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Ten dollar gold coin, D, United Stated of AmericaYou own 10 dollar gold coins and you have made serious plans to sell them? That is great because offers you the highest possible price for your coins. We pay the highest possible gold price and we pay even much more for 10 dollar coins reflecting a collectors value. Today, a 10 dollar Liberty or Indian Head gold coin can sell for at least $1116.61 with us.

$10 gold coins were minted basically in two different designs. While from 1866 to 1907, the Liberty design decorated the obverse it was from 1908 to 1933 that the Indian Head was displayed on the 10 dollar coins. There is no general statement possible to be made what’s worth more – the Liberty design or the Indian head design. Both coins can reflect a tremendous value but also “just” the gold value. It depends on many factors beginning with the rarity and ending with the condition.

Sell $10 Liberty/ Indian Head Coin for $1116.61

Most coin sellers are concerned about the amount of money they can get paid for their 10 dollar coins or other gold coins. Frankly, this concern is legitimate because so many buyers pay you badly and not proper. Unfortunately, this became a common practice in the United States and if you don’t know a very reliable place you can easily end up with too less money in your wallet. doesn’t want you do make those experiences. We are here to pay you the best price. And comparing is so easy because we always publish the amount we can pay you.

$10 Gold Coin Performance Chart

Gold is valuable. Everybody knows this. But how good the 10 dollar coins the last years really did is to most people a secret.

performance chart $10 gold coin from 1999 to 2017

Sell a piece of US history

Did you know that the 10 dollar gold coin was used between 1795 and 1933 as an official currency? And did you also know that it was in 17985 when the U.S. Board of Treasury decided to name the new current DOLLARS and the coin EAGLE? After years of preparation, the U.S. Mint was founded to produce its first coins in 1792. In 1795 the new founded U.S. Mint was ready to put out the first Eagle coins. If you own a 10 dollar coin you don’t only own a coin nor a piece of gold. You own a piece of American history and this historical piece deserves a fair selling price. has the ability to deal with any kind of 0 dollar coins. We’ll reveal its value withing minutes and we guarantee you to provide you a very fair purchase offer.

10 dollar Indian Head gold coin, 1910 1910 minted 10 dollars gold coin

Sovereign SpecificationsFacts
Denomination10 dollars
Purity90% gold
Gross weight16.718 grams
Net weight15.046 grams
ManufacturerU.S. Mint
Thickness2.03 mm
Diameter27 mm
Minted since1795 to 1798 (Philadelphia), 1795 to 1804 (Philadelphia), 1833 to 1866 (Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco), 1866 to 1907 (Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Carson City, Denver) and 1908 to 1933 (Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver)

Legend Obverse

1866 to 1907: LIBERTY + YEAR
1908 to 1933: LIBERTY + YEAR

Legend Reverse

1866 to 1907: United States of America, In God We Trust, Ten
1908 to 1933: United States of America, E Pluribus Unum, In God We Trust, Ten Dollars

10 dollar gold coin literature, caliper, tweezerSell Your 10 Dollar Coins With Confidence

Actually there are thousands of possibilities to sell a 10 dollar Liberty or Indian head gold coin in the United States but there are only some places deserving to handle your precious gold coins.

A very reliable coin buyer needs much more than just gold testing acid. An X-ray machine to determine the gold compound is very helpful to identify falsified 10 dollar coins fast and without causing damage to the coin. A 10 dollar Liberty or Indian Head gold coin is made of 90% pure gold while many coin counterfeits are just made of 50% or 60% pure gold.

Literature is also very important why we have our own library for having access to tons of comparable photos, specifications and historical information. Knowledge is always beneficial but most important when it comes to evaluate coins and other assets.

Sell your $10 Liberty or Indian Head coins and benefit from reDollar as the most competent partner for your selling plans. We will appraise your coins 100% transparent and explain everything in our laboratory report.

Everything began in 1795

Most folks know about $10 gold coins minted between 1866 and 1907 and minted between 1908 and 1933. But actually, the first Liberty Head coins were minted 1795 from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. Those early coins are extremely valuable and if you own such a coin, a highly profesional working team of experts is required to put the coin on market. Speak with us – we are very discreet and confidentiality is the foundation of our business morals.

Liberty 10 Dollar Gold Coin, 1866 – 1907

Minted in Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Carson City, Denver

Liberty: $10 gold coin mintage from 1866 - 1907

Indian Head 10 Dollar Gold Coin, 1908 – 1933

Minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver

Indian Head: $10 gold coin mintage from 1908 - 1933

$10 Libery & Indian Head Value & Price Evaluation

Many people ask about the value and the price in a collectible 10 dollar coin. It depends on many factors and with very rare coins we like to explain it that way: The coin is worth the amount of money who somebody is really willing to pay you. There are so many books and magazines about coin values but finally only supply and demand regulate the value/ price of your 10 dollar coins.

95% of all 10 dollar coins are worth the gold price or an amount of money in the range of current gold price up to $2,500. For 10 dollar coins worth more than $2,500 we recommend our consignment program to get the most proceeds out of your coins. Consignment starts at a 7.50% commission fee.

$10 Liberty gold coin obverse, minted in 1851

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