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Cartier Trinity rings are captivating pieces of jewelry, admired and sought after from a great number of jewelry lovers. The Maison Cartier offers 28 different models of luxurious Trinity rings from different designs and gold types. Each Cartier Trinity ring has its own character and beauty. The well-known Trinity de Cartier rings are made of three bands intertwined in one ring and in three different colors. The classic piece of this collection has one pink gold band, one yellow gold band and one white gold band. Each color stands for a different noun; yellow for fidelity, pink for love and white for friendship. The collection was first introduced in 1924 by Louis Cartier himself. Very soon Trinity rings from Cartier became an iconic status in the jewelry scene. The purity of gold is always 18k which is a common gold alloy for Cartier jewelry. Sell Cartier Trinity rings with us if you look for a convenient and highly trustworthy possibility to sell. We know the value of your Cartier ring, that’s why we offer you peak prices and a meaningful assessment valuation. Don’t underestimate the value of your Trinity Cartier ring, the value of the material is one thing but also the brand name is an important factor for the high selling value Cartier rings reflect.

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We understand ourselves as highly professional and transparent buyer of luxury fine jewelry such as Cartier. Our jewelry experts are daily confronted with large quantities of the most exclusive jewels that circulate in the US. There is absolutely no reason why not to sell Cartier rings with us. The Trinity ring collection from Cartier is one of the top sellers from the French jewelry manufacturer. Therefore hundreds, maybe thousands of these rings have an American owner. If you are in need of extra cash, or you’ve inherited Cartier jewelry which you would like to sell, then give us a try. We are specialized to make you a great price offer for every kind of Cartier Trinity rings. The different variations of this ring collection mirrors different prices. There are Cartier Trinity rings with diamonds set and variations with pearls, sapphires, aquamarines, kunzites, amethysts, rubies, emeralds, ceramic or even lacquer. With us you can be sure to get a top quote for your unique Cartier Trinity ring. Also if your ring shows flaws in form of signs of usage or damages, we are highly interested to buy your treasure. The age and condition does not influence our great pleasure to buy your Cartier Trinity ring. Sell Cartier rings with reDollar and benefit from our fast and professional online services. Don’t waste your precious time with unskilled and rude next-door buyers, who don’t have the class to buy fine jewelry from the maison Cartier, let us convince you of our professionalism, we bet you won’t regret it. We also have the financial strength to pay top prices for your Cartier jewelry. Please consider that your Cartier Trinity ring can have a value of some thousands of Dollars, depending on the model. Recently we’ve bought a Cartier Trinity ring with three intertwined circular cut diamond rings mounted in 18k yellow gold, rosé gold and white gold. For this beautiful piece we could offer our client more than $12,000. You need a strong partner for a high value sale like that. We are your first class partner to sell Cartier Trinity rings.

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Simply because we are the good guys in that business. We are fast, we pay excellent and we are trustworthy and reliable what differs us strongly from our competitors. With us you get an instant, independent and free evaluation of your jewelry. If you finally sell with us or not, is up to you. You have no obligation to sell, to no point of time. We offer a smooth and convenient selling transaction via the internet. That means that you sell by shipping your assets to us. This type of selling jewelry is very attractive because first you don’t have to shop around and walk from one buyer to the other, always risking that somebody spies what you want to sell. Not seldom people get robbed if an unpleasant observer sees what they offer potential buyers. When you sell online, nobody becomes aware of your sale. The second big pro are our excellent prices. If you don’t live in Metropolitan areas like New York, LA or to Houston it can become a real challenge to find a buyer who has the consolidated knowledge and financial power to buy high class jewelry and who offers adequate prices. The sales market is most important when you want to sell Cartier Trinity rings. For people who live in the countryside or in remote areas our service offers the perfect solution for a great jewelry selling deal. Give us a try and sell Cartier Trinity rings with us, we keep our promises – that what’s our name stands for. Get started now!

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