Today’s 750 18K Gold Price per Gram & Ounce

In the US, 18k 750 gold is widely regarded as a top-quality gold alloy. This type of gold is commonly used for luxurious jewelry and heavy bracelets. However, this was not always the case as the cost of gold used to be much lower in the past. Looking back at the last century, numerous pieces, such as plain wedding bands, were crafted from 18K gold because it was seen as a durable yet affordable option. Today’s price for one gram of 18k gold is exactly $50.63 or $1574.62/ounce, while it was approx. 86 cents (!) in 1970 or even 49 cents (!) in 1900.

Of course, one must take into account inflation and purchasing power, but even then, gold used to be a highly affordable metal.

In addition to the US, 750 18k gold is highly sought after in countries such as Italy, Turkey, Spain, and various countries in Asia and the Middle East. These countries are often referred to as “gold countries” due to their strong historical affinity for gold, and they tend to prefer gold of higher purity levels such as 18k, 19k, 20k, 21k, 22k, and even 24k.

18k 750 Gold Price per Gram & Ounce

The standard practice in the jewelry industry is to measure the weight of gold jewelry in either grams or ounces. While certain states may be more accustomed to using grams, others prefer to use ounces when appraising 18k gold jewelry. It is generally straightforward to determine the gold value, as most items are priced based on their weight. However, the pricing of fine or designer jewelry will vary, as it involves considering multiple factors.

It is highly likely that your 18k gold will be valued based on its weight. Utilizing our price list for a home evaluation can be very beneficial. We have made it convenient for you by including prices in both grams and ounces.

Price per GramPrice per Ounce
18k 750 yellow gold$50.63$1574.62
18k 750 white gold$50.63$1574.62

How to determine the 18K gold price in the US?

As previously mentioned, 18k 750 gold is classified as a high-quality gold alloy. The 750 stamp found next to the 18k marking on your jewelry indicates that 750 out of 1000 parts of your item are made of pure gold (also known as 999 or 24k gold), making it one of the purest forms of gold created by humans. The remaining 25% consists of other metals, such as silver, copper, or zinc, which are added to the alloy.

In the United States and Asia, the majority of items are labeled as 18k, while those produced in Italy or Spain are typically marked as 750. If the jewelry was made in Spain or Italy, but was meant to be sold in the US, it will bear both markings, sometimes together and sometimes in separate locations on the item. A 750 marking also serves as a reliable indication that the item is made of 18k gold. It is uncommon for fake gold items to be marked as 18k, making it a reliable quality indicator.

Pictured below, you can see three items marked 750 or 18k. All three items are reflecting the same price per gram/ounce as it’s nothing but a different way of stamping. All items equal 75% pure gold.

750 and 18k gold marking on a ring, bangle, and bracelet

Let’s price 18K gold to get an idea about the value!

Many consumers are currently searching for the current price of 18k 750 gold. This may be due to their intention to sell gold, assess its value for an estate or divorce, or obtain insurance coverage. Regardless of your reason, reDollar is available to assist you and aid in your understanding of the pricing calculations.

Be your own appraiser – it’s really easy to price gold at home.

And this is how it works:

To determine the price of your 18k gold jewelry, all you need is to have knowledge of the current gold price and the weight of the item in question.

Current gold price (per gram) x weight of your item = value

It is a simple and uncomplicated mathematical problem that anyone can solve. Do not be swayed into thinking that it requires hiring a costly appraiser. You could end up paying over $100 for a task that can easily be completed from the convenience of your own home.

Some Price Examples

18K Yellow Gold Ring
Today’s Price: $899.71
(weight 17.77 grams)

Men's yellow gold ring with horse and rider

18K Yellow Gold Bracelet
Today’s Price: $2239.91
(weight 44.24 grams)


Unisex 18k yellow gold woven bracelet

18K Yellow Gold Necklace Set
Today’s Price: $10756.02
(weight 212.44 grams)

Italian 18k yellow gold necklace and earring set

18K Yellow Gold Pendant
Today’s Price: $1136.16
(weight 22.44 grams)

Early 1900s enamel and 18k gold pendant

18K Gold Class Ring
Today’s Price: $872.37
(weight 17.23 grams)

18k yellow gold and garnet university class ring

18K Yellow Gold Watch
Today’s Price: $3974.52
(weight 78.5 grams)

18k 750 yellow gold Omega watch made in Switzerland

Please refer to the given price example for guidance. Keep in mind that the weight of your own item may differ from the ones shown in the pictures. It is highly beneficial to take some time to accurately price your gold jewelry. If you do not have a scale, we offer a reliable scale for only $5. We are also willing to refund your money if you sell your jewelry with us.

We strongly believe in the importance of an educated customer. Not only is education an enjoyable and stimulating experience, it can also lead to a significantly increased payout for your valuable assets. Just as in many aspects of life, acquiring knowledge is essential for achieving success.

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