Let’s talk about fine diamond jewelry: what is your diamond jewelry worth?

Hey Maria, I own some diamond jewelry that I’d like to sell. Three pieces, all with certifications and bought within the last 5 years via an auction house. Now, me and my husband decided to sell these pieces because of personal reasons. Maria, what is my diamond jewelry worth?
Helen from Portland in Orgeon

Dear Helen, thanks for sending photos and copies of your jewelry certifications. For an evaluation from afar, such documents are a big help for me because price building facts like the clarity, the cut, or the carat weight of diamonds can’t be determined without a proof in person. Well, we have had cases in the past showing wrong facts on certifications but such incidents are more than rare.
reDollar appraiser, Maria Tait

Helen wants to know, what is my diamond jewelry worth?

Helen: Me and my husband, we have a solitaire diamond ring, a tennis bracelet and a yellow gold chain that we would like to sell. As we told you, we bought these items (and others) over the last years in a local auction house. You know, during the financial crisis media and investment managers recommended to invest in gold or diamonds. But we wouldn’t buy coins or ingots so we decided to buy some jewelry. I guess we invested about $15,000 for jewelry with diamonds. Now we picked out three pieces for selling. I checked our records and we paid about $1,700. How much is my diamond jewelry worth, today?

Maria: First, I would like to say that you and your husband did the right decision. During the financial crises prices for gold and diamonds raised and it’s just a matter of taste if you invest in jewelry, coins or bars. Generally, you could also invest in dental gold or scrap gold because at the end of the day gold stays gold. But jewelry or coins are much better to sell. And by the way, I guess you did a good investment but let me find out more for you. Let’s start with your solitaire ring made of 14K gold. Interesting is that this ring was made of 14K gold because its mounted diamond shows over 1 carat in weight. Normally, for such rings 18K gold is commonly used but don’t worry this matter doesn’t really affect your ring’s value. Your certification says that the solitaire is a 1.05 carat D E SI2 round cut diamond. You should not see inclusions without a magnifier with diamonds graded as SI2. The ring’s setting is made of 14K gold weighing 2.08 gram. I have seen such rings selling for $750 as well as for $1,000. I guess $900 is a realistic selling price.

Helen: We were in hope to achieve a price in the mentioned range. We can make a little profit, if we can sell the ring for such an amount.

Maria: I really guess that $900 is a reasonable price. Let’s talk about your tennis bracelet next. It’s a thin but nice looking item made of 14K gold with 50 small diamonds. In total 1.50 carats, TCW SI2 I1 clarity, I-J colored diamonds. The piece is glamorous and perfect looking. The sensual swirl of glitter reflects a glowing radiance drawing the spotlight onto you with grace. This stunning tennis bracelet is integral to a woman’s overall look and provides the finishing-touch to any outfit. It’s an awesome piece selling for about $500.

Helen: I remember we paid about $400. So $500 is fine to us.

Maria: Your yellow gold chain shows the highest value to me. The diamonds are very small why I don’t mention them in my final calculation. The chain has approximately 70 small diamonds set on one link reflecting 0.25 carats in diamond weight. Such silver diamonds don’t show a resell value. The real value comes with the massive 18K gold. The weight of your chain, 29.57 pennyweights, is responsible for the value of about $1,050. I guess that’s a nice amount of money, Helen?

Helen: Yes, Maria. Let me summarize your calculated amounts: $900 for the diamond solitaire ring, $500 for the diamond tennis bracelet and $1,050 for the yellow gold chain with the silver diamonds. Am I true if I calculate $2,450 for our total selling amount, Maria?

Maria: Yes, that’s your total. Your investment paid off, I guess. Do you have plans where to sell your diamond jewelry.

Helen: First, I will offer my pieces to my sister. I know that she has plans to buy some diamond jewelry like we did. It would be nice for me to know the items in our family. But if she wouldn’t be interested, I will sell all pieces with your company. But Maria, give us 2 weeks to think about it and discussing it.

Maria: Helen, there is no stress. Take the time you need. I hope my assistance was satisfactory for you.

Helen: Maria, you did a great job. I’m so happy that I found your friendly and professional service.

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