Is my dental gold worth anything? Yes, and it’s really worth to sell it!

Yellow gold dental gold I had some dental treatments over the past 15 years. Always when I got new crowns or inlays, I took home some old dental gold pieces. I remember that in the 1990s I put this dental gold away, because the appearance and smell is awful. At the beginning of the 2000s I saw a Discovery documentary about dental gold and I remember that people sold their gold teeth for little money but anyhow, I realized that I have to keep my crowns and teeth. I never thought about selling but now it would be great to have some extra money. My husband lost his job and as the breadwinner, his income is missing. Maybe we can get some extra money when we sell dental gold. Is dental gold worth anything? And if yes, how much is it worth?
Diana from Kent in Washington

Dear Diana, thank you very much for contacting us. Dental gold is very valuable, never throw it away.  Lots of people call our support and tell us that they disposed of their dental gold in the past. It’s always the same, the bad looking pieces and the horrible smell makes this gold very unattractive to people. And believe me I know about what I’m talking about. It strongly depends on the dentist in which condition you get your dental gold. Some dentists deeply clean the gold teeth and bridges before they hand it out to their patients, others don’t do so and just ziplock the teeth, together with the organic rests. Such residues can become a nightmare and after some years this teeth might end up as waste. But as I said initially, that’s an unwise decision.  You would throw away money because your dental gold is probably very valuable if it is from good quality.
reDollar appraiser, Alan Jensen

Is dental gold worth anything? asked Diana

reDollar dental gold experts at workDiana: I have 5 small ziplock bags here, containing gold teeth plus one bag containing parts of a gold bridge. I ask myself if this pieces have a certain value. Is my dental gold worth anything?

Alan: As I told you initially, dental gold is sellable of course. And it’s gold. Well, it’s not good looking gold but it is real gold – sometimes made of premium alloys. I remember gold teeth that had a content of pure gold of 85%. To find out more about the value, you must weigh your dental gold. But you told me that there is no way for you to do that. If we work on dental gold, we use medical gloves and a breathing mask too. Not only because of the smell, more because of germs. So Diana, I can’t tell you the exact value of your dental gold, but I can try to give you an idea. The photos, you sent to me, are from good quality that is helpful.

Diana: Thank you Alan for your understanding.

Alan: I see a huge gold teeth in your first ziplock bag. It looks good to me and as you told me, all your gold comes from the same laboratory. I checked the name of the laboratory and I guess they make an accurate job. I think it is gold but it’s just a thought because to determine the value correct and accurate it’s unavoidable to have your teeth in my lab.  On the phone you have asked me for my opinion, once I have seen your dental gold. I guess you own high-graded dental gold but I have no idea about the exact value without weighing it. But I had a good idea. I have randomly selected 25 different gold teeth from our melting pot. I weighed all of them to find out the average weigh of a gold teeth. I calculated an average weight of 3.24 grams. The heaviest gold teeth showed me 7.12 grams and the lightest teeth showed me only 1.04 gram. The average purity of all this dental work is 68%. So, the lightest gold teeth is worth $55.21, the average teeth is worth $172.00 and the heaviest teeth is worth $377.98. Maybe this projection is helpful for you.

reDollar dental gold expertsDiana: Awesome! Now I have a clear idea about the value. But what about the white colored teeth? Is white colored dental work valuable too?

Alan: It depends. Yes, if it’s white gold, platinum or palladium and no, if it’s made of base metals. There is no way for me to give you a reliable statement regarding the value. It can be nothing, or $100 for only one teeth. I’m sorry that I don’t have better news for you.

Diana: Ok, don’t worry Alan. In any case I will sell my dental works with you. We will find out soon how much my white dental gold is worth. And what about the dental bridge?

Alan: I see a yellow colored dental bridge. It looks like gold and you confirmed with me that it was made from the same laboratory. I guess it is gold and I guess it’s made of high-graded quality too. I assume 16K, 17K or maybe 18K gold. To speak about the value, it would be necessary to know the weight. Regarding your photos it can have a weight between 7 and 20 grams but that’s huge value difference. A dental bridge of 7 grams made of 17K gold is worth $386.91 and a dental gold bridge of 20 grams made of the same quality is worth $1105.46. As a reliable person, I’m not able to call a price for this bridge. I’m really sorry.

Diana: Alan, thank you so much for your professional and highly informative advice. I think we can get some cash for our dental works. I will start selling right now. Soon we will know how much money we can get for all the dental gold but I’m pretty optimistic that it will be a decent amount. I thank you so much. My husband and I are very happy that we found a reliable place where we can sell our gold. That’s great! reDollar is the real deal!

Alan: Oh, thank you so much for your kind words, that means a lot to us. I will give you a call as soon as your dental gold has arrived in our lab. You can count with a super quick processing time and a payout on the same day when we receive your gold. Thanks again for your trust in us. All the best, Alan.

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