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Gold Chain 18k goldA gold chain consists of matching links made of a certain gold alloy. Typical gold alloys for chains in the US are 10K gold, 14K gold, or 18K gold. Arabic gold chains can be also made of 22K gold or even 24K gold. You have to consider a couple of things when you plan to sell a gold chain. First and very important is that you understand the value of your chain. A very thin gold chain, let’s say you bought it 5 years ago for $300, can’t be sold for $300 anymore. Chains like that sell for the current gold price. Most gold chains, if they aren’t made from very well-known designers or famous brands, just sell for the gold price. And please don’t think that you can sell it for more cash in an online auction. Maybe you get 10% more if you auction it but please don’t forget to consider deductions like selling commission (often minus 25% and higher), fees for marketing efforts and eventually additional fees for electronic payment systems like PayPal. At the end you could get out less cash than if you would have sold it for the gold price. Gold chains with diamonds, gemstone gold chains, designer gold chains, antique gold chains or very rare gold chains can be sold for much more than only the material value. But it needs a very experienced gold buyer who has the ability to evaluate very special gold chains. Our company is the right place for all types of gold chains. You can sell just normal, average gold chains for the material value or fine jewelry pieces for the highest prices. WE are able to identify the most exclusive gold chains and we are willing to pay you an awesome price. With us, your gold chains are in best hands.

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As we told you initially, almost all circulating gold chains sell for the material value. Why? Because the majority of gold chains comes without gemstones, aren’t designed from a special designer or weren’t manufactured from a well known brand or jeweler. But gemstones, diamonds, designers or brands make a gold chain more valuable. Consider such price finding facts, when you plan to sell a gold chain. The original retail price has nothing to do with the price you can get paid for your gold chain.

Our gold prices at a glance:

24K per gram $69.03
22K per gram $63.29
18K per gram $51.82
14K per gram $40.42
10K per gram $28.74

Good news: older gold chains become more and more valuable

Let’s say you bought your gold chain 10 years ago or you inherited a vintage gold chain or an antique gold chain. Then you can expect to get  much more money for such chains than for modern gold chains. Why? Thanks to the increased gold price. Within the last years gold became more and more valuable. And the rising gold price affects the value of your gold chain significantly.

See our exemplification:

Let’s assume you bought a statement gold chain made of 10K gold, weighing 52 grams in the early 2000s.

You bought this gold chain in 2001. Gold was at $260 each ounce in 2001 therefore your chain was worth $180. We have to add a 50% margin because you bought the chain in a local store. So, they original retail price was maybe around $270 in 2001. Let’s see how the value of your gold chain increased:

18k gold chain on banknotesRetail price of this gold chain 2001 was: $270
Material value of this gold chain 2001 was: approx. $180

Value in 2002: approx. $191
Value in 2003: approx. $246
Value in 2004: approx. $285
Value in 2005: approx. $292
Value in 2006: approx. $389
Value in 2007: approx. $438
Value in 2008: approx. $612
Value in 2009: approx. $619
Value in 2010: approx. $751

Current value: approx. $1659.10

You see how much the gold price has gone up over the past years. That’s good for your wallet, isn’t it? Sell vintage or old-fashioned gold chains with us to benefit from increasing gold prices. is an online gold buyer for gold chains and other pieces made of precious metals. We offer a gold calculator for transparent price calculations. You can find out instantly how much you can get paid, just if you know the weight and the alloy of your gold chain.

18k gold bracelet with fancy yellow diamondsWe also buy stunning and high priced gold chains

Chains for the daily use are often made from solid gold. Not more not less. There are no other factors besides the gold value, which affect the value significantly, as we learned in the last paragraph. But what about other gold chains like Tiffany gold chains, Harry Winston gold chains, Cartier gold chains, Van Cleef & Arpels chains, Buccellati gold chains, Bvlgari chains or Chopard chains? They are worth a lot more. You need a buyer with the ability to identify the value, if you plan to sell such valuable gold chains. guarantees a highly professional evaluation service. Besides our own experts, we work with an international appraiser network. We are able to detect the value of finest pieces just within hours and you can expect to get paid the highest prices. What are you waiting for? Get started right now to sell your gold chain with us. You won’t regret your decision.

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