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18K gold per dwt Sell for $80.34
18K gold per gram Sell for $51.83
14K gold per dwt Sell for $62.67
14K gold per gram Sell for $40.43
10K gold per dwt Sell for $44.56
10K gold per gram Sell for $28.75

Gold Buyers Miami DowntownMiami is a very popular and important city in the South of Florida. Endless summer, an awesome environment and very stylish people make the city very unique. In Miami and the urban area of Miami is a lot of gold present: jewelry, watches and accessories are very popular and common. Therefore there is a huge demand for gold buyers in Miami. Some people inherited gold from their relatives and old-fashioned or damaged items are more than welcomed to be turned into cash between paychecks of hard working people. Other people sell gold in Miami because of a divorcee. It can feel liberating to sell unwanted memories and it’s better to sell the engagement ring or the wedding band instead of sinking it at the Biscayne Bay. You think we are kidding you? No, absolutely not. We know that many people get rid of their divorce-jewelry by sinking in the sea or the lake and the Biscayne Bay is a famous place for memory-recycling in Miami.

Sell gold in Miami because of cash

The third and also very important reason why people in Miami sell gold is just cash. Gold, jewelry, watches and diamonds are very simple to turn into cash and if you own something very special, you can expect a lot of money. Financial needs can be solved like 1.2.3! You should consider some very important rules, for whatever reason you are looking for gold buyers in Miami. Read our guideline carefully and avoid to get ripped off.

Get special information for special places within the urban are of Miami:

  • Gold buyers in Downtown, Miami Beach, Brickell
  • Gold buyers in the Seybold building

I’d like to sell gold in Miami: where can I find reliable gold buyers?

Finding a reliable gold buyer in Miami can be very confusing. You find hundreds of places like jewelers, pawn shops, buy and sell stores or second hand dealers where you can sell gold or jewelry. We guess that it must be at least 500 places in the whole urban area of Miami. If you read about this huge amount of cash for gold spots you think immediately that finding a reliable place will be very easy, right? Sorry, you fail. We ran a comparison of gold buyers in Miami and we found out some annoying facts:

  • It’s extremely hard to find a gold buyer in Miami, willingly to pay you a proper amount for your gold or your jewelry.
  • It’s unbelievable how common it is that Miami gold buyers try to rip you-off.
  • Don’t wonder if you get offered 300 bucks for gold worth, $1,000.
  • You lose precious time for visiting numberless places, starting in Downtown along the Dixie Highway till South. It’s not only the time. You stuck in traffic and you pay for parking just to get a fair quote for your gold.
  • Say goodbye to your idea of selling fast for top dollars.

What makes selling gold in Miami easier?

We figured out that knowledge about your property can be the key to get paid more for your gold. Nearly no gold buyer wanted to tell us a price quote for 18K scrap gold on the phone. And about 7 of 10 gold buyers were starting the sales conversation asking us how much we expect for the shown gold. But how can YOU as a private individual know how much your gold is worth? Right, you won’t be able to ask for the right amount. You ask for $1,000 and your gold is worth maybe $3,000. What do you think will the gold buyer then do? You should avoid such situations, in any case. There is just one solution for your problem: find out how much gold is worth. Determine the value of your gold before you visit gold buyers in Miami. You can do that easily by checking the gold markings that show you the karat. Step two of your examination process is weighting your gold. Use a digital kitchen scale or weight the gold in your office by using a postal scale. You can calculate the value, when you know the weight and the alloy of your gold. Use an online gold calculator to finish your calculation. Tools like that are perfect to put pressure on local gold buyers. Because of the risen gold price, many online gold buyers popped up. They promise to pay more cash for gold than local spots. Some of them really do. You should keep the online buyers in mind as an option for selling gold if you can’t find a good place in Miami.

I’m not able to run such an evaluation by myself. What can I do to negotiate with Miami gold buyers at eye level?

Well, you should never answer the question how much you want to get paid for your gold. Never let them run pressure on you. You own the gold and it’s your fully right to think about an offer. Leave the store and compare with other stores or even online buyers. After a while you will find out the truth. Don’t sell too fast. Selling gold too fast can turn out as a very bad experience.

Safe your time and make an e-mail circular if you know what you own:

You can safe precious time if you create an e-mail circular or if you call the gold buyers of your choice. Ask for the scrap gold quote if you plan to sell damaged or old-fashioned gold. A certificate of authenticity can be very helpful for selling higher priced jewelry. Attach a copy and ask for a quote. A reliable gold buyer is able to make an unbinding statement just by looking at your certification. Collect a relevant number of offers before you sell your gold in Miami.

