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How much is a gold ring worth?

An average US household owns at least 5 to 10 different gold rings: a class ring, an engagement ring, a wedding band, some modern rings, inherited vintage rings from the grandparents and some gemstone rings. Sometimes a ring doesn’t fit anymore and you think about selling. Of course you’d like to know how much this ring is worth before you finally decide about selling. Our guide helps you do determine your ring’s value by yourself.

How much is a blank gold ring worth?

If your blank gold ring was not designed by a famous designer or a famous manufacturer, it will be traded for the gold value. You need just a digital scale and a magnifier to find out how much your blank gold ring is worth. You determine your gold ring’s weight using the scale and you look for the gold stamp using the magnifier. In the US, gold rings are normally marked as 14K or 18K. Only vintage gold rings or class rings are marked as 10K. You can use a gold calculator to calculate your gold ring’s value if you could find out the weight and the karat.

How much is a diamond gold ring worth?

A diamond gold ring can be very valuable. An expert calculates the value based on the diamond’s carat weight, the designer, the manufacturer, the gold alloy, other mounted gemstones and the provenience. Small gold rings with small diamonds are not very valuable. You can check your diamonds by yourself using a ruler or a caliper. Determine the diameter to find out if you have a valuable diamond.

diamond diameter (mm)diamond weight (carat)value
up to 5.2 mm0.5 caratlow value, small diamonds will be melted down
up to 6.2 mm0.85 caratfair value, your diamond has some value added to the gold value
up to 6.5 mm1.0 caratgood value, your diamond has a good value added the gold value
6.5 mm and more1.0 carat and moregreat value, your diamond has a great value depending on the clarity and the color

You can be sure that a gold ring with a mounted diamond bigger than 6.5 mm is very valuable. Take a look at the price list for a 1 carat diamond to get a first impression.

How much is a class gold ring worth?

The sentimental value is the primary value of a class ring. The “memories-value” of the original owner often tops the market value. How often have you seen people offering a lot of money for a tip to get a lost or stolen ring back? The offered amount often tops the market value. Ok, there are also very rare and valuable class rings existing but you have just an extremely little chance to own such a very rare piece. A class ring is often worth how much a special buyer or collector is willing to pay. It could take you years to find this very special person. Normally, class rings are traded by the gold value and most of the class rings are made of 10K gold or 14K gold. Keep your class ring and enjoy if you don’t need the money. It’s the better decision. If it’s not your ring or a ring with less sentimental value you can sell it for the gold value. You can calculate the value by yourself if you know the class ring’s weight and the karat. Sell a class ring only to a reliable dealer, if you really want to sell it.

How much is a broken gold ring worth?

A damaged or broken gold ring can be sold for the scrap gold price. You can determine the value of a broken gold ring by yourself if you know the weight and the karat.

How much is a vintage gold ring worth?

A vintage gold ring can be a treasure or gold-trash. Normally vintage gold rings are traded by the gold price because they are old-fashioned and not wearable anymore. Only vintage gold rings with diamonds, emeralds, rubies or other gemstones can be worth more than just the gold value. For a private individual it’s hard to find out if a vintage gold ring is more worth than the gold price. We listed some examples for you. Get in touch with an appraiser if you own such a ring and if you like to find out more. But consider that a local appraiser charges you a fee even when your vintage gold ring is not worth much money.