Current scrap gold prices

reDollar offers the highest scrap gold prices - 90% spotHow much money can you expect for your unused scrap gold?  How much is gold worth? We’ll tell you all the important facts about the current scrap gold prices. The calculation for your scrap gold price is based on the current market price. You can expect more money when the gold price is rising and less money when the gold price drops. Individuals and commercial clients can calculate current prices for their scrap gold by using our reDollar gold calculator. We offer binding quotes without any deductions or hidden fees in our terms. We also offer great prices for your scrap gold, just 10% below spot price. Such high prices are very rare in the industry, as local gold buyers typically offer 50–40% below spot. Only refineries that work solely with businesses can compete with our prices. Send us an email at to receive an offer for your gold, or use our gold calculator to find out its value. Our scrap gold prices are guaranteed by our company policy.

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Our current scrap gold prices at a glance

Scrap gold prices $25.99 per gram 9K gold
$28.83 per gram 10K gold
$40.44 per gram 14K gold
$51.85 per gram 18K gold
$63.32 per gram 22K gold
$69.06 per gram 24K gold
$2147.79 per oz 24K gold


reDollar scrap gold experts at workHow to calculate the scrap gold price?

First, it’s important to know that scrap gold comes in different alloys. 10K gold is worth less than 14K gold, and 14K gold is worth less than 18K gold. Besides 14K gold, 18K gold is most common for jewelry and scrap gold in the US and is therefore one of the most important gold alloys. 14K gold is a gold alloy containing 58.3% pure gold. Therefore, 14K gold is worth 58.3% of the price of 100% pure gold, and 18K is worth 75% of the price of 100% pure gold. Check our current scrap gold prices in the table above if your items are marked as 10K gold, 14K gold, or 18K gold. If you know the weight of your pieces, you can easily calculate your total payout amount by using this formula:


No scale to calculate the scrap gold prices?

Calculate your scrap gold prices with our calculatorOrder a scale on our website if you don’t have a special or calibrated scale to determine your item’s weight. You can also use a kitchen scale or your office scale for an initial approximate calculation. Just make sure that your scale has a digital display. Scales without a digital display are not usable because the results are not accurate enough, which can easily cause you to calculate an incorrect amount. It makes sense to invest $10 in a scale if you don’t have one handy and if you plan to sell scrap gold or jewelry more than just one time. We also recommend that you buy a scale if you own a large lot of scrap gold. Never sell scrap gold without knowing how much money you can expect. There are thousands of unreliable gold buyers offering low prices for your gold, so you should always use our reDollar gold calculator to learn how much money your scrap gold is worth before you sell it. Once you know the weight of your scrap gold, proceed with your calculation. Make sure that you sort your scrap gold according to the different gold alloys. You can’t weigh all your scrap gold together, because the different gold alloys (10K, 14K, etc.) have different values depending on the gold purity. You can find the current scrap gold price at the table on the top. Alternatively, you can calculate your total while using our gold calculator. Just fill in the weight of your gold in the designated box, and see how much your scrap gold is worth and how much we can pay. Perform a jewelry appraisal on your own and find out how much your gold is worth.

Benefit from our high scrap gold prices and sell with usSell scrap gold with reDollar is designed to provide a great selling experience, and we’ve worked hard to create the best way possible to sell scrap gold online. Scrap gold has a decent value, and shipping requires a well-thought-out process. While many sellers are not prepared to ship valuables, we offer you free gold-shipping supplies. You can either order a selling kit for your scrap gold or start the process right now. If you order a selling kit, we’ll mail you a solid bubbled envelope or a box, sorting pouches, a gold-selling confirmation sheet, and selling instructions. If you sell your gold online, we’ll provide you with a free and fully insured shipping label by email right away. Selling is easy, safe, and hassle-free.

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