Some cash for gold spots in Miami

Sell gold in Miami – the Seybold building

Gold buyers Seybold building MiamiMiami has a unique place for selling gold, jewelry, watches, diamonds or gemstones. It’s a special building in Downtown and named Seybold building. Ten floors and nearly 300 different stores for gold, jewelry, gems and watches are serving solutions for individuals and commercial demand. The Seybold building is the second largest building for fine jewelry in the entire of the US. You can shop around to compare the prices. We know that there are some very honest and reliable spots but it’s like everywhere: be alerted, don’t trust everybody and don’t sell to the first place. Trust us, they will observe you within the building and don’t forget that buyers are well networked. Maybe the next buyer where you are planning to sell is already awaiting you. The Seybold gold buyers are well prepared and some are also very tricky. So, expect everything. There is a reliable place on the first floor and also on the 9th floor, we know. We know that many traders are changing their buying philosophy very often, therefore we don’t want to recommend you a special gold buyer. But check out the gold buyers listing on the bottom of our guideline. We collected very interesting information for you. But please choose a buyer by yourself we don’t want to be responsible for sending you to the wrong spot.

Sell gold in Miami – Little Havana

Little Havana is a well know neighborhood of Downtown Miami. It’s home to many exile Cubans, Caribbean residents and residents from South America and Spain. Such countries are not only known for friendly and openhearted people. They are also known for being used to gold and jewelry. It’s a must and status symbol to own gold. Therefore you find lots of pawn shops, jewelers and gold buyers in Little Havana. And generally we are surprised to tell you that the average of the Little Havana gold buyers offered more money for gold than their competitors from the Seybold building in Downtown. To sell gold in Little Havana, we recommend you to speak Spanish fluently. Furthermore you should not be an anxious person. Little Havana is a lovely place where you have to take care. Especially if you enter with gold or jewelry. Don’t go there alone to sell your gold.

Sell gold in Miami’s malls

Each mall has gold buyers located: the Aventura mall, the Dolphin mall and also the Dadeland mall has cash for gold spots present. And it’s not only a business of jewelers or watch buyers. You find also some push carts selling and buying gold and jewelry. We recommend you, not to sell gold or jewelry to a push cart gold buyer. Also take care if you get a $100 bonus offered or maybe an iPod for selling gold with a special buyer. At the end, you have to pay for each gift you get. A very reliable gold buyer which is willing to offer a proper amount of money can’t afford to add a free iPod for you.

Gold buyers and pawn shops along US1 – Dixie Highway

All Miami residents know: you always stuck in Traffic on Dixie Highway. Sometimes it takes you up to an hour to drive from the Dadeland mall back to Downtown. We are sure that you know that there a many pawn shops along the Highway back to Miami. Maybe you know a special place you’d like to visit? Try your luck but don’t expect best prices. We know that many Highway gold buyers starting the evaluation asking you how much it’s worth. And you already know that this questions should alert you, if you have read our guideline carefully. But however, compare the cash for gold spots, that’s the best you can do. It costs time but it also can prevent you from losing much money.

Some Miami gold buyer locations we would like to share with you

As you learned, you can visit hundreds of places to sell gold in Miami. We picked out some places by chance. Start your comparison visiting Downtown Gold Buyers, located at 155 South Miami Avenue or LWB Gold and Jewelry Buyers, located at 36 Northeast 1st Street or alos World Jewelry Gold Watch Silver Buyer, located at 36 North Miami Avenue or Amerivest Gold, located in Miami Brickell, 701 Brickell Avenue or Parko Jewelry and Pawn, located at 1701 West Flagler Street or Raining Cash Joyeria Empenos, located at 765 Northwest 37th Avenue or Mega Gold Jewelry, located at 2346 Southwest 67th Avenue or maybe also Amerivest Gold in Coral Gables, located at 4000 Ponce De Leon Boulevard. But as we told you, there are a lot more places to sell gold in Miami. Compare the places using our listings of gold buyers. You will find one of the very honest and reliable guys, if you you’re farseeing and act not too quickly.

World Jewelry Buyers jewelry buyers 36 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128 Downtown tell us Offer for $1,000 gold: –
LWB Gold and Jewelry Buyers jewelry buyers 36 Northeast 1st Street, Miami, FL 33132 Downtown tell us Offer for $1,000 gold: – .
Downtown Gold Buyers gold buyers 155 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33130 Downtown tell us Offer for $1,000 gold: – .
Richard’s Gems & Jewelry jeweler 33 East Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33131 Downtown tell us Offer for $1,000 gold: – .
Bahamas Jeweler jeweler 36 Northeast 1st Street #536, Miami, FL 33123 Downtown tell us Offer for $1,000 gold: – .
Kirk Jewelers jeweler 142 East Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33131 Downtown tell us Offer for $1,000 gold: – .
Messina Jewelers jeweler 223 East Flagler Street #101, Miami, FL 33131 Downtown tell us Offer for $1,000 gold: – .
Morays Jewelers jeweler 50 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33132 Downtown tell us Offer for $1,000 gold: – .
Davids Diamonds & Watches 10 Northeast 1st Street, Miami, FL 33132 Downtown tell us Offer for $1,000 gold: – .

¹Value, offer and margin in dwt. ²Extrapolation on gold, worth $1,000 ³Dealer margin in percent

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