How much silver is in a knife handle?

Jake from New York City is a regular customer buying old silver in auctions and at liquidation events. As many people know, knife handles are filled with cement or gypsum to enhance the cutting experience. Those filling materials decrease the value of a silver -knife significantly.

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How much silver is in a knife handle?

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“How much silver is in a knife handle?” is a very interesting and important question. It’s a pleasure to share our knowledge with you.

Knife’s Gross Weight: 65.90 grams
Blade’s Weight: 30.05 grams
Filling Materials: 16.83 grams

Knife’s Silver Content: 19.02 grams

If you buy old silver and you don’t know about filling materials you will learn an expensive lesson. Hopefully, this expert article will prevent you from learning this lesson the hard way.

19.02 Grams of .925 Silver, Worth $14.39

Pictured next to the knife is the exact amount of sterling silver granules used to produce the silver knife handle to give you a visual understanding of how much silver is hiding in the handle.

It’s just a very thin silver -sheet surrounding the filling materials, which is the reason only a small amount of silver is used to produce the knife’s handle.

silver - 925 silver granules - in a silver knife handle

The Examined Silver Knife

The silver knife’s gross weight: 65.90 grams

blade, handle filling materials & silver knife

The Silver Knife’s Blade

The blade’s weight: 30.05 grams

blades of a sterling silver knife

The Silver Knife’s Filling Materials

The filing materials’ weight: 16.83 grams

silver knife handle fillings

The Silver Knife’s Silver Content

Silver contained in the knife: 19.02 grams

parts of a disassembled silver knife: blade, fillings and silver handle

Have More Questions About Silver Handles?

Every silver -handle is unique, and different manufacturers use different amounts of silver to produce a knife. We estimate that 98% of all silver- knife handles in circulation are filled. Solid silver handles are very rare and usually only found in very old flatware. The blade is almost always steel, with few exceptions. This year, we received only one silver knife with a blade made of sterling silver – that’s a rarity.

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