Dental Gold Value informs you about the value of your dental gold and offers you the best way to sell dental gold. Today, we can offer you $52.76 per gram of high-grade dental gold in the range of 18K.

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Dental Gold Value Examples

Yellow dental gold crowns

High-grade dental gold is valuable. This lot is a mixture of dental gold ranging from 73% pure gold to 84% pure gold. The weight of 11.97 dwt (18.63 grams) reflects a current value of $1028.78.

Dental gold bridgeThese dental gold remains are compounded of 86% pure gold and silver. This heavy but small-looking piece weighs 5.81 dwt (9.04 grams) equaling a decent value of

reDollar dental gold expertsDental gold is an often underestimated asset, but dental gold is in fact gold. Therefore, its value is based on the current gold price and the gold purity it contains. Do you know what happened to scrap dental gold from the 1970s – 1990s? Most scrap dental gold was not recycled; dentists and patients often just threw it away. Gold was not as valuable then as it is today, so people didn’t take care of it. Nowadays, it’s no longer a secret that dental gold is valuable and easy to turn into cash. Lots of people have dental gold and are asking, how much is dental gold worth? To find out your dental gold’s scrap value, you need more information. In contrast to gold jewelry, dental gold is not marked with a hallmark or stamp that shows the gold purity. As a patient, you should have been informed by your dentist of the purity of your dental gold, but over the years you may forget what you bought, as many people do. Knowing more about the dental works allows you to calculate the dental gold value. In the US, we see dental gold with a high amount of gold (between 70% and 80%) as well as dental gold with a small percentage of gold (like 40%). The difference between a dental gold alloy of 80% gold and a dental gold alloy of just 40% gold is significant and affects the dental gold value considerably. A gold tooth that weighs 2 grams, for example, can be worth $60 if it’s made of 80% gold or just $30, if it’s made of 40% gold.

reDollar dental gold prices:

$55.69 per gram of gold-colored dental gold
$18.02 per gram of silver-colored dental gold

People know about dental gold value

Yellow dental gold crowns and bridgesThanks to the rise in gold prices, consumers have come to realize that dental gold has value. Over the last few years, magazines, newspapers, and even morning shows have been talking about gold and its increasing value. As a result, people stopped throwing out or leaving their dental works at the dentist. Today it’s common to sell dental gold to get some extra cash, and it’s perfectly legitimate because you are the lawful owner of the removed dental gold. Once it’s out of your mouth, dental gold is just gold scrap, which has a real, significant value. Don’t dispose of this value. Find a reliable gold buyer to turn this gold into cash.

From dental bridges to crowns and inlays, dental gold is very present in America. Since the 1990s, about 40 tons of gold have been used for dental gold works every year in the US. Most of that gold is still in place and has not been disposed of or recycled, which is why so many people are interested in knowing the current dental gold value. People get their dental gold back from the dentist or find dental gold from their grandparents tucked away. Professionals speculate that about 100 tons of unused dental gold are circulating in the US. If this is true, we are talking about two billion dollars in hidden capital stored in dressers, drawers, and boxes.

Dental gold value: dental works contain a high percentage of gold

Various pieces of yellow dental gold crowns and bridgesIf your dental gold has a gold content of at least 70%, it is considered high-quality dental gold. In the US, dental gold alloys with a gold content of 70% to 85% are very common. These dental gold alloys are often made with platinum, zinc, indium, palladium, or platinum and reflect a high value. Some gold crowns weigh just 2 grams, while others may be 5 grams. Bridges can weigh up to 10 grams or more. No matter their weight, dental gold works are perfect for selling.

Dental Works Gold Content Dental Gold Value
Gold crown, 3 grams 70% $147.73
Gold crown, 3 grams 80% $168.83
Gold crown, 5 grams 70% $246.21
Gold crown, 5 grams 80% $281.38
Dental bridge, 10 grams 70% $492.42
Dental bridge, 10 grams 80% $562.77
Dental bridge, 17 grams 70% $837.12
Dental bridge, 17 grams 80% $956.70

Depending on the patient, dentists and laboratories use silver, platinum, or palladium for alloying. Allergies and other potential risks or side effects influence the choice of metals.

Dental Works Metal Content Dental Gold Value
Gold crown, 5 grams 40% gold $140.69
Gold crown, 5 grams 45% gold $158.28
Gold crown, 5 grams 50% gold $175.86
Gold crown, 5 grams 55% gold $193.45
Gold crown, 5 grams 60% palladium $80.62
Gold crown, 5 grams 55% silver and 35% palladium $47.03

Gold-reduced dental works are often chosen to minimize costs.

Dental gold value: dental works containing a small percentage of gold or no gold

Consumers face the problem that dental gold is sometimes not actually dental gold, and the value varies – at times significantly. Even “gold-colored” dental gold can be made of base metals showing no gold. We know there are dental works that are predominantly made of silver, platinum, or even base metals. Such dental gold shows a very low value, though dental works primarily made of palladium are worth more than those made of silver because the material itself is more valuable.

How experts identify the dental gold value

Mail-in your dental gold For you as the consumer, it’s most important to find a reliable and qualified dental gold buyer. The ability to distinguish between very valuable dental gold works and low-quality dental gold is extremely important. Finding the value of dental gold requires using an X-ray machine to determine the composition, and it pays off for dental gold amounts both small and large. We recommend melting down large amounts of dental gold, which we can do for you for free. We serve individuals as well as commercial clients like dentists or laboratories.

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