Sell Buffalo Gold Coin

Sell Buffalo gold coin

Sell Buffalo gold coins with reDollar the best buyer for gold coins. Buffalo gold coins are a classic investment gold bullion coin since 2006 when this great gold coins were first offered for sale by the United States mint in West Point. Gold Buffalo coins are made of precious 24 karat gold and have been issued as 1 oz American Buffalo gold coin or ½ oz gold coin, ¼ oz gold coin and as 1/10 oz gold coin. The proof version of the Buffalo gold coin shows the mint mark “W” on the obverse of the coin. W stands for the West Point mint in New York where the Buffalo gold coin is being struck.

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Gold will be traded in troy ounces of fine gold. Check the latest stock market prices for an ounce of gold and soon you will find out the real value of your 1 oz American Buffalo gold coin. Below you can find actual prices for Gold Buffalos with face values of $5 (1/10 oz), $10 (1/4 oz), $25 (1/2 oz) and $50 (1 oz).

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American Buffalo 24 karat bullion coin obverse and reverse

American Gold Buffalo $50
In 2006 when the 24 karat gold American Buffalo was introduced by the US Mint it became a very famous bullion gold coin for private investors and a very competitive bullion coin to the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin. If you would like to sell American Buffalo coins because you would like to change your portfolio or you would like to get liquid funds for whatever reason, then sell gold Buffalos with us, the best buyer in our industry. We pay you 95% of the stock market value for your American Buffalo gold coins. Sell American gold Buffalo coins solely with a reliable buyer who has the financial resources to offer you the most attractive prices. Bear in mind that a reliable gold buyer should not deduct more than 10% for his margin so at least you should get paid $2152.63. We pay you $2272.23 for your 1 oz American Buffalo gold coin.

$50 1 oz American Gold Buffalo

$50 American Gold Buffalo

Metal: Gold
Purity: .999
Value: $2389.42
Sell for: $2272.23

$25 1/2 oz American Gold Buffalo

$25 American Buffalo Gold Coin

Metal: Gold
Purity: .999
Value: $1194.71
Sell for: $1136.11

$10 1/4 oz American Gold Buffalo

1/4 oz American Buffalo gold coin

Metal: Gold
Purity: .999
Value: $597.36
Sell for: $568.06

$5 1/10 oz American Gold Buffalo

$5 American Gold BuffaloMetal: Gold
Purity: .999
Value: $238.94
Sell for: $227.22

Sell Buffalo gold coins to top conditions

1 oz Gold Buffalo performance from 1999-2017Sell Buffalo gold coins only to top conditions. reDollar is not only offering the best prices for your Buffalo gold coins, we are also offering you the best payment solutions and a customer service that is one of a kind. Sell with us by starting now! We provide you a free shipping label from UPS Parcel Pro, the high value shipping division of UPS. With UPS Parcel Pro your package is fully insured and protected when you send your gold coins to us. On the same day when we receive your package our highly experienced experts and certified professionals check and appraise your American Buffalos in our laboratory and we make you an immediate offer on the same day. Agree and get paid instantly via direct deposit, check, PayPal, money order or wire transfer. We have the financial power to handle also big volumes and large sums of money. Send American Buffalo gold coins worth some ten or hundred thousands of dollars, we can make it! Contact us for more information.

The 24 karat American Gold Buffalo

The issue of the American Gold Buffalo gold coin on June 22, 2006 was America’s answer to the high popularity of the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin and other foreign 24 karat gold bullion coins. Coin collectors and investors preferred gold coins with a purity of 99.99% over the American Eagle with a purity of only 91.67% so the US mint saw an urgent need for action. According to American manners a quick solution was born – the proud American Gold Buffalo.

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The Design of the Gold Buffalo

The design of the American Gold Buffalo coin is a modified version of James Earle Fraser’s design for the Indian Head nickel coin. The observe, in other words the front of the Gold Buffalo shows a Native American. The depiction of the Native American is not a specific person, it’s a mixture of three leading American Indian tribes Two Moons (Cheyenne), Big Tree (Kiowa) and Iron Trail (Oglala Takota). Also the Letter F for Fraser, the motto “Liberty” and the year of mintage can be found on the obverse of the Gold Buffalo. The reverse side shows an American bison, the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM above the buffalo’s back, the respective face value, the gold purity as .999 and the motto IN GOD WE TRUST.

There are also recreated gold plated Buffalo coins in circulation. This coins were sold on TV for $19.95 from a private company but have nothing to do with the original American Gold Buffalo minted from the United States mint. This recreated gold coins reflect almost no materialistic value.

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