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How much is designer jewelry worth?

Hi! A friend of mine told me about your great appraisal service. I have some pieces of designer jewelry from different designers and brands and I’m wondering how much is designer jewelry worth? Is the value of designer jewelry significantly higher than for no name jewelry or are only the used materials of particular importance? I have designer jewelry in form of rings and braceletes. Could you please estimate the value of my designer jewelry? Thank you! Hillary
Hillary from Helena in Montana

Dear Hillary, thank you very much for contacting the reDollar experts. It’s our pleasure to make a value estimation for your designer jewelry. In general it can be said that designer jewelry is almost always much more expensive than usual jewelry from no name brands, but not only expensive, designer jewelry has also a much higher resale value than no name branded designer jewelry. But it strongly depends on the respective designer and the jewelry piece itself. Please be so kind and tell us more about your designer jewelry. Once we have a photo of your jewelry and a detailed item description it’s much easier for us to determine the value. Thank you!
reDollar appraiser, Maria Tait

How much is designer jewelry worth?

Hillary: Hello Maria! Thank you for answering my message so quickly. I’m really excited how much my designer jewelry is worth. I think about selling some pieces, so due to that I think it’s wise to know the value before starting selling activities.

Maria: Hi Hillary! Nice to hear from you. Yes, absolutely. I agree entirely. It’s very important to know the value of the jewelry you want to sell. Only by knowing the true value, you are perfectly prepared to find an adequate buyer. Knowing the value gives you the possibility to compare different buyers by the price offers they’ll make you. Nothing else is so convincing then a high price for your jewelry. Please give me more relevant information on the designer jewelry you’re considering to sell.

Hillary: Of course, with pleasure. First I have a gold ring from David Yurman. It’s a gold ring with a pearl and diamonds. I’ve just send you a photo of this beautiful ring. The ring has only minor signs of usage. When I remember correctly, then the ring has a size of 7.5. I’m pretty sure it’s an 18 karat gold ring. What do you think about this David Yurman ring?

Maria: This is a really beautiful ring, stunning. I know this ring very well. It’s a David Yurman pearl crossover ring with diamonds. It is made of 18 karat gold, split shank, and is set with pavé diamonds which should have a total carat weight of 0.16. The pearl that has a diameter of circa 10 mm is a white cultured freshwater pearl, which is naturally hued. In my opinion this is a truly beautiful ring, very elegant and timeless.

Hillary: Yeah I know, it’s a nice ring. I think I paid $4,000 for this jewel. What is the price I can get for this designer ring when I sell it?

Maria: The bad news is that you can’t count with such a high resale value than the retail price was. The price difference between brand new jewelry and pre-owned jewelry is in most cases enormous, even if the jewelry is in mint condition. Well, this does not apply to very old jewelry with a history from high-end jewelry brands like Harry Winston, Cartier, or Van Cleef and Arpels for example but it applies to a ring like yours from David Yurman. I know that your ring currently retails for $4,500.

Hillary: Yes, you’re right. That’s the price I’ve paid for the ring. I bought this ring just some months ago but I’m in serious financial troubles, what forces me to sell parts of my jewelry collection. What do you think, how much is designer jewelry like this David Yurman gold ring worth?

Maria: I would estimate a fair market value of $2,500-$3,000 for this ring. Of course, this is by far a lower price than the original price was but you have to consider a devaluation for pre-owned jewelry of that kind.

Hillary: I know Maria, that’s the very frustrating part on selling jewelry. But I think your value estimation is not that bad, on the whole I’m satisfied with this price. My second designer jewelry piece that I would like to present you is something special for me. It’s a Cartier diamond bracelet I’ve inherited from my first husband. It’s a dazzling piece, lavishly set with the finest diamonds you can imagine. I think it’s very, very valuable but I don’t know how much this piece of designer jewelry is worth. What do you think about my Cartier diamond bracelet? I hope you can clearly see the details on the photos I’ve sent you.

Maria: Yes, thank you. The quality of your photos is very good. But to make a proper value estimation from afar I need more detailed information to this bracelet. Can you please tell me if your Cartier bracelet was made of platinum or white gold? I tend to white gold but I’m pretty sure this type of bracelet was also produced in platinum. Do you have a certificate or any other information like a diamond report available which would give me more information about the diamonds and their carat weight? And finally it would be helpful for me to know the weight and the dimensions of your Cartier diamond bracelet. Thank you very much Hillary for your cooperation but to make a really precise value estimation all this information is essential. I appreciate your help.

