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For experienced sellers we provide a scrap gold value calculator that allows a pre-calculation of the amount you’ll get paid. You will be positively surprised by our high purchase prices for your gold:


You don’t have the time for a pre-calculation or you don’t know the karat and/or the weight of your gold? Don’t worry, get started now without using our calculator. There is absolutely no disadvantage in not using the gold calculator.

Did you know that we pay you 90% of the current stock exchange price for your scrap gold and 95% for .999 fine gold? That’s  a promise you can count on.

Current reDollar scrap gold prices for 10K: $16.14/gram – 14K: $22.70/gram – 18K: $29.10/gram – 24K:  $40.92/gram

Scrap gold is widely spread in the US. Nearly every second household is in possession of some scrap gold. The definition of scrap gold is old or damaged gold which isn’t usable anymore. Scrap gold can be old (vintage) gold jewelry which is out of fashion or even damaged jewelry which is not repairable anymore. Very often people reDollar expert checks scrap gold delivered for sellingunderestimate the value of scrap gold because scrap gold often doesn’t look as appealing as new gold. But that’s a fatal mistake. Don’t underestimate the value of your scrap gold.

The material value of a 10 gram 18 karat scrap gold brooch is the same as for a brand-new 10 gram 18 karat gold brooch. Only the appearance is different. Gold has a quantifiable value which will be daily determined on the global stock markets. Learn more about “how to calculate scrap gold prices” and find out why it’s so important to know the value of scrap gold before selling it.

If you know the purity of your scrap gold and the weight, use a gold calculator like ours to calculate the material value of your scrap gold. In most cases gold is stamped with a hallmark and this hallmark gives you more information about the gold’s purity. When you know your scrap gold is made of 10 karat gold, 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, or even 24 karat gold, then just weigh your pieces and use our gold calculator to calculate a fair price for your scrap gold.

If you need further assistance with the value determination, please get in touch with our skilled jewelry experts or meet our appraisers for a free evaluation. It’s our pleasure to be there for all your needs.

How much is scrap gold worth if you want to sell?

Understanding the value of scrap gold is a solid foundation to a successful selling transaction and best to avoid running into a gold buying scam. Performing a vague pre-estimation by yourself is helpful and you can learn a lot about the value of gold in general. It’s simple and the equipment is easy to get. Basically, you need a digital scale ($5) and a good working magnifier ($2). You can get this items as a set in our reDollar ebay shop for $7 and we fully refund you, if you sell your scrap gold to us. Or look around your home office and check if there is a digital scale or a loupe available. You found it? Great! You almost made it. Now, check your gold with the magnifier or loupe for markings. Usually you can spot the markings/stamps easily. Spotting markings is only tricky if your scrap gold is very old, dirty or worn out. You should be good to go.

Here is a list of markings/stamps you should be able to spot on your scrap gold:

10Kincludes 41.6% pure goldlow$16.14 $25.10
14Kincludes 58.5% pure goldmedium$22.70 $35.30
18Kincludes 75.0% pure goldhigh$29.10 $45.25
22Kincludes 91.6% pure goldhigh$35.54 $55.27

If you know your gold’s marking and the weight you are ready to calculate the current value of your gold. The values you can find in the list above are the today’s values of your gold, automatically updated after every page load (try it, it brings fun to monitor the price developments). Now you know more about the value of your scrap gold and you are perfectly prepared to sell it and for comparing selling options. As mentioned in our introduction, knowing the value is essential and prevents you from a gold buying scam. DEDUCT the weight for mounted stones, pearls and non-precious parts of your jewelry. Pliers can be helpful to remove the worthless parts. This is really important because a 5 gram gold ring with a mounted pearl reflects only 4.0/4.5 grams of gold or even less. Avoid a miscalculation and calculate carefully. We at want you to know EXACTLY how much your gold is worth because we know that we provide you with the highest prices available. If you understand the scrap value, you also understand that dealing with is the most attractive option to sell gold.

Some scrap gold selling examples:

Scrap gold on a scale ready to sellHere you can see typical scrap gold, provided from an individual mailed-in from Portland. It was an 18K gold chain and two 18K gold watch cases. In total, 12.91 pennyweights of premium graded gold.

