Dental scrap refining – we offer a precise assessment

Dealing with precious metals from dentures needs besides experience and expert knowledge a very well equipped laboratory with special smelting furnaces. We know many dental gold refineries only paying for the main-metal. We think that’s not acceptable and offer the payment of at least 2 precious metals if they are present in your dental scrap. Think about dental gold compositions created of approx. 50% pure gold, approx. 30% pure palladium and approx. 18% pure silver. Probably you actually work with a dental gold refinery, paying only for the gold in such a composition. is able to offer more money for your materials because we are the highly skilled dental gold experts. We revealed costly faked dental gold material made of real teeth, in the past. We are able to distinguish between valuable dental gold material and base metal alloys. Our laboratory stuff rasps the surface of a significant amount of delivered teeth and other remains to make a quick test before your dental scrap gets melted. We do this to ensure that we melt solely articles with a considerable content of precious metals. If you are a dealer, be aware that we realize a fast rising amount of counterfeited dental works, coming from South American countries like Mexico or Venezuela. Especially small businesses can get into serious troubles buying faked dental scrap.

reDollar – a dental gold refinery with excellent support for your business

We don’t only offer a perfect assay for your dental scrap because our customer service isn’t limited to melting, checking and mailing a check. We help our clients to understand the materials they buy and to recognize if something fraudulent is going to happen. We skill you with our knowledge and we email you warnings about recently released warnings about dental scrap scammers and their technologies. Sometimes, very ordinary methods can help to check dental scrap. Even a strong magnet can be helpful to understand what’s inside the denture remains. We see our support as a free service to build a long-term relationship with dealers, individuals, dentists or laboratories. is a powerful partner when it comes to sell dental gold.

Prepare your articles for the dental scrap refining process

Some dealers and even dentists prefer to prepare their dental gold for the refining process. They remove cement, base metals or ceramic to achieve a melting result with a minor loss of weight. It’s smart to provide very clean material but it’s not a must. And dear guys, the preparing process you run is disgusting and even time-consuming. Please consider that it needs a lot of experience to separate the valuable metals from the rest. We know clients which have been done grave separating mistakes over months. They even separated gold containing parts and probably lost a considerable amount of cash by doing so. Sometimes less is more and is known for the very best melting and assaying results.

After melting your dental scrap and casting to an ingot, we drill the homogenous mass several times to get some gold chips. These gold chips undergo a XRF-determination process and depending on the quantity probably also a chemical-determination. We want to ensure that you really get paid what you expect and what’s hidden in your provided material. The whole process will be documented to share a detailed report with you. You can see how many pennyweights or grams you’ve provided and you see the exact composition of the containing metals in the analysis report. At the end you get paid for all containing precious metals present, a significant amount. There are no deductions for the assaying process because we don’t charge you neither for the melting nor for the determination. You can communicate with our personal customer satisfaction manager anytime you want. Above that you can also affect the refining process for special requirements like separating the materials to get single reports for your different branches or employees for example.

I’m a dentist with small quantities of dental gold- do I qualify? is happy to accept small quantities of dental gold from dentists, dealers or individuals. A fistful of teeth or other remains can also get melted and assayed if you want so. Normally, small amounts of dental gold don’t undergo the complex determination-process with a chemical assay because a couple of teeth, bridges, caps, dental sweeps, onlays, inlays, PFM’s or PFG’s can get checked very fast to provide you with a report in less than 10 minutes.

For dentists it’s helpful to know that we can send you a box to collect your precious remains for selling to a certain point of time. UPS or an armored car service will pick-up your box when it’s full or when you decide to sell the collected materials. We also take care for insured shipping and a careful opening-process in our laboratory. We weigh and photograph all mailings before we open the delivered boxes. During this process, a manager is on duty to observe the scene. We also document all materials before they get treated. First, we do that for your records and to provide you with a throughout documentation that shows you what has happened with your dental scrap. We also want to guarantee that not even a smallest piece of gold gets lost. Get started online to start the dental scrap refining process.

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