Hillary: Of course, I understand. The bad news is that I don’t have a diamond report but Cartier has enclosed a certification that says my bracelet is made of 18 K white gold, has a length of 7 1/2 “, and the diamonds in my bracelet have a total weight of 3.00 carats. In addition to that it has a clasp closure and all maker’s marks. There is no detailed report describing the quality of the diamonds. I’m sorry for that.

Maria: Thank you very much Hillary. You are a great help for my value estimation. I know this type of Cartier bracelet very well. It’s a “Maillon Panthère” bracelet from Cartier. A very beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry. Very classic, very nice. What about the condition? Do you also have the original Cartier box of this bracelet?

Hillary: Yes I still have the original box. Well, I have worn this bracelet very often but I took great care. I won’t say it’s in mint condition because it has here and there minor signs of usage, but generally it’s in very good condition, almost mint.

Maria: Ok, I understand. On basis of the given information, I would estimate a market value of circa $15,000 for your Cartier Maillon Panthère gold and diamond bracelet. Are you satisfied with the value estimation of your Cartier bracelet? Is this the price you have expect?

Hillary: Not bad at all. Yes, this is the price I have expected, more or less. So if I would sell my two designer pieces, I could get around $17,500. That’s an amount of money that helps me over my difficulties. Thank you for your estimation Maria. Now I better know how much is designer jewelry worth. What if my Cartier diamond bracelet would not be made from Cartier? What would be the price then?

Maria: That’s hard to say but I think around $7,000 maybe. Cartier is one of the most important jewelry designers and manufacturers in the world. It’s a company with a great history that stands for pure luxury and elegance. Therefore it’s hardly surprising that also pre-owned Cartier jewelry can be sold to tremendously high prices. Especially your bracelet is a very popular piece. The Panthère collection is sought after from many, many jewelry collectors as well as Cartier admirers.

Hillary: I agree to your position. The last piece I would like to present you today is a fancy ring, one of my favorite pieces. I would love to keep it but my personal situation forces me to sell some of my personal things. It’s not only jewelry I have to sell but, anyway. I would like to present you my Tiffany Schlumberger diamond ring. This ring I’ve inherited from my grandmother. Unfortunately I can’t give you any background information relating to this designer ring because I got it as it is. There is no bill of sales, no box, and no diamond report available. Due to that I’m unable to indicate a carat weight. Have you ever seen this ring before?

Maria: I feel very sorry for your situation Hillary. I hope your difficulties can be solved very soon. Every day we are confronted with personal destinies and sometimes they really break my heart. I do my very best to help you with a great appraisal. Knowing what you own is the quintessence of a profitable sale. An appraisal saves you a lot against losing much money. Sorry for losing the thread. Back to your Tiffany Schlumberger diamond ring. I know this ring, if I’m correct, I have recently seen this jewel at an auction of a renowned auction house in New York. I love the Jean Schlumberger pieces of Tiffany. They have a truly beautiful design, very coltish and fanciful. The bad news is that a value estimation of diamond jewelry from afar is very, very difficult without knowing the diamond quality. So please be aware that my estimated price is very vague and also orientated on compared values.

Hillary: I can absolutely understand what you mean. That’s fine for me. The only thing I can confirm is the material. My Tiffany Schlumberger diamond ring is made of platinum.

Maria: Thank you Hillary, that helps me a tiny bit. This is what I thought. It’s a platinum mounted ring, lavishly set with a circular-cut diamond as centerpiece, surrounded by several circular-cut diamonds in an overlapping and bifurcate design variation. A wonderful piece! Especially the centerpiece-diamond is overwhelming. Without knowing anything about the diamonds, such as carat weight, color, or clarity, I can only estimate the value on basis of a recent auction result as reference value. So I would set the value in the price range of $15,000-$20,000 for your Tiffany Schlumberger diamond ring. Maybe if the diamond quality is very good, you can get a bit more, around $22,000.

Hillary: Wow, that’s a fair amount of money I think so. I’m positively surprised. Thank you very much for your professional, and informative appraisal. You have answered my question “how much is designer jewelry” perfectly. I love the way how you explain things and how you involve the clients in the appraisal process.

Maria: Thank you for your friendly words. I’m happy if I could help you. If you want to sell your jewelry pieces then I can guide you through the entire sales process, you will see, we make a very good job, not only concerning the appraisals. The deal can be closed very fast so that you have your needed money very soon.

Hillary: Thank you Maria! I’ve already spoken with Susan, your customer rep, tomorrow my jewelry will be picked up and shipped to your company.

Maria: Thank you very much for your trust in us! As soon as your jewelry has arrived in our laboratory and the detailed analysis is finished, I will give you a call and send you a detailed appraisal report. It was a pleasure talking with you.

Hillary: Thanks Maria, the pleasure was mine.