From gold over platinum to palladium: what metals can be found in a gold crown?

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What metals are in a gold crown?

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Usually either folks about to get a gold crown installed or folks in possession of gold crowns with plans made to sell it wonder what metals are in a gold crown. While some want to understand for what they have to pay for others strive to gather knowledge about their crowns value. The bad news is that it’s not possible to answer the question generally but good news is that it’s possible to get you educated about this exciting topic.

Some surprising information upfront making it easier to understand the crown-thing

  • In a yellow-colored gold crown can be found up to 80% pure gold.
  • In a yellow-colored gold crown can be found as much palladium as gold.
  • In a yellow-colored gold crown can be found silver, platinum and palladium besides gold.
  • In a yellow-colored gold crown can be found more silver than gold.
  • In a yellow-colored crown can be even found NO gold.

What metals are in a gold crown?

We displayed an alloy-table for those who want very specific gold-crown information. We listed the most common alloys but by far not all existing crown-alloys.

More About Gold Crowns

Almost 67 tons of gold were consumed for dentures every year in the 1980s and 1990s but only between 19 tons and 20 tons per year the last years what is a significant drop of gold used for artificial teeth. One reason is the trend to bright and white teeth and the fact that ceramic crowns last much much longer than 10 years ago. From the medical point of view, gold is just perfect for dentures because it’s hard enough to withstand even strong chewing-pressure while it’s soft enough to no cause damage to its neighbor-teeth. More over gold doesn’t cause adverse reactions and lasts extremely long. In short, gold is the perfect metal for crowns, inlays and other dentures.

Gold Crown Compositions

High-Gold Alloyyellow82%0%16%0%
High-Gold Alloyyellow85%0%12%0%
High-Gold Alloyyellow85%0%11%0%
High-Gold Alloyyellow84%0%13%0%
High-Gold Alloylight yellow84%0%8%5%
High-Gold Alloylight yellow79%0%11%6%
High-Gold Alloywhite80%0%4%14%
Gold-Reduced-Alloylight yellow58%25%0%13%
Gold-Reduced-Alloylight yellow38%36%0%17%
Gold-Reduced-Alloylight yellow33%43%1%15%

Questions About Gold Crowns?

Our crown-experts look forward to answer your questions.

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