Sell Waltham Pocket Watch is the best place to sell a Waltham pocket watch. We accept solid gold watches, gold-filled watches, and running or not-running Waltham pocket watches. We pay industry-leading prices and are happy to buy from both retail sellers and commercial clients. We have two highly skilled horologists who bring tremendous experience and knowledge to our company. Our combination of experience dealing with rare antique watches and knowledge of what the collectors community is looking for makes us the ideal place to sell a Waltham pocket watch. We also have the ability to deal with very rare and valuable Waltham pocket watches. We will NOT just offer the gold value for qualifying watches. We are willing to pay crazy premiums for rare Waltham pocket watches.

For those not familiar with Waltham pocket watches, most pocket watches are evaluated based on the current gold price plus a premium for the movement. Factors like cosmetic condition, repairs, design and type of movement can significantly impact the amount we offer. We guarantee to come up with the highest possible offer for your Waltham pocket watch. is an online watch buyer with a flawless reputation. Please give our reviews a click—we really do pay more money for your pocket watch!

Sell a Solid Gold Waltham Pocket Watch

You can sell us a solid gold Waltham pocket watch made of 10K gold, 14K gold, or 18K gold. We offer very high prices and a fast and transparent selling process. Please read our reviews and strongly consider selling with us, as we typically pay significantly more than our competition. Waltham (official name: Waltham Watch Company) was founded in 1850 and is one of the most popular pocket watch brands in North America. With almost 50 million Waltham watches produced, you might own one of their horological products. If you’re looking to sell your Waltham pocket watch, will be very happy to work with you.

Fun Fact: Many solid gold pocket watches don’t have a quality movement built in. Why not? It’s simply because buyers had to decide between owning a solid gold pocket watch with a decent movement or a gold-filled pocket watch with a top-quality movement. Most of the time, the money for both a solid gold case and a quality movement was not available.

Identify a solid gold case by looking for these markings:

9K, 375, 10K, 14K or 18K without stampings like plate, plated, 20 years, 25 years etc.

Sell a Gold-Filled Waltham Pocket Watch

Waltham pocket watches can be considered mass products, and most of their lower-priced watches come with a gold-filled case. Gold has always been a precious and valuable metal. Producing a gold-filled watch case would save the company money and increase their profit margin. We’ve been buying Waltham pocket watches for many years, and about 9 out of 10 watches that are offered to us come with a gold-filled case. A Waltham pocket watch with a gold-filled case can still be sold, but generally speaking, the value is usually not significant.

But there are some good examples of valuable, rare, and highly collectible Waltham pocket watches with gold-filled cases—for instance, railroad grade pocket watches. After 1857, Waltham became a big player for railroad grade pocket watches. They supplied most of the North American railway companies with extremely accurate watches that typically came with gold-filled cases. Those watches are very popular among collectors and can be sold to our company for a good price.

Identify a gold-filled case by looking for these markings:

Guaranteed Twenty Years, Warranted 25 years, Warranted 20 years, Warranted 10 years, 10K Gold Filled, 14K Gold Filled, 10K Rolled Gold Plate

How much is a Waltham pocket watch worth?

Our appraiser will go through a multipoint inspection to calculate the value of an American Waltham pocket watch. He’ll check for demand, condition, serial number, horologic value, age, case, parts, repairs, grade, metal, repair and service needs, and quality. Pocket watch appraisals require a lot of experience. It’s possible to come up with a rough price estimate by just seeing some very good-quality photos, but it really takes experience. Your own at-home price research is mostly limited to the material value, which is still a good start. You can use this list as a VERY rough material-value guideline for your solid gold pocket watches. And please also remember, a Waltham pocket watch is worth however much a collector is willing to spend.

Finally, Waltham pocket watches are very collectible items, but they are absolutely not comparable to other brands like Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, or Meuron Paris. Waltham pocket watches made of solid gold are selling anywhere between $500 and $2,000, while gold-filled pocket watches are selling mostly in the low hundreds.

Diameter*10k Gold14K gold18K Gold

*Important Notes About the Price Table

This is a very, very rough value guideline for pocket watches with gold cases. We examined approx. 1,000 watches and took the average gold weight and compared it with the pocket watch’s diameter. The provided data has been collected over the last two years and may not be applicable to your Waltham pocket watch. Nevertheless, we found the data to be useful and applicable to many watches with similar diameters. Use this table carefully and do NOT trust the provided prices blindly.

Waltham Pocket Watch
9K Gold, 1920s

Sell for: approx. $986.57

Waltham Pocket Watch
10K Gold, Small Case

Sell for: approx.$172.81

Waltham Pocket Watch
14K Gold, Riverside

Sell for: approx. $1883.31

Waltham Pocket Watch
18K Gold, Hunter Case

Sell for: approx.$1677.17

Waltham Pocket Watch
Gold Filled Case
Canadian Railway

Sell for: approx. $400

Waltham Pocket Watch
Gold Filled Case
1940s Military Watch

Sell for: approx. $150

Waltham Pocket Watch
Gold Filled Case

Sell for: approx. $200

Waltham Pocket Watch
Gold Filled Case
Railroad Grade

Sell for: approx. $350

Pocket Watch Education

Please review our Waltham Pocket Watch gold marking photos. The markings shown indicate a solid gold case. The eagle marking is a beautiful example from the Civil War era. At that time, 18K gold was sometimes marked with an eagle instead of a number. It’s important to note that your pocket watch may be marked as 18C instead of 18K, which was initially very common in Great Britain and sometimes done to US-manufactured gold cases as well. Waltham also exported railroad grade pocket watches to other countries. They adjusted their gold markings according to local standards. They also sometimes used lower gold purities for export cases. For instance, many Waltham pocket watches manufactured for Great Britain were made of 375 gold, which is also known as 9K gold and is not a legal gold alloy in the United States.

375| 9K Gold

416 | 10K Gold

585 | 14K Gold

585 | 14K Gold

750 | 18K Gold

750 | 18K Gold

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