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MiamiYou look for a reliable gold buyer in Florida because you have some gold, silver, diamonds, watches, jewelry or other assets ready for selling? Now you wonder how to find a reliable dealer, right? Thousands of gold buyers are located in Florida but only a fractional part of them is reliable. The majority of these guys run their business with the ideology of making a fast profit. It’s not uncommon that gold buyers offer you only a third of the real value. We have heard frightening stories from consumers complaining about rip-off or scam. Stories about diamond rings worth thousands of dollars only evaluated for a couple of hundred dollars. Or stories about heavy, solid gold rings classified as gold-filled. Be aware when it comes to sell gold or precious metals in Florida. Especially in South Florida – gold buyers are known there for their unreliable acting. We always recommend our readers to run a local comparison of purchase prices but this can end up with heist or theft. We’ve heard stories about chased people after leaving locations like gold buyers or pawn shops. Well, maybe that’s a special thing about South Florida but watch out, even when you are located in the north of Florida. Florida is a very special market and consumers should be encouraged to take care. You could lose your assets and your levity.

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