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Sell coin Collection – Sell Coin for Cash

We have heard about so many reasons why people would like to sell a coin collection: heritages, divorces or simply a changed interested about coins. Some people also sell due to a fruitful price situation. But whatever strives you knowing that our company is well respected for paying highest price for single coins or coin collections while having an extremely fair philosophy when it comes to treat customers is always good to know. You can sell a whole coin collection without even knowing something about its value because our experts will check every coin for you.


And remember, is not a dubious next-corner buyer of “kind of everything” or a pawn shop with a bad reputation. is a FinTech Startup company attacking the completion with the very best services accompanied from paying highest possible prices for your valuables.

sell coin for cash: hundred dollar bills

How we treat your coin collection

If you ever visited a pawn shop you probably know how those guys work: quick look at your coins, a scratch here or there to check if it was plated and the question how much money you are expecting to get. We think that’s not how it works to sell a coin for cash. But there is better service available: working in a clean laboratory using high-tech equipment to determine the value of your coins.

We Buy Any Coins & Whole Collections

collection of sterling silver coins from UK

Did you know that we are able and willing to buy any coins for cash? You can sell any coin collections to us – individuals, businesses or attorneys are welcomed to offer coins. For attorneys it is interesting to learn that we provide free-evaluation even when there is no intention to finally sell. We just name it customer service. is known to work at “gold standard” when it comes to sell a coin collection. You won’t find a more efficient buyer for coins.

Krugerrand Coin Collection (6x)

6 South African Krugerrand gold coins in collection

Metal: gold
Purity: 22 karat gold
Sell for: $13544.75

200 Silver Coins

silver coin collection from the United Kingdom

Metal: silver
Purity: .900 and .925 silver
Sell for: $3460.52

16 Sovereign Gold Coins

Metal: gold
Purity: 22 karat gold
Sell for: $8497.91

16 Gold Coins, 50 Pence UK/strong>

UK, 50 Pence gold coins in limited edition collection

Metal: gold
Purity: 22 karat gold
Sell for: $16217.65

Sell coin collections or single coins for cash

Many buyers differ between a customer selling a whole coin collection and a customer selling just a single coin. We don’t do that because we believe that every sellers deserves the same treatment and the same high purchase prices. Plus, if a buyer doesn’t value a single coin how can he deserve the honor in handling a whole coin collection?

What are you expecting about a good business deal? Very likely things like accuracy, honesty and fast handling? Of course you’ll also get paid proper. But frankly, it’s hard to find a place where you can sell a coin collection for those expectations.

But now, thanks to the internet, you can search for a coin buyer nationwide and this is what you did because you found reDollar. With us selling is easy and independently where you live you just mail in your coins to us. Shipping is insured up to $100,000 because we work with Parcel Pro what is the High Value Shipping Division of UPS. Every step is monitored and recorded – from the beginning on. With every step we take, we shoot you an email – immediately. You will be amazed about how our company is handling your coin transaction.

Don’t auction your coin collection

Did you know that many people believe that auctioning coins is the most fruitful way to sell it? But did you also know that selling fees between 10% and 35% apply? Plus, some companies even charge you so called-marketing costs – up to $300 per piece. Those costs cover things like catalog printings or photo costs.

US silver coins and auction hammer

Now, imagine you plan to sell a whole coin collection. Let’s assume worth $5,000. You end up paying selling fees between $500 and $1,500. That is a lot of money. And even if you sell a single coin, it’s usually not worth to auction it because reDollar pays you more. There is just one exception where auctioning a coin makes sense: if you own a single coin, extremely rare, extremely sought-after collectors and worth at least a brand new truck.

We get you a detailed report

You just learned before that auctioning a coin collection isn’t as fruitful as you probably thought. And you also learned that is offering the best deals for coins. With us, you can sell a coin for cash getting paid 95% of its real value. That’s the best possible deal.

value report for coin collection

When you are dealing with reDollar, you get a written report showing how much money we pay and explaining how we came to the offered price. We’ll list every single coin-position making it possible to understand the value in every single coin. The report is also very useful if you sell an inherited coin collection and you probably have to share the proceeds with a second party.

RECOMMENDATION: Don’t sell your coin collection right away to the next pawn shop without asking us how much we pay! Under no circumstances!

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