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Pink natural sapphire and diamond braceletWelcome on our website! You’ve probably found us because you haven’t been lucky to sell your expensive jewelry with a buyer in your community or hometown. Maybe the offered price was low or the dealers behaved unfriendly, rude or dismissive. This is nothing new for our editorial team and appraisers because the second hand dealer industry isn’t a place of consumer friendly attitudes. Officials and consumer protecting media release constantly warnings about selling lures. People inherit expensive jewelry or they get it in the course of a break-up. When people plan to sell expensive jewelry, their first obvious idea is selling with a local buyer. They hunt out to various buying locations they have seen in the past, motivated and thrilled from the idea of getting extra cash. But what most sellers undergo is more a nightmare than an exciting experience. They are maybe confronted with buyers having no idea about the present value, dealer’s badmouthing expensive jewelry or folks convinced from the idea that your precious items have to be melted down. As you set out of your home with the idea to sell your expensive jewelry, you probably would have never considered that you end up again at home, still owning the merchandise you wanted to sell, and still with no cash in hand. But you couldn’t agree to the offered deals, because the prices were not acceptable. What you need now is a very skilled and honest jewelry buyer with the ability to serve you with a high price and professional knowledge. is such a great place. We are known for our sound advice, our reliability and honesty.

Sell expensive jewelry of all brands with us

Our panel of experts is familiar with any kind of expensive jewelry. Many Americans think of brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Graff, Harry Winston, Chopard, Piaget, Bvlgari or Van Cleef & Arpels when they talk about expensive jewelry. It’s doubtless, that these are amazing brands with a long lasting history but expensive jewelry can be made even from unknown designers who probably didn’t leave a significant imprint on their crafted jewelry. Sometimes it’s not possible to assign a piece of jewelry to a designer or brand, but it’s possible to determine the value professionally. Precious metals, rare gemstones or an elaborate handicraft are decisive factors for expensive prices as well.

Let’s talk about precious gems and materials

A fancy yellow diamond braceletDiamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are Americans’ first choice gemstones. Expensive jewelry with such mounted gemstones is sought after from buyers all over the US since more than a century. A gemstone is an eye catcher and sometimes from greater interest than the manufacturer, the material, the motif, the theme, the technique or the time when it was created. A single gemstone can make a piece of jewelry extremely expensive. Probably you own very expensive gemstone jewelry you plan to sell and maybe you don’t know where to sell it. You aren’t the first consumer in need of some help. Amalia from Los Angeles, asked our appraiser Maria Tait, where to sell expensive jewelry? And she is by far not the only person in the US without knowing a reliable address for selling. Consider that Amalia lives in Los Angeles, a place with an urban area of approx. 12 million residents, and she couldn’t find a buyer in her neighborhood for her expensive jewelry. In Los Angeles are tons of buyers but picking the consumer friendly one is a difficult challenge. Finally, she decided to sell her expensive jewelry online. It’s a hassle-free selling process with the guarantee that a highly motivated team of experts evaluates the jewelry. Americans discovered as their new place to sell jewelry.

We love expensive gemstone jewelry – sell with the passionate buyer

Burma ruby and diamond ringA stunning looking gemstone is more than only a valuable stone. A gemstone can affect the value of an article of jewelry significantly, especially in combination with designer jewelry. Even small diamonds can raise the value of a ring or a necklace tremendously. A bunch of very small diamonds can be worth in loose form only a couple of hundred dollars, but mounted in a Cartier or Bvlgari ring, thousands of dollars. You can sell a Cartier ring with us and also any other kind of designer jewelry with the guarantee that offers the highest prices. Moreover a customer is king and regardless of where you live, selling expensive jewelry is most convenient when you  mail-in your jewelry.

Cartier, Tiffany, Bvlgari, Van Cleef & Arpels or even Harry Winston jewelry can be named very valuable and expensive. Especially Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry is very expensive and sought after from jewelry collectors all over the world. It’s a French jewelry company, founded at the beginning of the 20th century from the three siblings Charles, Julien and Louis Arpels and their brother-in-law Alfred van Cleef. All 4 founders had a jewelry-industry background, also their descendants. Van Cleef & Arpels is only one example of nmany others of premium fine jewelers creating very expensive and unique jewelry but even unbranded jewelry can be very expensive. When you ponder to sell expensive jewelry, a dealer with a wide-spread knowledge and experience is what you need. Our company for example is best known for all qualifications needed to determine and buy expensive jewelry. Moreover we see our company as a jewelry-researcher with the assignment to detect jewelry from historical interest. Your possession is in best hands. It’s part of our daily routine to deal with very expensive pieces. Recently our experts have handled a monogram pendant made in the 15th century, an Italian gold amulet with corals from the 16th century, a Swedish gold pendant bracelet shaped as a coin and made in the 10th or 11th century and even a Scottish gold brooch made in the 18th century belonging to the family of Charles XV of Sweden. What we do when it comes to sell expensive jewelry is that we spend a lot of time to make an extensive research of your offered articles. We try to find out more information about the designer or the provenience, when we realize that your offered merchandise is very old or made of very valuable materials. We take our assignment very serious and we are always endeavored to find rare jewelry. It’s good for our customers and great for our reputation. is the first place to sell expensive jewelry.

Make the deal online: sell expensive jewelry online

More and more people begin to understand that jewelers and buyers in their communities or hometowns aren’t the very best option where to sell expensive jewelry, gems, watches or other assets. Local dealers need to make a high margin to cover their costs. Online buyers however attract sellers with sound advice and high prices. But beware because also the online buying industry doesn’t solely exist of reliable dealers. is second to none an example for reliability and honesty. Get started to make an awesome experience and sell your expensive jewelry online.

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