Cash for Gold Quote, Get Your Quote Online

Cash for Gold Quote – Get Your Quote Online

You are interested in getting a cash for gold quote? Great, is the perfect place to get an amazing quote for your gold. We pay much more cash for gold than the competition ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Very important to know is that we don’t act like an unreliable gold buying operation promising everything and even more just to get you engaged. We’ll get you a very satisfying cash for gold quote you can really rely on. In contrast to many pawn shops, jewelers and other buyers, we really pay what we promise. Period.

  • We pay 95% for coins, bars, ingots, pure gold
  • We pay over 90% for scrap gold, jewelry etc.
  • We pay MORE than gold for luxury jewelry

Right Now, We Pay for Gold

24K gold: $72.59 per gram
24K gold: $112.51 per dwt.

18K gold: $51.63 per gram
18K gold: $80.02 per dwt.

14K gold: $40.27 per gram
14K gold: $62.42 per dwt.

10K gold: $28.64 per gram
10K gold: $44.39 per dwt.

gold ring weighed on antique jewelry scale

Who gets you your cash for gold quote?

Your quote can either calculated with our gold calculator or with one of our experts assistance. You can ask our experts for help. It’s always free to consultant a reDollar expert and it probably helps you to understand better how your cash for gold quote comes together. Understanding where the value in your gold’s item comes from is very beneficial for selling.

Our calculator provides your cash for gold quote

Our gold calculator is an extremely popular and helpful tool for calculating a cash for gold quote. You are able to calculate the current value of 10 karat gold, 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, 22 karat gold, 24 karat gold and even your dental gold’s value. For those who are interested in selling silver, platinum or even palladium it’s important to know that our gold calculator is able to provide quotes from all precious metals.

calculate cash for gold quote with reDollar gold calculator

Our cash for gold quote is very convincing and strives you probably to perform a selling transaction with us. Great. Selling is very easy and you can get your cash in less than 48 hours if you start selling right now. Mail in your gold using or free High-Value UPS Parcel Pro shipping label with insurance up to breathtakingly 100,000 dollars.

10K Gold Quote/s

10 karat gold equals 41.60% pure gold

Karat: 10K
Purity: 41.60% pure gold
Value: $31.79 per gram

Sell for: $28.64 per gram

14K Gold Quote/s

14 karat gold equals 58.50% pure gold

Karat: 14K
Purity: 58.50% pure gold
Value: $44.70 per gram

Sell for: $40.27 per gram

18K Gold Quote/s

18 karat gold equals 75.00% pure gold

Karat: 18K
Purity: 75.00% pure gold
Value: $57.31 per gram

Sell for: $51.63 per gram

24K Gold Quote/s

24 karat gold equals 99.99% pure gold

Karat: 24K
Purity: 99.99% pure gold
Value: $76.33 per gram

Sell for: $72.59 per gram

Cash for Gold Quote – How your quote comes together

About 65% of our customers have some general knowledge about how the value of gold comes together. About 25% of our customers have very good knowledge and are able to pre-calculate very exactly how much their gold is worth. And finally, about 35% of our customers have almost no idea how it works to find out how much gold is worth.

Not knowing anything about the value and how a cash for gold quote comes together can bring you in big trouble if you are dealing with bad people. Unfortunately it became a common practice in the United States to unconscionably rip-off people who don’t understand the value of their valuables.

Gold is a commodity – The foundation of your cash for gold quote is the stock market price

Although many buyers want you to believe something else to get your gold for a bargain, gold is a commodity and its value is easy to calculate. Today, one ounce of pure gold is worth $2373.90 what is the foundation for the value calculation of every piece of gold. gives you a cash for gold calculation up front. We just need to know your gold’s weight what can be easily determined at home using a digital scale. Please also provide us information about your gold markings to get you a very accurate quote. If you can’t see markings, we’ll get you a quote for every alloy what makes it easy for you to compare our offer with competitors. No chance, to beat our high prices.

How much do you want for that? You should be very alerted if a buyer asks you directly and upfront how much you want to get paid for your gold. This questions is usually performed from buying guys who are interested in getting your gold for little money. What do you believe happens if you ask for 300 dollars but your gold is worth 500 dollars or even more?

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