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reDollar watch experts appraising a luxury watchHermès is still a family-owned high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837 and based in Paris, France. Its earliest history begins with manufacturing, selling and maintaining of leather goods and accessories for equestrians. If you own a Hermes watch that you plan to sell, you may honor the long and exciting history and the exquisite quality of the Paris based company. Moreover you certainly know that your Hermes watch is a very special piece of jewelry reflecting a high value. What you need to sell a Hermes watch is a qualified and professional company that offers high prices for luxury watches. is such a company because luxury watches like Hermes Paris watches are our daily business. Our watch expert have the profound knowledge and experience to appraise luxury watches from almost all other exclusive brands all over the world. We are able to offer very high prices for your Hermès watches as we can evaluate your Hermes watches that were made even many decades ago. Our watch expert team, leaded by Steve Redrich, is able to identify rarest Hermès watches, even from the earliest years of manufacturing. Sell Hermes watches online with reDollar to benefit from a very convenient way and transparent way of selling.

Model Sell your Hermes watch for
Hermes Cape Cod GM diamond watch, model CC2.730 up to $6,000
Hermes Arcole WG diamond watch, model AC1.291 made of 18K gold up to $5,000
Hermes Cape Cod diamonds watch, model CC1.185 made of 18K yellow gold up to $4,500
Hermes Clipper Chrono watch, model CP2.941.435/1C7 up to $2,700
Hermes Quantieme TGM automatic watch, model CD5.810 up to $2,200
Hermes Clipper Nacre watch, model CL4.222 up to $1,400
Hermes Cape Cod, model CC1.210 up to $1,300
Hermes Arceau chronograph, model AR4.810 up to $1,000
Hermes Clipper Divers chronograph, model CL2-910 SS up to $1,000
Hermes Triple Date Moon Phase up to $700
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Sell Hermes watches: rarest watches are highly desirable

Hermès vintage gold watchA vintage photography from 1912 shows Jacqueline Hermès (a daughter from Emile Hermès) wearing a watch with a Hermès-made watchband. This historically photo is the proof of earliest Hermès plans to serve the watch-making industry with leather watchbands from finest quality. This ambitious plans became reality as Hermès became a very important supplier for watchbands before the second world word began. Furthermore it’s very interesting to know that in 1928 Hermès launched its first own watch collection. They offered chronometers with Swiss made calibers from different watch manufacturers. From time to time Hermès watches from this early time period come to light. Such watches are highly desirable and beloved from watch collectors all over the world. If you plan to sell a Hermès watch, especially if you sell vintage watches, you need a buyer with the ability to identify such an early piece of history. But it needs much more than just a friendly guy with some experience. The difference between and many competitors is the world wide network and the perfected selling procedure from the very first step of shipping to the final step of a quick payout with various payout options. Vintage watches undergo a in-depth determining process accompanied from at least two watch experts and the supported of a watch appraiser network. If we are of the opinion that a very rare watch is present we make a photo documentation and share it with our network. Beside engravings and serial numbers especially the clockwork can unlock forgotten or hidden secrets.

Sell Hermes watches: modern watches are highly valued

Hermes Watch for Ladie'sLa Montre Hermès was founded in 1978, a watch-specialized branch in Biel. Biel is a small town in Switzerland and known as the Swiss capital for watchmakers. At the beginning, Hermes produced watches solely with quartz movements and thanks to the brands popularity the watches became famous among collectors and to fashion-conscious people. In 2006, Hermes opened an own company-specialized production of watchbands and still today they are the only watch making company, that produces their own watchbands. Modern or classic Hermes watches are very valuable and can sell for very high amounts. You can sell Hermès watches of all kinds with us: diamond watches, classic watches, 18K gold watches or sporty watches like the Clipper Chrono. The value differs: some Hermès watch models are worth some hundreds of dollars and other watch models can be very valuable facing a value up to $30,000 and more. Besides the used materials, the value strongly depends on the rarity. Sell your Hermès watches with us and become a very satisfied customer, benefit from quick payment solutions within 48 hours. Plus, selling with us is hassle-free and the delivery process is perfectly planed and approved. There is no limit into the amount or the value of Hermès watches you can sell with us. Get started online today to get paid by the day after tomorrow.

A last but important selling tip: Don’t sell Hermes watches to your neighborhood watch buyer

Many people know about the value of their Hermès watches but some don’t know so. Think about inherited Hermès watches, for example. If you have never heard about Hermès before and you suddenly become such a watch by  chance, how can you honor the value and the rarity? And even if you are used to Hermès products, how can you determine the value of a vintage watch, produced some decades ago? It’s hardly possible without profound experience. People have no idea about the value and if don’t want to make a local price comparison you could make the fatal mistake and sell your valuable Hermès watch far below value. We always recommend to compare prices before you finally sell. We know that we offer the highest prices for Hermès watches and we also know that lots of our competitors don’t do so. It can happen that you get ripped-off. Better sell Hermes watches with – one of the most reliable places for Hermès watches and other luxury watches.

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