Sell for $584.04

Scrap gold: 3 rings, a brooch, a chainHere you can also see a typical scrap gold lot from an individual. Consisting of 3 rings, a brooch and a necklace. This is what customers often sell: mismatched rings or jewelry they don’t like to wear anymore. Only the middle placed ring has a chance for resale, the rest was classified as scrap gold. But nevertheless, we have a very nice value present: 7.04 pennyweights of 18K gold and 3.35 pennyweights of 14K gold.

Sell for $436.07

14.47 pennyweights of scrap goldHere you can see 14.47 pennyweights of 18K gold. The chains and the ring were damaged, only the gold cross came in in good shape. But a machine-made cross like that has almost no chance to sell for more than the material value.

Sell for $654.76

We accept rings, bracelets, necklaces, wedding rings, engagement rings, chains, nuggets, coins, bullion, bars, earrings, pendants, tennis bracelets, pocket watch cases, wristwatch cases, flakes, ingots, and accessories. Yellow gold, white gold, and green gold and many more items made of gold.

Determine your scrap gold value with our gold calculator

Our gold calculator was designed to provide access to all purchase prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. It’s a cool web tool, real fun to use, and if you have no pressure to sell your scrap gold, chasing the perfect purchase price can be thrilling. Just know the weight and purity and check our prices while you are on the go. Our gold calculator is mobile friendly and easy to use with iOS or Android. We know that depending on the location, people are more used to grams or pennyweights, the calculator can be used with weighing units grams and dwt. As you can see on our draft-calculator, we provide input fields for all important gold alloys. You can than see two different payout amounts. One amount shows the current purchase price if you sell gold while the other amount shows you the maximum possible loan amount if you have plans to pawn your gold.

Our gold calculator allows you to calculate the value of your scrap gold: 

reDollar easy to usw scrap gold calculator

Get your reDollar scrap gold analyzing report

If you bring your change to a bank or any other licensed place for counting money you will get a receipt that shows exactly what you have delivered. You then know how many quarters, nickels or dollars you have thrown into the counting machine. It’s the law and it makes sense. So is there a reason for not getting a detailed report for the gold you sell? No, there is no reason for not providing an analysis report, except you have something to hide. reDollar will always provide you with an easy to understand scrap gold report showing what you have delivered and how much money you’ll get paid. We differentiate not only between gold and silver, we also list the sorts of gold and the current purchase price you will get paid if you agree. See our sample report to learn more: This scrap gold report was designed to fulfill a consumer’s expectation of a transparent selling transaction. We received many “Thank You” emails regarding the process so that we are convinced that this is the only correct and reliable way to do scrap gold business. Lawyers, Nonprofits or estate trustees will value our report even more because it meets the demands of every record requirement.

This is a reDollar scrap gold report sample we provide for all selling transactions

Now, just do it: sell scrap gold online

Selling scrap gold online with reDollar is very lucrative, easy and transparent. Beside the needed professionalism and expertise we offer best quotes for your scrap gold. With great certainty you won’t find any better place to sell scrap gold in the US. Give us a try and let us convince you from our accuracy. Make the deal with us and get your personal quote tomorrow just by getting started online right now. Bear in mind that there is no obligation to sell your scrap gold if you don’t feel comfortable with the offered deal. Trust our Top Dollar Guarantee and reclaim your scrap gold back if you are not satisfied. Or do it like nearly 100% of our customers and decide to proceed and get paid in less than 24 hours. is by far the best place for selling scrap gold online. Look for scrap gold you have tucked away many months or years before and cash out now. There is no reason to wait any longer for selling your scrap gold because our quotes are the highest in our industry and the current gold price is very high. That’s our promise to you. Discretion is our best friend. We never ever ask our clients for reasons why they are selling gold because there are thousands of reasons and we set a high value on discretion. Perhaps you are divorced and you’d like to get rid of some unwanted gold items? Or you inherited scrap gold? For whatever reasons you’d like to sell scrap gold – just get started right now and sell your scrap gold online with us.

Mail-in your gold

We have invented a great selling kit for your convenient online scrap gold sale. Mail-in your gold hassle-free. Our kit comes with a shipping label, a bubbled envelope, a selling description, a confirmation sheet and little pouches to sort you scrap gold.

