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reDollar ist the best place to get Cash for Gold Teeth. We are a dental gold expert company using latest X-ray technologies to determine exactly what’s in your teeth. We are able to find out the exactly compound of your dental scrap to pay you besides for the gold, even for platinum, silver or palladium.

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    Usually, a next door pawn shop or a jeweler is using just gold testing acid to check your gold teeth. That’s very vague because there is nothing more tricky to evaluate than dental gold. reDollar is using latest X-ray technologies to find out what’s hidden in your teeth. Besides gold, platinum and palladium is often used for dentures making your dental scrap probably very valuable.

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    You just had a dental treatment and you left your dentist with some removed gold teeth? Maybe your doctor told you to keep the gold teeth for selling? You’re lucky because some doctors try to keep the dental gold. Some see your gold teeth as a tip for honoring their work. But folks, you’re the lawful owners of removed gold teeth independently of the amount or the source of production. You’re entitled to own these tooth, even when your dentist produced the gold teeth by himself, without an external laboratory, some years ago. You paid for it – so it’s your property.

    Don’t underestimate your gold teeth value like Elisabeth from Tallahassee. She asked our dental gold expert Alanhow much is dental gold worth and found out that she owns a real treasure.

    Well, just a small gold tooth doesn’t fill your bank account but maybe pays a nice lunch with a person you love. It depends on the quantity and the quality of gold teeth you provide for selling. A small tooth can be worth just $10 but also $70 or more. Large gold tooth can be worth $100 or even more, depending on the amount of used gold. Really cash cows like a gold bridge can be worth some hundred dollars. You see, the value differs. Just as a tip for gold teeth sellers: weigh your teeth with a digital scale and use our gold calculator to get an idea of your teeth’s value. But please consider that so-called adhesions reduce the value. Base metals have to be removed for selling. But don’t worry, we do the disgusting job for you. Get cash for gold teeth in just 3 simple steps.

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    We use USPS for gold teeth worth up to $1,000 and high value UPS ParcelPro shipping for gold teeth worth $1,000 to $100,000.

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    reDollar experts determine how much cash gold teeth are worthWe offer cash for gold teeth for individuals as well as for commercial customers like dentists, dental laboratories, hospitals or scrap dealers. We run two gold teeth evaluation processes, depending on the amount of teeth you plan to sell with us. Just a couple of gold teeth can be checked by using our X-ray machine. We just file off some material of the surface of each tooth to determine the precious metal composition. Ziplocs full of gold teeth have to be handled in a different way. Normally, we just melt them down to receive a homogeneous alloy. We drill the melted ingot at least 3 times to run a chemical precious-metal-analysis to ensure a justified clearing for commercial customers. Remember, we also pay for silver, platinum and palladium.

    How much you can expect to get paid for different gold teeth compositions

    An average gold teeth composition, made in the US, consists:

    • Approx. 71% gold
    • Approx. 12% silver
    • Approx. 1% or 2% palladium
    • Approx. 2% or 3% platinum
    • Approx. 12% copper

    Cash you can get for such gold teeth: $122.89 to $245.78

    A premium gold teeth composition, made in the US, consists:

    • Approx. 81% gold
    • Approx. 16% platinum
    • Approx. 1% zinc
    • Plus some indium, iridium and niobium

    Cash you can get for such gold teeth: $140.20 to $280.39

    An inferior gold teeth composition, made in the US, consists:

    • Approx. 40% gold
    • Approx. 40% palladium
    • Approx. 12% silver
    • Approx. 7% tin
    • Plus some tantalum and ruthenium

    Cash for gold teeth Online

    As you learned before, payout amounts vary strongly depending on the composition. But keep in mind that not all dental gold buyers are able or willing to run such an accurate evaluation process. We know that lots of buyers try to fish your gold teeth for less money. Your gold teeth isn’t a bargain. Don’t sell it to the next reachable gold buyer in your town. Better spend your money having a nice day with friends and family.

    Gold TeethGoldSelling Value per gram
    Yellow gold18K (~75% Au)$51.92
    Yellow gold17K (~70% Au)$48.46
    Yellow gold16K (~66% Au)$45.69
    Yellow gold15K (~62% Au)$42.92
    Yellow gold14K (~58% Au)$40.16
    Yellow gold13K (~54% Au)$37.39
    Yellow gold12K (~50% Au)$34.62
    Yellow gold11K (~45% Au)$31.15
    Yellow gold10K (~41% Au)$28.39

    There is no better place to get cash for gold teeth besides reDollar. We don’t offer only the highest prices – we also offer the best and most convenient way to sell dental gold. When you order a shipping kit, you’ll get everything you need to pack and ship your gold teeth. We enclose sorting pouches and wrapping materials to ensure that sharp teeth won’t cut their way trough the shipping envelope or box.

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