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Sell palladium jewelry to a professional buyer like reDollar. But the question is, what makes a buyer professional? We are of the opinion that honesty and transparency are the most important attributes a professional buyer should have. There are many buyers on the internet who praise themselves with fancy websites, informative and pompously texts and not to forget numerous of certificates and highly dignified decorous expertise knowledge and accreditations. BUT do you know what they do not show or publish? Their prices! With no single word prices are mentioned but we are of the opinion that only the transparency of pricing and the publication of prices is decisive for a professional buyer and for professional, honest and transparent behavior – this is the only true foundation of a great seller-buyer relationship.

Sell your precious palladium jewelry with us and get paid top prices. Our team of jewelry experts and appraisers determine the value of your palladium jewelry perfectly and guarantee you a highest possible offer. We pay 85% of the stock market value for your scrap palladium what is currently $26.79/ 1 gram of 950 Palladium. If you sell opulent palladium jewelry lavishly set with gemstones or diamonds or a palladium diamond ring of course we pay much more than just the scrap value, in such a case a premium is a matter of course.

Palladium granules

Our Palladium Prices at a glance

$14.10 per gram Palladium .500

$16.50 per gram Palladium .585

$26.79 per gram Palladium .950

Palladium Diamond engagement ring on emeralds

reDollar experts offer you the most for your palladium jewelry

reDollar experts discussing Palladium ring

Sell your palladium jewelry with us and count with a fair and transparent process on eye-level. One you have mailed in your jewelry we appraise your items at no charge on the day of receipt. At no pint of time during the selling process you are confronted with costs. We provide you well-thought out shipping solutions and various payment options like check, PayPal, check, wire transfer or direct deposit. If you want your items back? No problem, we return your items immediately well-packed and freshly cleaned.

What are you waiting for? Let’s make together a great deal, get started right now and sell palladium with us!

reDollar makes a Difference – Get Cash for Palladium from Trusted Buyers

It happens every now and then that people face situations when they need quick cash. The reasons can be manifold but the desire to make a quick and attractive deal stays the same. Palladium is a very popular precious metal and the prices for palladium are not as low anymore than years ago when palladium jewelry was a more affordable alternative to gold and platinum but these days are over. Palladium has become a very competitive precious metal what can be more expensive than platinum, depending on the current stock market situation. That’s why selling palladium can be very, very attractive and if you bought your palladium jewelry sometime prior, you can make a great profit by selling palladium jewelry now!

See below the stock market prices for fine palladium, platinum, silver and gold per gram.


GOLD: $76.33

SILVER: $0.99

PLATINUM: $33.90

Palladium and Diamond ring

Palladium and Diamond ring

Metal: Palladium
Purity: .950
Sell for: $2,500

Palladium Burmese Ruby ring

Metal: Palladium
Purity: .950
Sell for: $3,250

Classic Palladium ring

Classic Palldium 500 ring

Metal: Palladium
Purity: .500
Sell for: $425.00

Palladium Tanzanite ring

Palladium Tanzanite ring

Metal: Palladium
Purity: .950
Sell for: $1,825.00

Sell Palladium – the rare and precious metal

The rare silver-white palladium is a transition metal that belongs to the platinum metals. Its chemical behavior is very similar to the chemical behavior of platinum what makes it a great alternative to white gold jewelry and platinum jewelry. The British physicist and chemist William Hyde Wollaston discovered the precious metal palladium in 1803 in platinum ore from South Africa. It was in 2010 when palladium first attracted worldwide attraction in connection with the awarding of the Noble Prize for Chemistry in Stockholm, Sweden. Palladium is usually obtained from nickel and copper ores with the biggest mining operations in Russia, South Africa, Canada and the US. Palladium is a great material for the jewelry manufacturing because it has a beautiful metallic brilliance and it does not get tarnished, like silver. Palladium is also a very important component for the production of white gold because it “discolors” the gold what makes it possible to create a white colored gold alloy. The price for palladium is increasing constantly with just a few exceptions what makes palladium a very interesting investment metal as well. Sell your palladium in form of jewelry or bars with us and benefit from the positive price trend. Don’t think that your palladium is not particularly valuable, at the moment (October 2017) it’s even more valuable than platinum.

Current stock market price for PD 950 $31.48 per gram
Current stock market price for PD 585 $19.39 per gram
Current stock market price for PD 500 $16.57 per gram

Sell palladium jewelry with reDollar the Palladium Buyer you can trust. Trust is build on honesty and transparency – that is what reDollar offers you unconditionally.

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