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1 oz PAMP Suisse Palladium bar

1 oz PAMP Suisse Palldium bar with emeralds

With us you can sell palladium investment bars or palladium industrial bars from any brand or manufacturer. We buy PAMP Suisse palladium bars, Credit Suisse palladium bars, Valcambi Suisse palladium bars, Scotiabank palladium bars, Johnson Matthey Lewis & Clark palladium bars, Engelhard palladium bars and of course CombiBars of palladium.

reDollar purchase prices for palladium bars:

  • 1 oz Palladium bar $903.87
  • 10 oz Palladium bar $9038.71
  • 1 gram Palladium bar $29.06
  • 10 gram Palladium bar $290.63

Stock market price for 1 oz palladium bar $1062.31

1 gram Palladium bar

1 gram Palladium bar

Metal: Palladium
Purity: 999.5
Stock Exchange Price: $34.16
Sell for: $29.06

10 gram Palladium bar

10 grams Palladium bar

Metal: Palladium
Purity: 999.5
Stock Exchange Price: $341.58
Sell for: $290.63

1 oz Palladium bar

1 oz Palladium bar

Metal: Palladium
Purity: 999.5
Stock Exchange Price: $1062.31
Sell for: $903.87

10 oz Palladium bar

10 ounce Palladium bar

Metal: Palladium
Purity: 999.5
Stock Exchange Price: $10623.15
Sell for: $9038.71

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Suisse Palladium bar For a long time the precious metal palladium was not really recognized by the public. Only in 2010 the resistant valuable white metal that belongs to the Platinum group metals gained first popularity in connection with a Noble Prize awarding for Chemistry in Sweden. Nowadays palladium is a well-established investment metal that has a strong and solid value. Today (10/23/2017) one troy ounce of palladium has a higher value and is more expensive than an ounce of platinum.
Price for 1 oz palladium $1062.31
Price for 1 oz platinum $950.02
Times are over when palladium was the cheaper alternative to platinum. Some time earlier, palladium bars and palladium jewelry were more affordable than nowadays. Maybe you would like to change your investment portfolio, now is the best time to sell palladium bars. You can profit from the skyrocketing prices of palladium by selling palladium bars with reDollar. We pay you 85% of the stock market value for your palladium bars. Your happiness and great reviews are our most important goal, that’s why we pay you the most cash for palladium bars. Use our calculator, calculate your payout and find out what we pay for your palladium bars.

Beside investment palladium bars we also buy industrial palladium bars of any size, weight and condition! Sell palladium bars with reDollar and get top prices!

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