Let’s talk about gold rings and how much they are worth

Most Americans own at least a few different gold rings: a class ring, an engagement ring, a wedding band, antique rings from the grandparents or even some gemstone or diamond rings. You may think about selling and knowing how much your gold ring is worth is of course important to you. Our pricing guideline is easy to understand and will help to determine your ring’s value by yourself; at home and without professional help. It’s easier than you would think and works for most rings.

At a Glance – Your Ring’s Value

Most gold rings are priced by weight what makes it very easy to find out how much they are worth. You already know the weight? Here are the hard facts:

Value of a 10 karat gold ring: $28.08 per gram
Value of a 14 karat gold ring: $39.49 per gram
Value of a 18 karat gold ring: $50.63 per gram

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Finding out how much your ring is worth, works for most gold rings. Be aware that the pricing process is very different if you own a diamond ring, a designer ring or a rare ring. You may ask our appraiser for a free estimate if you own a very valuable or special ring. Factors like gemstone or diamond size and quality along with rarity and the designer play a huge role when it comes to appraise fine jewelry rings.

How much is a plain gold ring worth?

If your plain gold ring was not made by a designer or a highly sought-after manufacturer, it will most likely trade for the current gold price. You just need a digital scale and a magnifying glass to find out how much your plain gold ring is worth. Do the jewelry appraisal by yourself and determine your gold ring’s value. In the US most gold rings are marked 10k (or 416), 14k (or 585) or 18k (or 750) what makes it very easy to identify the gold quality. It’s the law to clearly mark the ring’s gold purity. If you can’t find the marking, it may be worn out or the ring was brought from overseas. In that case, finding out how much the ring is worth is getting a bit more complicated and may require a physical expert review if no purchase receipt or papers are available.

Plain Gold Rings

10k Yellow Gold Ring, 7.8 Grams
Value: $219.05

This plain gold ring is worth a decent amount of money although the ring is rather lightweight. How about your ring? Did you already weigh your ring?

14k Gold Wedding Ring
Value: $442.31

This wedding ring weighs a significant 11.2 grams what makes this ring a very valuable piece of jewelry. Check the weight of your ring!

18k Gold Ring from 1859
Value: at least $281.28

This is a fascinating ring and most gold buyers would buy it for the current gold price. We would award a premium for this piece of history.

How about diamonds and gemstones?

A diamond gold ring can be very valuable. An expert calculates the value based on the diamond’s carat weight, the designer, the manufacturer, the gold alloy, other mounted gemstones and the provenience. Small gold rings with small diamonds are not very valuable. You can check your diamonds by yourself using a ruler or a caliper. Determine the diameter to find out if you have a valuable diamond. The value of your gold jewelry is based on many factors from the purity over craftsmanship, design, gemstones, rarity, condition to the brand.

You can be certain that a gold ring with a mounted diamond bigger than 6.5 mm is very valuable. Take a look at the price list for a 1 carat diamond to get a first impression or visit our review our complete diamond price list.

Diamond Diameter (mm)Diamond Weight (carat)Value (Premium)
Up to 5.2 mm0.5 caratSome value, you’ll get a premium if your diamond is from good quality.
Up to 6.2 mm0.85 caratSome value, you’ll get a premium for your diamond.
Up to 6.5 mm1.0 caratGood value, you’ll get a significant premium for your diamond.
6.5 mm and higher1.0+ caratHigh value, you’ll get a significant premium for your diamond.

Diamond Rings

Diamond Ring, 0.77ct
Value: $900+

Diamond Ring 1.2 Carat
Value: $3,500+

3 Carat Diamond Ring
Value: $25,000+

How about class rings?

Besides the gold value, the sentimental value is the primary value of your class ring. The precious memories, attached to the time in school or at university are often priceless and some may decide to keep their class ring rather then selling it off. You may have heard about folks offering a a tip to get a lost or stolen class ring back?! The offered amount often tops the gold or liquidation market value.

But, that’s not the end of the story as some very, very rare and extremely valuable class rings are existing. The odds of owning such a piece are rather low as we speak about class rings from the United States Military Academy West Point or from significant provenience like a former president or another person of great interest.

A class ring is usually worth how much a certain buyer or collector is willing to pay. It could take years to find this very special person. Normally, class rings trade for the gold value and as most class rings are heavy and made of 10k gold or 14k gold, their value may be significant. Today, you can sell one gram of 10 karat gold for $28.08 and one gram of 14 karat gold for $39.49.

Keep your class ring and enjoy it, if you don’t need the money. If it’s not your ring or a ring with little to non sentimental value, you can sell it for the current gold value. You can sell your class ring for top dollar with reDollar.

Class Rings

Georgetown Class Ring
22.33g | Value: $627.10

Clemson Class Ring
34.4g | Value: $966.06

Notre Dame Class Ring
26.66g | Value: $748.70

How much is a broken gold ring worth?

A damaged or broken gold ring can be quickly sold for the current scrap gold price. You can determine the value of a broken gold ring by yourself if you know the weight and the purity. And here is some industry inside for selling a broken ring: an untrustworthy gold buyer will try to sell you the story of getting paid less money for a broken ring which is why he can only offer you a small amount of money. If your ring would be undamaged, buying it for a higher price would be possible. Please don’t fall for that. Broken gold has exactly the same value as an undamaged piece of jewelry. As most jewelry is priced per weight and gram, this story is nothing but an excuse to justify the bad price they may offer you.

Sell your broken gold jewelry with reDollar and get paid the highest possible price. We don’t need to negotiate as we have a crystal clear and 100% transparent price philosophy. We pay straight 90% for your broken gold. No tricks, no fees, no deductions. With our gold calculator you can pre-calculate your payout amount. We update our prices every few minutes so that you get the latest prices based on the stock market prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Vintage gold ringsHow much is a vintage gold ring worth?

A vintage gold ring can be a treasure; rarely a real treasure. Normally vintage gold rings are traded by the gold price because they are old-fashioned and not wearable anymore. Only vintage gold rings with diamonds, emeralds, rubies or other gemstones can be worth more than just the gold value. For a private individual it’s hard to find out if a vintage gold ring is more worth than the gold price. We listed some examples for you. Get in touch with one of our experts if you own such a ring to find out more about its value. Please consider that a local appraiser charges you a fee even if your vintage gold ring is not worth much money. Sell vintage jewelry with reDollar and benefit from our profound expert knowledge and highest prices.

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