Diamond Accents & Small Diamonds (Melee)

Wondering what it means if your laboratory report says “all diamonds included in offer“?

It means that small diamonds—also called diamond melee—and diamond accents are included in your offer. On their own, those stones have low monetary value, but we pay you for them by including them in the weight of your item.

Removing small diamonds from jewelry is a very time-consuming process, which is why we cannot offer free dismounting. Please understand that we receive thousands of items every week and many contain diamonds. It is technically impossible for us to fulfill dismounting requests for hundreds of pieces.

You Get Paid the Highest Possible Price

We promise—and really pay—such high purchase prices that we’ve been called “insane” by independent appraisers and even our competition for doing so. Our extreme price philosophy pays you for small diamonds by including them in the weight, reflecting a premium for those stones.

We Buy Bigger Diamonds

Rest assured, reDollar.com is known to pay top dollar for bigger diamonds. We will always offer the highest possible purchase price for diamonds of a relevant size of 0.50 ct. or more. Our GIA accredited experts are able to evaluate even bigger diamonds weighing 2 ct. or more within two business days.

Free Returns Possible

We are happy to return your item(s) intact for free if you do not want us to remove your diamonds. Dismounting diamonds is a very labor-intensive process with significant risk of breaking your stones.

Hardness & Toughness of Diamonds

You probably know that diamonds, with a hardness of 10, are the hardest material in the gemstone world. So how can they break? Well, hardness and toughness are not the same thing. Hardness measures how well a diamond resists scratching and abrasion, while toughness is the ability to withstand chipping, cracking, or even breaking. Diamonds are so hard that they are brittle, and their toughness is only rated “fair”—they can even chip or fracture in normal day-to-day wear.

Removing diamonds from jewelry requires some force and tools, so there’s always a risk that breaking or chipping may occur as a result.

What are Melee Diamonds? Small diamonds set in jewelry are called melee. They may be set alone or grouped with other melee diamonds. The size range for melee varies from one segment of the trade to another. For us and most members of the diamond trade, melee weighs less than 25 points. If the diamonds are grouped together, they’re more likely to have value due to the light and sparkle of their appearance. The truth is that diamond melee does not reflect significant monetary value. Members of the trade, like our company, will recover those diamonds during the refining process to have them later cleaned and sorted. It takes at least 1,000 stones to bring them to market.

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