Let’s talk about gold teeth: how much is my dental gold worth?

reDollar dental gold value expertsHello Appraisers! I have a special request. I inherited a big quantity of dental gold and I have absolutely no clue what to do with it. It’s very disgusting because we speak about used dental gold and honestly I would like to get rid of it but on the other hand, I also know that dental gold is valuable. So for me it makes no sense to dispose of something what has a certain value. Please help me to find out how much dental gold is worth.
Elisabeth from Tallahassee in Florida

Hi Elisabeth, it’s my pleasure to meet you. Dental gold is a very special kind of gold and I understand that it’s very delicate to deal with it. But you are absolutely right as dental gold is in fact gold, so it has a quantifiable value that will be underestimated very often. You act very wise when you seek advice. I will tell you some facts about dental gold and together we will unlock your “dental gold” treasure. If you want to sell dental gold, then you have found a great partner is us.
reDollar appraiser, Alan Jensen

reDollar dental gold prices:

$53.44 per gram gold colored dental gold
$17.02 per gram silver colored dental gold

Elisabeth wants to know, how much is dental gold worth

reDollar precious metal expert appraising dental goldElisabeth: Hi Alan! Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon. As I have already described in my previous email, I want to find out how much dental gold is worth.

Alan: Elisabeth, to find out the value of dental gold it needs profound experience because when we speak about dental gold we speak about different types of dental gold. So called dental gold can occur as white dental gold but also as yellow dental gold. That’s the one thing. Now you will ask yourself “What are the white metals in my dental gold?”. That’s a legitimate question. When we talk about white metals, we summarize the noble metals silver, platinum, and palladium. Also this precious metals form an important part of dental gold. So when you can find white metals in your dental gold, then we can assume that this white metals are maybe made of palladium or platinum with a part of silver and/or gold. So you see the case is not very clear. My question to you Elisabeth, tell me how your dental gold looks like?

Elisabeth: The dental gold I have inherited from my dad looks really terrifying. It comes with teeth and also rests of blood. There are also parts from artificial teeth among the other gold teeth. It’s really not nice to see and deal with. One day, I tried to open the plastic bag in which the dental gold is in, but very soon I hesitated because the smell was unbearable. My dad was a dentist for over 40 years and he worked in his own dental practice. That explains the origin of my dental gold.

Yellow gold dental crowns and bridgeAlan: Yes it does. Now everything is clear to me. Normally people don’t come in touch with high quantities of dental gold. Sometimes they have one or two old gold teeth from granny or themselves, but you spoke about a very big bag full of dental gold. Have you ever weighed your dental gold?

Elisabeth: Yes I just did it. The whole bag has a weight of 2.4 kilograms. I weighed the bag with my kitchen scale, so maybe the weight indication is not 100% exact, but there is everything included also the other teeth and rests of false teeth.

Alan: Ok good. How does your dental gold look like? Is it only yellow gold dental teeth, crowns and bridges or can you also spy any other white metals?

Elisabeth: At first glance, I thought it’s only yellow gold- dental gold but I’m not sure anymore. Some pieces have a very rich yellow color, other pieces look more slightly yellow, could be anything between yellow and white gold.

Alan: I understand. Let us assume that you own yellow gold from an average quality. What you described as slightly yellow color, could be yellow dental gold from a minor quality. Not seldom people insist on having dental gold teeth but sometimes they don’t have the budget for the best possible quality. The better the quality of the dental gold, the higher the purity of gold and therefore the higher the price. So for a smaller budget, the dentist can offer his clients dental gold that only has a purity of approx. 14 Karat for example. Good quality dental gold has a purity of 18 Karats. 18 Karat gold has a rich yellow color because it contains 75% of pure gold in comparison to 14 Karat gold, which has a different color shade. 14 Karat dental gold has a purity of only 58.5% pure gold and other metals such as nickel, silver, platinum or palladium are added. That explains the different color shade. Perhaps some of your dental gold pieces are from minor quality than the rest. To find that out exactly, I need to test every piece of dental gold with an X-ray spectrometer.

Sell dental gold today with reDollarElisabeth: Wow, that’s very interesting. What about the quality of the white metals in my dental gold?

Alan: I list you some interesting facts because I see you want to get deeper into the topic. In general yellow dental gold contains: 50% to 90% Gold, 1% to 30% Silver, 0% to 20% Palladium, and 0% to 12% Platinum. Rest: base metals. White dental gold: In general white dental gold is made of a high-quality gold-platinum-alloy or a less valuable silver-palladium-alloy. We also know about nearly worthless steel alloys made of Chrome, Cobalt, Titanium, and Molybdenum. Dental prosthesis and braces: contain solely Chrome, Cobalt, Titanium and Molybdenum.

Elisabeth: Wow, what a detailed explanation. When we have ended our chat, I’am a dental gold expert. Thank you so much!

Alan: My pleasure. Let’s go back to your initial question of “how much is dental gold worth”. Let us assume that your dental gold is from average to good quality, means 18 Karat gold and we deduct 20% of the weight for the teeth residues, prosthesis residues, and other materials. Normally the residues have a very low weight. That’s why I would not deduct more. I have calculated $52,800.00 for your bag full of dental gold, deducting 20% for the residues. For each gram of 18 Karat gold I have calculated $55.69 I think that’s a good amount of money, isn’t it.

reDollar dental gold calculatorElisabeth: Wow it is!!! I’m speechless! $52.800 for this disgusting dental gold, I would have never thought that my dental gold has such a great value.

Alan: Please bear in mind that my estimation was performed from afar. As I said initially I need to check every piece of gold in detail to find out the exact purity of gold and the other metals but it is quite possible that my estimated amount can increase but can also decrease. My estimated value should just give you a realistic idea of how much you can expect when you sell your dental gold. For selling dental gold it needs a reliable buyer with the right equipment and experience. Don’t sell to anybody. We can offer you best conditions, so selling with us is convenient and attractive.

Elisabeth: That sounds so good to me! I appreciate your honesty. Now I know how much is dental gold worth. Your support was brilliant, I couldn’t expect a better service. Thanks Alan! I will mail-in my dental gold right away. I think I cannot find a better place to sell my dental gold than with you.

Alan: Thank you so much for your kind words. We are more than happy to assist you and to buy your dental gold. Don’t hesitate to use our gold calculator to precalculate your payout amount.

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