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Composition: 99.9% pure gold
Minted since: 1979
Face value: in Canadian dollars
Design: Queen Elizabeth II

VersionPure GoldSell Coin To reDollar
1 oz31.10 grams$2269.47
1/2 oz15.55 grams$1134.74
1/4 oz7.77 grams$567.00
1/10 oz3.11 grams$226.95
1/20 oz1.55 grams$113.11
1 Gr.1.00 gram$72.97

Sell Maple Leaf With Us

You wouldn’t believe who easy, safe and convenient it is to sell a Maple Leaf gold coin to reDollar. Basically, there are two options for you to sell. You can request a fully inured hipping label to mail in your Maple Leaf coins or you request a selling kit containing everything you need to ship your gold coins safely at our costs.

USPS truck for shipping and selling a Maple Leaf gold coin ensures that the whole shipping process is safe and fully insured. We are able to provide insurance solutions for your valuable coins up to $150,000 thanks to ParcelPro. Every step is well thought out and monitored by our logistic experts.

The Canadian gold coin, Maple Leaf, is one of the most sought-after gold coins from all over the world. Only the famous Krugerrand gold coin from South Africa was sold more often. Maple Leaf coins are minted since 1979 and are very important bullion coins that Americans love to buy, sell and trade. We are the perfect buyer, if you own a Maple Leaf gold coin and you plan to sell. We offer really high prices just a few percentage points less than the current gold price.

So many Americans swear by gold, especially after 2009 and 2010 the crowds began to buy coins, ingots, bars and bullion. People turned their savings into gold and silver and the Maple Leaf coin was one of the top sellers. One reason was that Maple Leaf coins have a very attractive design and another reason was that they didn’t get counterfeited so often. Compared with the Krugerrand coin, Maple Leaf coins have one tremendous benefit: they are made of 999,9% pure gold – Krugerrand coins reflect only a purity of 91.6%. Americans trusted the Canadian quality which caused fast risen imports of these coins. Now times have changed and many people want to get rid of their gold investments. If you plan to sell a Maple Leaf coin, get started online to save our current price. There is no limit into the amount of Maple Leaf gold coins you can sell with us. Plus, small investors are very welcomed. You can also sell the small Maple Leaf coins with us. Our purchase prices for 1/10 or 1/4 ounce gold coins are more than competitive. It’s very questionable if you find another buyer in your neighborhood offering such high prices. Sell your Maple Leaf coins with us and get out of your investment or inherited coins within 48 hours.

Evaluate A Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Generally, there is just one very important fact building the price: the weight. As you learned before, we don’t care about the condition. It’s our company’s philosophy to pay the highest prices for mint coins as well as for damaged coins. Well, some Maple Leaf coins with a higher value than just the gold value exist, but they are really rare and mostly in collector’s hand who are aware of the rarity.

weighing and comparing Maple Leaf coins made of gold and silver

But we let you know, if you are an unknowing owner of a special Maple Leaf coin. Our experts ascertain the facts and calculate the price of your Maple Leaf. You get a report for your records and the certainty of getting paid a high price. Sell your Maple Leaf gold coin with us, it’s just getting started online.

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"Maple Leaf" design for the gold coin's reverseSell Any Maple Leaf Gold Coins

We accept encapsulated Maple Leaf coins as well as damaged coins or scrap coins. So many coin buyers charge you deductions if the coin isn’t in perfect condition – even for minor scratches. We don’t care about the condition. A coin in great shape shows the same value than a Maple Leaf coin with a rim nick or other damages. Our purchase price is always the same, as long as the weight is one ounce. Sell Maple Leaf coins with us and benefit from transparent prices and consumer friendly terms. We never charge you for our advice, even when you change your mind. And there is no obligation to sell your Maple Leaf gold coins with us. You stay the lawful owner of your Maple Leaf coins until you agree to credit you with the proceeds. Ownership changes only if you agree to sell your Maple Leaf coin.

Maple Leaf, The Canadian Gold Beauty

The widespread popularity of Maple Leaf gold coins was originally justified by the boycott of Krugerrand coins between 1986 and 1999. Banks, bullion traders and other coin sellers listed the Maple Leaf coins as a replacement for Krugerrand coins. The national symbol of Canada is the sugar maple tree leaf, a tree that is common across North America from Canada to the United States. The sugar maple is used for timber production as well as for the production of sugar juice in the form of maple syrup. The first minted coin weighed exactly one ounce. In the following years further coin sizes between 1/10 ounce and 100 kg were offered. The smaller coin sizes helped to gain the popularity of small investors. Millions of Maple Leaf gold coins are circulating and wait for cash out. If you have such a Canadian beauty, don’t hesitate and sell it with our company.

Gold Maple Leaf VS. Silver Maple Leaf

Both pictured coins weigh exactly 1 troy ounce (= 31.10 grams). Because silver and gold have a different specific weight, the coins have different dimensions. While the gold coin is worth $2269.47, the silver coin’s value is only $29.72.

size comparison of gold and silver maple leaf coins

Maple Leaf Gold Coin Obverse

Queen Elizabeth II is pictured on the Maple Leaf’s obverse honoring the queen for ruling since 1952. No British Monarch ruled longer than Elizabeth II. The coins was designed in 1979 and 2015. This Maple Leaf reflects a $50 face value.

Elizabeth II displayed on Maple Leaf gold coin obverse

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