Curious about bid, asking, or selling price: what’s the price of palladium, today?

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What is the price of palladium?

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Palladium is a rare precious metal and traded on NYMEX and TOCOM. Palladium is about 15 times more rare than platinum and also more rare than gold. Only two countries, Russia and South Africa cover about 80% of the world’s current demand after palladium.

Price of Palladium per Troy Ounce

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Palladium is a very important for the automotive industry, for dentures or battery production. The biggest demand comes from the automotive industry consuming approx. 50% of the world’s capacity used to produce catalytic converters. For individuals, palladium is less important in general. Palladium coins, palladium bars and palladium jewelry is not very common even when it’s used seldom to craft rings or pendants. More important is palladium for medical products and especially for dentures where palladium-gold alloys are very common.

Is the price of palladium important to individuals?

As mentioned at the beginning, palladium is mostly used from industries what affects individuals only indirectly if prices go up and down. But for those who are interested in getting a gold-palladium alloyed denture, the palladium price can have some but nevertheless minor importance. An artificial tooth weighs approx. 3 to 5 grams and if the tooth was made of 30% palladium (with 50% gold and silver) or even 35% palladium, the current price of palladium isn’t effecting the amount you’ll get charged gravely.

More important is the price of palladium for coin collectors

Coins like the palladium American Eagle, the Canadian palladium Maple Leaf or Isle of Man palladium coins are no mass-products and made more for collectors than for private investors but due to the fact that in 2017 palladium was worth more than platinum – the very first time in history – palladium coins are getting more and more important.

palladium granules used from goldsmiths

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    reDollar expert AlanAlan is reDollar’s manager and head of the precious metal division and kind of passionate about palladium. In 2009, when palladium was worth approx. $130 per troy ounce he was still forecasting that palladium will be worth more than platinum someday.

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