewelers and Pawn Shops

Scrap gold can be sold FAST to gold buyers, pawn shops, and jewelers in New York. We estimate that New York has more than 1,000 places where you can sell gold, silver, jewelry, coins, dental gold, or bars. These cash-for-gold businesses are known for fast cash. While fast cash usually won’t result in a high payment, these places are still important for many people. If you need money for food, rent, or emergencies and cannot wait a day longer to get paid, selling to a cash-for-gold business can be very helpful. It’s just important to know that money will be left on the table. Gold worth $1,000 may sell for something between $400 and $600. If you understand and accept those terms, there is nothing wrong with that option.

Not in an emergency situation?

For whose financial needs aren’t as urgent, selling to reDollar is an excellent option. You’ll get paid a much higher price, and selling only takes two or three days. It’s also more convenient, as comparing gold buyers in New York is a time-intensive venture since buyers won’t tell you how much they pay over the phone. Instead of wasting your precious time in traffic or on the subway, get started and sell your gold and jewelry to reDollar.

How much is it worth?

Learn how much your gold is worth. It’s simple and easier than you might think. All you need is a scale and an online gold calculator. A reliable cash-for-gold place will offer you between 85% and 95% of your gold’s real value. The first step is knowing the current gold price. Once you know the spot price of gold, finding the value of your items is a breeze.

Today’s gold prices!

  • 10K gold vintage college rings, class rings, pins or brooches are worth $43.05 per dwt.
  • 14K gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants are worth $60.53 per dwt.
  • 18K gold engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry are worth $77.61 per dwt.
  • 22K gold Middle East jewelry, coins are worth $94.78 per dwt.
  • 24K gold coins, ingots, bullion and jewelry are worth $103.37 per dwt.

Gold Buying Locations in New York

This is what typical New York gold buying locations look like.

Potential Risks of Selling Gold in New York

Beware of potential risks when selling gold and jewelry in New York. The Department of Consumer Affairs published a warning for dealing with New York’s gold buying industry after they discovered that three out of four gold buyers are in violation of local laws. Here are some common issues you may be faced with.


Many folks sell inherited gold and jewelry. They keep some pieces for their memories and bring the rest, often still in the original jewelry box, to their local cash-for-gold place in New York. It’s not uncommon for those sellers to bring in over 50 pieces at once. Faithfully, those items are handed over to the potential buyer for an evaluation. Unfortunately, most people don’t keep records of the items they bring in. If they aren’t satisfied with the purchase offer, they might decide to reclaim their jewelry. How can they be sure that all their items are returned? They simply can’t, and if something is missing, they might not find out for weeks or even months, if at all.

How to Avoid Theft

Pick out 5 to 10 pieces to bring to a potential buyer. Remember how many items you choose and be sure to take a photo of them beforehand. That way, it will be easy to double-check that all items have been returned to you.

Weight Fraud

New York gold buyers are required by law to tell you the exact weight (in pennyweight, ounces, or grams) and even the alloy (in karats) of the gold and jewelry presented. They are also required to tell you the price per unit that’s used to calculate your offer. Do not conduct business with any gold buyer who is not willing to tell you this information.

How to Avoid Weight Fraud

It is very easy to avoid weight fraud. All you need is a working digital scale, which will cost you less than $10. You can weigh all your items at home to be perfectly prepared.


Offering gold to questionable dealers can put you in very dangerous situations. From time to time, we’ll hear about robbery in connection with gold buyers. You can get into serious trouble if you bring very high-priced jewelry to a fraudulent and criminal gold buyer and then decline their purchase offer. They could pursue you and try to rob you or break into your home or car. Fortunately, that hardly ever happens, but you should still take this warning seriously and be careful when shopping around.

How to Avoid Robbery

Use your common sense to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Check for reviews before you go, and don’t bring your gold to areas that are known to have higher crime rates. Furthermore, do not enter any gold-buying business that seems shady or illegitimate in any way.

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