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3 carat diamond prices

How much is a 3 carat diamond worth?

redollar expert checking 3 carat diamonds with loupeA 3 carat diamond is a very special and very valuable diamond, not at least because of its carat weight and size. Prices up to $200,000 depending on the clarity and the color grade can be easily paid for a 3 carat diamond. 3 carat diamonds even with significant flaws, a very poor clarity grade and a very poor color grade can be worth about $10,000 and more. Check out our 3 carat diamond price list or use our diamond calculator to find out how much your 3 carat diamond could be worth. When it comes to sell 3 carat diamonds then you need a reliable buyer you can fully trust. We understand ourselves as highly professional and skilled. Our team of experts has the positive and accurate work ethic you need in that business to offer a great and satisfying service for our valued clients. Get started now and sell your diamond online or order a free selling kit that includes everything you need for a safe and convenient selling transaction of highly valuable diamonds. It’s a matter of course that we organize a high value shipping solution for your diamonds. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest security systems and when we open your parcels, a video camera is witness of the entire opening and unpacking process. Selling diamonds with us is a risk – and hassle-free process with the guarantee of very high purchase prices.

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Our 3 carat round diamond payout amounts:


Overview of your 3 carat diamond selling options:

  • Sell certified 3 carat diamonds
  • Sell non-certified 3 carat diamonds
  • Sell loose 3carat diamonds
  • Sell natural 3 carat diamonds
  • Sell 3 carat diamond jewelry
  • Sell engagement and wedding jewelry with 3 ct diamonds
  • Sell 3 carat diamond earrings
  • Sell 3 carat tennis bracelets
  • Sell colored 3 carat diamonds
  • Sell 3 ct Champagne diamonds
  • IA Graded and GIA Certified 3ct Diamonds
  • EGL Graded and EGL Certified 3ct Diamonds
  • IGI Graded and EGL Certified 3ct Diamonds
  • AGS Graded and AGS Certified 3ct Diamonds
  • Other Laboratory Certified 3ct Diamonds