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Beside cars and a nice home, gold is the ultimate status symbol for Americans. It’s one of the most important assets they own. Owning gold begins with a thin chain or bangle for the first birthday and it ends with gold crowns or other dental gold works in old age. But also between the birth and the retirement we collect more and more gold over the years: gold and silver coins for outstanding students, friendship bands, engagement rings, wedding bands and gifts for anniversaries and season events like Xmas or valentine’s days. It sums up to a huge collection over the years and it’s more than natural that some jewelry gets old, damaged or broken. Maybe you got some gold or jewelry from a divorce or an inheritance? And someday you decide to sell this gold because of personal reasons. Some people sell gold because their jewelry became damaged or some items are not fitting anymore and others sell simply because there is a demand for extra cash. And maybe other Americans sell to get rid of unwanted memories. We even heard stories about people who get rid of their divorce jewelry by sinking it in a lake or the sea. Don’t do that, better sell your gold in Portland or elsewhere. For whatever reason you are looking for gold buyers in Portland, you should always think about selling for a really high price. Don’t succumb to the temptation of fast cash for fast selling without running a comparison. You could lose a lot of money which you better spend by visiting friends, family or sharing a wonderful day at Oregon Museum, Oaks Amusement Park, Aladdin Theatre or Oregon Zoo.

Ok, but how can I compare gold buyers in Portland?

There are different ways to investigate your selling options. First option works if you know how much your gold is worth. If you don’t, you can get into just by following some simple steps. Second option works for all other gold sellers having no idea of their item’s value. Knowing how much it is worth is a great benefit. Is it profitable without knowing the value? That’s questionable. But let’s work on your selling options in detail:

You know how much your gold is worth: sell it to local gold buyers in Portland or online

It’s a huge benefit if you know how much your gold is worth before you offer it to local gold buyers in Portland because you can work on reaching your selling target. If you know that your gold is worth $1,000 don’t get out of it for less than $900. Use a gold calculator like this if you don’t know the current gold price. Weight and alloy makes the value, go ahead and proceed with your calculation before you compare the first gold buyers in Portland. What happens next?

Shop around and visit some local cash for gold spots in Portland. Be prepared that they will ask you for the price you expect. You can answer this question self-confident if you know the value. Don’t accept any discussions about the value. Expect between 85% and 90% of the current material value for selling. But only for used jewelry, old-fashioned gold, broken gold or scrap gold. Diamond jewelry or fine jewelry sells for more. Well, small diamonds are not as much worth as you may think but bigger stones, 0.5 carat and plus are reflecting a real value and are good to sell. Please remember that only because grandma said it was valuable, it doesn’t make it so. Set up a realistic price and be ready to sell before you waste your time visiting endless gold buyers in Portland.

Only sell with experts if you own fine jewelry or diamond jewelry

A pretty looking store doesn’t make the place reliable and professional. It’s the knowledge, the experience and the company policy making a gold buyer reliable. You can find yourself in an awesome location getting offered quite too little money or you can find yourself in a shack getting offered an awesome price. Bear in mind that everything is possible and your selling decision should only be based on one fact: the price.

Check the knowledge and profession of the dealer of your choice by asking lots of questions. Be thankful receiving a quote and move on. Visit at least 10 cash for gold spots in Portland to have an overview about your selling options. And offer your gold and your jewelry online before you finally sell. Some reliable online gold buyers like can offer more money than local gold buyers can do, thanks to lower cost if trading just online and serving the entire US. Use tools like a gold calculator or a diamond calculator to unlock your treasure’s value.

I don’t know how much my gold worth! Where can I sell my gold in Portland?

Well, selling without having an idea how much it’s worth is not as easy as you think. You will find out soon that nearly all gold buyers in Portland will start a negotiation by asking you how much you want to get out of it. But how can you answer this hypothetical question without any knowledge? Right, there is no way. You can’t answer this question. This is the only equitable decision. Never blunder by asking for the amount of money you maybe need. You could get paid how much you asked for and not how much your gold is worth! Making such a mistake is an invitation for getting ripped-off.

Where can I sell my gold in Portland? Where can I run a comparison?

Kick off online and calculate the value of your gold, jewelry or diamonds before you run your comparison. Then start to shop around visiting as much gold buyer locations in Portland as you can. There are jewelers, gold buyers and pawn shops offering cash for gold, silver and other precious metals. You can visit Liberty Coin and Currency, located at 8555 SW Canyon Rd or Silver Lining Jewelry & Loan, located at 2122 Northeast Sandy Boulevard or also All That Glitters, located at 2932 North Lombard Street or maybe also Millers International Diamond Cutters & Jewelers, located at 6017 Northeast Sandy Boulevard. We don’t give any recommendations because we also know that some dealers decided to change their company philosophy after the big gold price drop. Now some dealers have to make more money than some years before. A satisfaction today can be a bad experience tomorrow. Remember that also when you check YELP reviews.

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