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redollar expert is checking diamonds with loupePerfect – we can tell you how much your 1 carat diamonds are worth and you will be happy to hear that you can sell your stones with our company right now. Please bear in mind that we don´t only buy 1 carat diamonds, we buy diamonds of all sizes and carat weights. We buy loose diamonds with certificates like from GIA and without certificates. It´s just one click on our calculator and the evaluation of your stones of the most common carat weights can be done. You can offer your certified or non-certified 1 carat diamonds just by starting online. It´s that easy, fast and secure. Don´t waste your precious time and cash your diamonds right now. Our top dollar guarantee and our 24 hours payout service will fully satisfy you.


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Our 1 carat round diamond payout amounts:


Overview of your 1 carat diamond selling options:

  • Sell certified 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell non-certified 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell loose 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell natural 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell 1 carat diamond jewelry
  • Sell engagement and wedding jewelry with 1 ct diamonds
  • Sell 1 carat diamond earrings
  • Sell 1 carat tennis bracelets
  • Sell colored 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell 1 ct Champagne diamonds
  • IA Graded and GIA Certified 1ct Diamonds
  • EGL Graded and EGL Certified 1ct Diamonds
  • IGI Graded and EGL Certified 1ct Diamonds
  • AGS Graded and AGS Certified 1ct Diamonds
  • Other Laboratory Certified 1ct Diamonds

Why selling your 1 carat diamonds?

There are so many reasons to sell a 1 ct diamond. Some customers just want to make cash and other customers inherited a diamond and have no use for it. And yet others are divorced and don´t like to wear their diamond items anymore. In any case, is always one of the best opportunities to sell diamonds of every characteristic such as clarity, cut, shape, color or weight. Trust our competitive purchase offers with the reDollar Top Dollar guarantee.

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