Proudly introducing you to our jewelry buy back program

What do you understand if you think about jewelry buy back? We guess, you think about a reliable place where you can turn jewelry back to cash. But believe our words, such places are rare, rare like finest jewelry. You ask yourself why? Because reliable gold buyers are rare. You can find ten thousands of gold buying locations from New York to Hawaii but guess how many act implicit honest and reliable? Maybe 1 out of 100 places? Hard to estimate but learn that: the department for consumer affairs in New York determined that 3 out of 4 gold buyers were in violation with laws. An honest jewelry buy back place guarantees the highest prices and the ability to authenticate valuable pieces. A qualified jewelry buy back is able to distinguish between treasure and trash. Plus, the buyer has to know how to proceed with finest jewelry as well as with gold trash. is one of the best places in the US for turning jewelry back to cash. We don’t only have the financial power to buy extremely valuable pieces, we also have the experts on-board to guarantee a fast selling process. What do you expect when you seek for a jewelry buy back place? Right, you expect a very fast process and cash in your pocket as fast as possible. That’s not wistfulness. This should be the normal standard for all jewelry buy back companies in the US. But sadly, the majority thinks not like we. Our competitors often offer bad prices for jewelry, others are unfriendly and some others are unqualified. Their unprofessionalism is our advance: with outbid almost all of our competitors. Willing to learn more? Use our gold calculator or our diamond calculator to find out how much we can pay for your jewelry.

Jewelry buy back with appraisers help

We run a “Meet our Appraiser” program. This program was created to help people finding out more about their jewelry. Just email some photos and work with one of our appraiser on your jewelry. We bet, we unlock your jewelry’s value together. Knowing the value is power. We have nothing to hide. That’s why we always tell our customers to ask local gold buyers for a quote. Almost all come back to, shocked about the offered prices.

You can also ask your own questions! It’s free and of course without obligation. See what other customers have asked:

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Finest jewelry buy back

Tiffany and Co., David Yurman, Bvlgri, Chanel, Chopard, Mikimoto, Piaget, Graff, Buccellati, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier or Harry Winston jewelry can be sold to our jewelry buy back program. First, we determine the value. Second, we discuss the value with you. Third, it comes to the payment. Even when we are an online company, we can offer selling without bank account. We are prepared for any needs. Don’t worry.

Old-fashioned and scrap gold jewelry buy back

Also scrap gold, old-fashioned jewelry or damaged jewelry needs a buy back place. We also buy damaged or old gold in any amount. We have an in-house refinery and therefore we are able to offer the highest prices – even for scrap gold. Your old earrings, engagement rings, necklaces, chains, pendants, earrings, coins, cufflinks, watches, brooches or pins are more than welcomed in our laboratory. Within an hour we are able to mail you a report about the value. If needed, we list every piece separated. Sometimes clients request this service relating to sell an inheritance. If you sell with us, expect the best possible service for your jewelry sale. And please remember, we buy gold as well as silver, platinum and diamonds. Base metal jewelry is welcomed if the pieces are antique, very special or made from a very famous designer. Jewelry from important proveniences are welcomed too, that’s self-evident.

How jewelry buy back works

It’s a process, easy like 1,2,3. Get started online and describe your jewelry. That’s helpful for our experts to know what’s coming in. Schedule a free-pick up or ship by yourself. The evaluation process starts as soon as your jewelry arrived in our laboratory. We set up a work group if high priced jewelry arrives. That guarantees the best evaluation service for your assets. This is what we understand if we talk about jewelry buy back.

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