Sell Gold Watches

A solid gold watch is not just a watch – it’s an asset too. Sometimes even an extremely valuable asset. You should consult an expert with experience and abilities in trading watches, especially if you plan to sell gold watches. The majority of consumers have almost no clue about the value of gold watches. They have to overcome a great barrier, if they think about selling. It’s achieving a high price. And it’s just the paid price turning a gold watch-selling experience into a good experience. Consumers have the choice between selling with a local watch buyers or an online watch buyer, probably selling with an auction house as a further possibility. But how does it work to decide for the right way of selling if you have no idea about the value? That’s the barrier we have mentioned initially. We can help you to get an idea of how selling works and how prices can be calculated. Understanding the industry is the first important step to get paid a high price.

Sell gold watches with a local watch buyer or an online buyer: It depends on what you have to voice a recommendation. Let’s say you have a very rare gold watch. Do you think that your neighborhood watch buyer is the right place where to sell your gold watch? Finding a reliable watch buyer in New York or California is easier than finding a watch buyer in Alaska or North Dakota. Not because of the purchasing power of a state – only because of its population and circulating watches. A higher population brings more different watches into a trading market. A watch buyer in the capital of California get’s more rare watches to see in his career than a watch buyer in the capital of Alaska. You learn first, that it’s most important to find a very experienced buyer if you plan to sell a gold watch. is such a buyer. We have the ability to deal with rarest watches from all over the world, plus we can afford paying the highest prices also in the $100,000 range. Sell gold watches with our company and get maximum advice besides tremendously experience.

More information wanted before selling? Meet a appraiser:

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Larry from Buffalo asked: How much is an Omega watch worth?

Sell gold watches with an auction house: Selling a gold watch with an auction house can be reasonable but consider that auction a watch can be time-intensive and causes selling commissions. Well, it can pay off but in most cases selling with an experienced buyer is more recommendable.

Sell gold watches made from any brands and unbranded ones too

A very experienced buyer knows besides well known brands like Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Tissot or IWC also more uncommon brands like Agassiz, Bulova, Gruen, Gubelin, Harman, Lemania or Vacheron. You get the guarantee that you can sell gold watches of any brand, if you trade with Our experts are used to almost all watch brands from all over the world. Moreover we are connected to a nationwide network of watch appraisers from New York to Los Angeles. Wristwatches, pocket watches (even antiques ones), travel clocks, mantelpiece clocks or even pendulum clocks are welcomed for a reDollar evaluation. There is no limit into the amount of watches you can offer.

Sell gold watches of any condition

Another benefit of selling with us is that we are happy to accept watches of any condition. For many watch buyers, a damaged gold watch is often billed just as scrap gold. Not to us. We always try to see the collector’s value in your pieces, even when a gold watch is damaged. Thanks to our watchmaker, we are able to do a watch repair at fair costs. That makes paying a collector’s value for damaged gold watches possible? Well, not all damaged gold watches reflect a collator’s value. Some watches are really just junk and have to undergo a melting process. If your gold watch is scrap, we remove base metal parts like the clockwork or the glass to determine your watch’s exact weight. Such watches sell for the gold value and it needs the net weight to calculate the payout amount. You can use our gold calculator, if you already know your watch’s gold weight. Try it before you sell a gold watch to a competitor.

Sell gold watches with collector’s value or interesting provenience

Luxury watches, watches with interesting proveniences and very rare gold watches can be sold with our company. When you assume that you own a rare watch or especially when you have never realized that you own a treasure, selling with most experienced buyers is essential. Our experts are trained to unlock hidden secrets. We investigate engravings, markings, hallmarks or inventory stickers as accurate as possible. Especially engravings or inventory stickers can reveal highly interesting facts about the original ownership. Ask our watch expert Steve about his work. He will confirm that the research and investigation work is the most exciting part of our job. And it can pay off if we find a sought-after provenience. Imagine we find out that your pocket watch once belonged to Abraham Lincoln! Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Sell gold watches with scrap gold value

Scrap gold is not only a broken ring or a cut necklace. A damaged or broken gold watch can considered as scrap gold too. You can sell gold watches with our company, even when they are scrap gold. We buy watches from individuals as well as from commercial clients. We have a regular customer just selling gold watch cases in different alloys. Clockworks and glasses are often removed as spares. But don’t worry, we remove the base metals for you at no costs. Let’s sum up, is one of the best watch buyers in the US willing to pay high prices and able to unlock your watch’s secrets. You guys should sell your gold watches with us.

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