Sell Gold Pocket Watch

Sell Gold Pocket Watch

If you have plans to sell a gold pocket watch, you’ll want to work with a company like and not just your local buyer. offers much more than some basic knowledge about gold pocket watches. We know that in order to determine the value of a pocket watch, it’s important to understand the history of the item. With our team’s knowledge and expertise, is the best place to sell old gold pocket watches for the best price.

Did you know that it was around 1335 when the first public clocks, which generated a noise to indicate every 24 hours that passed, were installed in some European cities? And did you know that it was around 1525 when Sigismund I from Poland owned the first known spring-powered watch? has a tremendous amount of knowledge on very old gold pocket watches, rare gold pocket watches, and of course vintage and more-modern gold pocket watches.

parts of a gold pocket watch: movement and dial

Best place to sell old gold pocket watches

Our company is very well respected for providing knowledge about pocket watches and other valuable items, and also for providing the best buying service. We are not some dusty, outdated store providing mediocre services. is a very well-funded FinTech company taking the buying industry by storm with the best possible buying service. Sell your gold pocket watch to us and experience for yourself our simple process and high payout prices.

Sell gold pocket watch – directly online

Selling your pocket watch online with us is easy and risk-free. It’s basically a four-step process that can be done in less than three days. You fill out our simple form to provide some information about the gold pocket watch(es) that you plan to sell. Then, you mail in your gold pocket watches for free using our high-value shipping label. After that you’ll get a purchase offer, which you can either accept or decline. If you agree to get paid for your watches, we’ll issue your payment in less than 24 hours.

Omega yellow gold pocket watch case with diamonds

Keep in mind that very often, offers much more than just the gold price. There are many gold pocket watches ready to be sold that are worth a lot more than just the gold value.

Waltham Gold Hunter Pocket Watch

1875 Waltham 18 karat gold hunter pocket watch

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Year: around 1875
Sell for: up to $3,000

Waltham Railroad Gold Plated Pocket Watch

1915 Waltham railroad gold plated pocket watch

Metal: gold plated
Purity: /
Year: around 1915
Sell for: up to $250

“Mourning” Swiss Gold Pocket Watch

1880 "Mourning" Swiss gold pocket watch in 18 karat gold

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Year: around 1880
Sell for: up to $500

Enamel Gold Pocket Watch

1850 Enamel gold pocket watch made of 18 karat gold

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Year: around 1850
Sell for: up to $500

Sell a gold pocket watch – with background knowledge

Our website is not only for people planning to sell gold pocket watches, but also for collectors in search of advice. Even when you don’t have any selling intentions, you are more than welcome to get in touch with our experts. Steve, our watch department manager, will be very happy to help you out.

Pocket watch evaluations are still young compared to other collecting fields like coins or antiques. Reliable information is rare and hard to obtain. This is why our company has built an extensive collection of books, magazines, and auction catalogs. Auction catalogs are especially helpful for comparing gold pocket watches customers want to sell to those featured in the catalogs. We even own auction catalogs over 100 years old, making comparisons of even very old gold pocket watches possible.

The value of your gold pocket watch is determined either by demand or by the material value. Without demand, a gold pocket watch is only worth the current gold value. But even the gold value can get you a good amount of money depending on the gold used to produce the pocket watch.

When you sell your old gold pocket watches with our company, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of how we came to our offered purchase price. Transparency is the foundation of our company.

What makes a gold pocket watch valuable?

What our experts check when they evaluate a gold pocket watch:

  1. Supply and demand ratio
  2. Is the pocket watch scarce?
  3. How is the condition of the gold pocket watch?
  4. Low or high serial numbers (affect the value)
  5. Type of escapement
  6. Does the watch have any historical significance?
  7. Is it likely the pocket watch is very old?
  8. Are the parts original?
  9. Was the watch handmade?
  10. Gold alloy
  11. Weight
  12. Are special materials like gemstones, ivory, etc. present?
  13. Was the gold pocket watch likely owned by a famous or important person?
  14. Engravings (can give hints about original owners)
  15. Complete accessories (box, papers, key, key chain, etc.)
  16. Is it a high-quality watch?

Sell Gold Pocket Watch Accessories

Did you know that you can also sell gold pocket watch parts like key chains, winding keys, movements, and other parts?

10 karat gold pocket watch chain with coat of arms
Chain: 42.50 grams of 18 karat gold


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