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Our turnaround time is guaranteed less than 8 business hours. We work very fast and accurate to provide the best possible service.

J. Lietz, Police Detective for 37 Years

Redollar has a satellite office in Denver we got hooked up with through our jewelry appraisers after having our appraisers look over jewelry from my parents’ estate. We contacted Redollar and went through their process with silver flatware, jewelry, gold Krugerands, gold from jewelry, etc. They gave us a great price and were very professional in their explanations on what we really had and how it would sell. They explained the amazing equipment they use to determine what items were made out of and gave some simple tests we could do at home to determine what was real silver, what wasn’t, etc. They discussed items we had at home that we determined were NOT the real silver the items had been sold to my parents as being. Redollar gave us ideas to dispose of many items we have and with their world-wide contacts in their business (like the one they have with our jewelry appraisers) pointed us to other business to contact for other items we have that Redollar doesn’t work with like books, dolls, etc. Great doing business with Redollar. A VERY trustworthy business (and I am hard to please as a police detective for 37 years). Prior to being introduced to Redollar I would have never done business through the internet like this with our gold and jewelry, but what an amazing group of professional business persons. I would go to Redollar over ANY local similar business I have dealt with. Redollar gave amazing amount of money for our gold, more like 90-95% versus the 65% of weight value as I was seeing locally.

Source: Google Reviews
Location: Denver

B. Clark

I had 28.3 grams of scrap 14k gold that I took to the Houston Gold Exchange who offered $480. Then, I went to Goldweiser in Katy, TX and they offered even less – $370. My wife said it was too risky to just mail it to some stranger, but I took a chance. Just got my check back a couple days later for $641!!! Thank you reDollar!!!

Source: Trustpilot
Location: Houston

D. Rosiak

From my Experiences with reDollar, I would highly recommend them. They were gracious with their expertise, communication, and promptness. I personally will be doing business with them again. And I will be spreading the word. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.

Source: Google Reviews

M. Pressler

The people at reDollar are completely honest and trustworthy. They believe in doing things right and taking care of their customers. Their reputation is more important to them than making an extra dollar.

Source: Google Reviews
Location: Colorado

W. Annie

The entire transaction was positive and quick. I received my shipping label, sent my items and received an offer the same day Re.dollar received my merchandise. They are professional and truthful. I received a good and above fair offer for my items. The wire transfer was done immediately. I will do business in the future without hesitation. Thank you!

Source: Yelp
Location: San Francisco

L. Laurette

At first, I was somewhat leery to be sending two large crowns of very good gold to reDollar. But I emailed them and they replied in a very professional manner. So I took the chance and sent off the gold. Well, they must have immediately processed it upon arrival because within just a week and a half, I got my check back and it was quite generous $76. So I was happy especially when it cleared. I highly recommend them. You can also contact them for packaging and mailing materials which they will send for free.

Source: Yelp
Location: Nevada

K. Lake

Ive had a few different transactions with each being positive results. reDollar is consistent, quick, thorough, and above all friendly. I will be sticking with these guys for future business! Highly recommended.

Source: Trustpilot
Location: Montana

B. Patasce

I have dealt with REDOLLAR three time and find them to be fast. efficient, fair and professional. I would highly recommend them.

Source: Trustpilot
Location: California

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Our Comment

We guarantee to pay the highest possible price, available to individuals, in the US. Laurette got paid 90% of her crowns value while shipping was free and fully insured. We always make it right 🙂

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