Gold selling Challenge in Kent, Washington

What is the barrier of getting paid a high price? Consumers think, gold and jewelry are very easy to sell in Kent and generally they are right but the amount makes the challenge. You can sell your gold within minutes if you accept that a gold buyer pays you only little money for your treasure. But if you don’t accept a bad quote and when your selling target is getting paid proper, be well prepared and bring some time with you. Kent is not a very huge city but nevertheless it has lots of cash for gold places. Not only gold buyers buy gold, jewelry, coins, ingots, dental scrap, watches, diamonds or gemstones in Kent. Also jewelers or pawn broker offer cash for gold. And thanks to very popular TV shows, pawn brokers become more and more popular. Since the last years, the amount of pawn shops has increased noticeable. Many business men think that opening a pawn shop is a great idea that pays off and besides pawn loans, cash for gold is offered too. But with the increasing amount of places where you can get cash for gold, problems came up too. On the one hand more locations brought more competition but on the other hand more gold buying locations don’t bring more customers. What happened? More gold buyers in Kent have to share the unchanged amount of potential sellers. Gold buyers suffer from reduced revenues and are tempted to offer less cash than in past days.

So, what can happen if you own gold or jewelry worth maybe $2,000 and you offer it to a suffering gold buyer in Kent? Right, it can happen that you get offered a bad price for your treasure and you should not accept a bad price. You are looking for a high price and it’s your right to get the best price, to bring it to the point. What we can recommend you? Shop around and compare as much gold buyers in Kent as you can. It pays! Follow our selling instructions and you are well prepared for your selling challenge in Kent.

What comes first? Know what you have before you sell gold in Kent

It’s not required to be a mastermind to investigate the gold you own. You need a lucid mind, healthy eyes or a magnifier and a digital scale to calculate the current value by yourself. Note, such calculations don’t work for fine jewelry or diamond jewelry. For the moment, we speak about old-fashioned gold, jewelry for the daily use or damaged items. You begin the 3 steps evaluation with spotting your gold’s markings. Gold buyers in Kent do it the same way. They spot the so-called hallmark to know which quality is present. In the US, 10K, 14K and 18K gold is common for jewelry. Find all the markings and keep the items separated according to the spotted hallmarks. Than weigh your items by using a digital scale. Weigh the 14K gold items separated from the 18K items. Never mix 10K gold with 14K gold or 18K gold to achieve an exact result. Gold buyers also run this process very cautiously. After knowing the weigh, calculate the value as follows. Just use a gold calculator to find out how much money your gold is worth. Gold buyers in Kent often use apps or other programs to run the price building process.

Very experienced gold buyers are able to determine the approximately weight just by looking. This talent brings the benefit of recognizing the value extremely fast. We have heard about gold buyers offering a price just by looking in hope to make a fast deal taken by surprise.

Some sell gold in Kent because of financial needs, others just because of inheritance or divorce

Consumers who sell gold in Kent because of financial needs, are an easy prey for gold buyers. They often ask for the amount needed. Maybe you sell gold for $700 if you are in need of $700. But what about the real value? Maybe your gold shows $1,000 or more? But what can you do to avoid such a situation? It’s simple and effective too: never tell the amount of your needs. Let the gold buyer make an offer. Once, a customer called an online gold buyer named reDollar. He knew very exactly what he had. Not the value but the weight and the purity. He knew that because he had a certification. We are talking about a massive 18K gold necklace weighing 66.22 pennyweights. A local gold buyer offered this man $1,000 another buyer $800 and a third buyer $1,300. You will be very surprised to hear that was able to offer $2,200 for this giant piece. This man would have lost a lot of money without comparing his selling options. You see, gold buyers have very different ideologies in price building.

But there is a danger to all other potential sellers too. If you are not prepared with information, you can come in selling situations where you see yourself satisfied with an offered price. It’s irresponsible to sell your gold to the first cash for gold place in Kent that you have consulted. We recommend you to compare at least 7 or 8 local gold buyers with at least 2 or 3 online gold buyers. Sit back and decide without a hurry. And please don’t allow them to put pressure on you. Limited time offers or sell right now bonus payments can be a lure. Don’t walk into a trap.

Local gold buyers in Kent for your comparing challenge

Where are the places you can sell gold in Kent? You can run your comparison by visiting jewelers, gold buyers, second hand dealers, pawn brokers or antique traders. We collected some addresses for you: Cash America Pawn, located at 23201 Pacific Highway South buys gold. But also Stagg’s, located at 428 West Harrison Street or a company named Checkmate, located at 146 Washington Avenue North or Bonaci Fine Jewelers, located at 302 East Smith Street or New Kumar Jewelers, located at 23811 104th Avenue Southeast.

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