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Sell Mexican Coins – Sell Mexican Pesos

You can sell any Mexican coins to our company: silver coins or gold coins – we buy both and we guarantee to pay the highest possible price. We also buy Mexican rounds or medals of any age and in any condition. With you found the perfect buyer for your coins. Numismatic collectors: please also offer your coins to us, we also buy coins worth more than the material value and we pay very good prices as well.

If you sell Mexican coins with reDollar, you have the guarantee that coin experts determine the value of your items. We don’t only look for the material value. We sort the value of your Mexican coins according to either the material value or the collector’s value. We would never ever melt down an interesting Mexican coin.

Mexican Libertad Coin Currency Chart

We treat your Mexican coins with the most respect: reDollar is proud to differ extremely from pawn shops or gold buying operations. is very professional organized and our experts work in a clean and very well equipped lab. We would never ever scratch or file your Mexican coins to determine the purity like the next door pawn shop would do.

We buy any Mexican Coins

Mexican silver Libertad coin tested with ultrasonic

We use X-Ray machines, a density measuring system and an ultrasonic device to check your Mexican coins. Without any damage on your coins, we are even able to detect a tungsten core. Dealing with us mean dealing with a company organized like a bank – your valuables deserve it.

Mexican Libertad Gold Coin

1 troy ounce Mexican Gold Libertad

Sell 1 oz coin: $2257.46
Sell 1/2 oz coin: $1128.73
Sell 1/4 oz coin: $564.00
Sell 1/10 oz coin: $225.75

Mexico Libertad Silver Coin

1 troy ounce Mexican silver Libertad coin

Sell 1 oz coin: $29.21
Sell 2 oz coin: $58.42
Sell 5 oz coin: $146.06
Sell 1 kg coin: $939.28

Mexico, 8 Reals 1739

8 Reals Mexican silver coin

Metal: Silver
Year: 1739
Value: $200
Sell for: up to $170

Mexico, Philip V, 8 Reals

damaged Mexican silver coin, 8 Reals

Metal: Silver
Year: /
Value: $60
Sell for: up to $45

Mexican Coin Ring

10K gold ring with Mexican gold coin

Metal: gold
Purity: 10K gold
Value: $630.36
Sell for: $567.89

Mexican Coin Bowl

Sterling silver bowl with Mexican silver coin bottom

Metal: Silver
Purity: .925 silver
Value: $165.94
Sell for: $149.49

Sell Mexican Coins, Sell Mexican Pesos Coins

The first and most important thing for you as a seller of Mexican coins is the guarantee to get paid the highest possible price besides getting paid instantly. can ensure both – the payment of the highest possible price performed immediately without any delays. Do fit the needs of almost any customer, we offer besides a check payment also PayPal payment, money order, wire transfer or direct deposit. With the solution of sending a money order we also fulfill the demand of getting paid without involving a bank account.

Sell your Mexican coins to reDollar and save high selling fees in comparison to auctions. Usually, auction houses charge between 10% and 35% in fees for auctioning your coins. And we also warn you to make deals with local pawn shops. Regularly, we get informed about their cruel business practices. Recently, an appraiser reported that the pawn shops he knows pay only between 40% and 65% of a coins real value.

Use your common sense before you make a deal. Compare buyers and check how professional they work. Do they have coin equipment in use? Are they able to perform a test without scratching your coins? Are they willing to talk purchase prices UP FRONT? There are many ways to find out easily if the place you are about to sell Mexican coins is ether reliable or unreliable.

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Sell 50 Pesos Gold Coin

Some Historical Information about Mexico & its Pesos

The Pesos coin was installed at the time of the First Mexican Empire between 1821 and 1823. 1 Pesos equaled 8 Reales or 96 Granos (272 Maravedises). We differ between 6 important time-periods if we speak about Mexican coins:

  • Augustin I (1822 – 1823)
  • Mexican Republic (1823 – 1863)
  • Mexican Empire (1864 – 1867)
  • Maximilian’s Mexican Republic (1867 – 1905)
  • United Mexican States (since 1905)

Did you know that the “Centenario Coin” belongs to the oldest known bullion coins? The Centenario gold coins were minted from the “Casa de Monedo de Mexico” between 1921 and 1949. It was first released in .900 gold to celebrate 100 years of independence.

Mexican Rulers

Philip III from 1598 to 1621
Philip IV from 1621 to 1665
Charles from 1665 to 1700
Philip V from 1700 to 1746
Luis I from 1724 to 1746
Ferdinand VI from 1746 to 1759
Charles III from 1760 to 1788
Charles IV from 1788 to 1808

Mexican Mint Markings

Mo, Mxo – is the mint mark of the Mexico City mint

Research help for ancient Mexican coins

G > Geronimo Becerra (1666 – 1677)

L > Martin Lopez (1677 – 1705 and 1678 – 1703))

J > Jose E. de Leon (1708 – 1723)

R > Nicolas de Roxas (1729 – 1730)

F > Felipe Rivas de Angulo (1730 – 1733)

F > Francisco de la Pena (1733 – 1784)

M > Manuel de la Pena (1733 – 1763)

M > Manuel Assorin (1754 – 1770)

F > Francisco de Rivera (1762 – 1770)

M > Manuel de Rivera (1770 – 1777)

F > Francisco Arance Cobos (1777 – 1803)

M > Mariano Rodriquez (1784 – 1801)

T > Tomas Butron Miranda (1801 – 1810)

H > Henrique Buenaventura Azorin (1803 – 1814)

J > Joaquin Davila Madrid (1809 – 1833)

J > Jose Garcia Ansaldo (1812 – 1833)

More information about Mexican coins: Sell Mexican Gold Coins – Sell Mexican Silver Coins

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