Mail-in your gold by using a reDollar scrap gold selling kit:

Various reDollar scrap gold selling kits designs are available

Other ways to sell scrap gold

Trading with scrap gold and other precious metals is a delicate and responsible business why we always strive to provide a great variety of information to our readers. This article is not only designed to convince you to close a scrap gold deal with our company, it’s also written to inform you about all your available options. Beside reDollar and other online gold buyers, many options exist to sell scrap gold. We know that many people auction scrap gold or offer their gold at local flee markets. Some just sell gold local or host an estate sale or garage sale. You can even trade it in with your local jeweler if you have serious plans to replace some old gold with new jewelry. There are always pros and cons but what we know for sure is that unfortunately most buyers offer only a fraction of what your gold is really worth. We’ve created a summary of selling options showing your benefits and drawbacks: Plenty of ways to sell scrap gold are available in the US and we know that the selling decision isn’t easy to achieve. We know that the whole gold buying industry suffers from a bad reputation and consumers are aware of where they offer their gold. This bad reputation situation and the really bad selling options are the reasons why was founded. Our founders and experts did a deep research about the scrap gold market and found out that the US market is the biggest market for recycled gold. But also a market of missing options to turn gold back into money at good conditions. Do some research about our company and give us a try. We will not disappoint you, that’s a promise!

Where does all the scrap gold come from?

We are regularly asked where all the scrap gold comes from. Journalists and even students are contacting us to find out where all the gold comes from. We are always happy to share our knowledge with the public and provide you with interesting information.


It is sad but true that 2,500 divorces take place every day totaling 876,000 a year. Let’s assume that 2 out of 3 couples crowned their marriage with a golden wedding ring.

An average wedding ring weighs approx. 5.5 grams and was mostly made of 14K gold.

876,000 x 2 (woman & man) x 5.5 grams = 9,636,000 grams of 14K gold = 21,243.74 pounds 21,243.74 pounds of 14K gold = 12,427.58 pounds of pure gold = $402557220.07

This is just one big source where all the scrap gold is coming from. If you think about additional sources, think about heritages, medical merchandises like dental gold or screws needed for surgeries, out of fashion jewelry or even coins. Scrap gold is already used gold that finds its way back into the recycling cycles. Less impact on mother earth’s nature is just one advantage of selling scrap gold. How cool is that? You can save the environment by selling your old gold.

Scrap gold selling scam

In this article we have already highlighted the fact that the gold buying industry has a bad reputation. Frankly and unfortunately, with good reason because no matter if you look to New York or California countless of gold buying operations have been set up only to get your scrap gold for a bargain. As you may know, the bank always wins! Usually gold buyers are winning too and deals are not equal. Typically a company is found to make money and that’s ok but when it comes to reliability and fairness many entities fail. We have listed the most common scrap gold selling scams: 8 or 10 grams make a huge difference! Regularly we hear or read about “scale scams” if it comes to sell scrap gold. If this scam takes place, a gold buyer is intentionally manipulating the scale. It’s easy like 1-2-3 to show a reduced weight on a gold buyer’s scale. It only needs a 2 gram weight and pushing the “tare button” to set the scale back to zero. If you now put a  brooch, weighing 10 grams , on a manipulated scale, the measured weight will display only 8 grams. You don’t believe that this scam is working? Check our photos: SCALE SCAM PHOTO. What we do to offer a transparent service: we open your scrap gold package under a video camera and we record the entire opening process.  That way you can clearly see our scale set to zero. If the scale shows zero, no manipulation is possible anymore. We have nothing to hide, why we deliver the video to your inbox at the same day and only short before you get our offer.

Other methods of common gold buying scam:

  • Telling you the incorrect purity of your gold
  • Asking you “how much you want” without making an offer first
  • Badmouthing your property
  • Intentionally keeping a “little something” from your offered selling lot
  • Putting selling pressure on you


This text “sell scrap gold” was published from Alan Jensen, reDollar expert for scrap gold and precious metals. Alan is the head of our reDollar laboratory and responsible for scrap gold evaluations and our melting division. He is also an expert in determining counterfeited gold. You can also ask Alan a question if you want.