Gold Coin Melt Value

Many folks are curious to learn more about their gold coins’ melt value. Usually people believe that scratched or damaged coins have to undergo melting, which is why they look for the current melt value. Our company provides melting and buying services for damaged gold coins and offers the highest possible prices. There is no better place to sell gold coins in the United States. Our reliability and honesty are proven by countless reviews testifying that offers the very best deal for your gold.

The current gold price is $1731.22 per ounce and we pay you $1661.27 what is only less than $87.44 your gold’s real value. is known and highly respected for offering the best melting services for both individuals and commercial clients.

For most coins, melting is not required, even when they show signs of wear or contain small scratches. We always try to avoid melting coins because we have a waiting list of buyers for gold coins showing minor damage.

Calculate Gold Coin Melt Value

To calculate the melt value of your gold coins, you need to know the following:

  1. The current gold price
  2. Your gold coin’s purity
  3. Your gold coin’s weight

If you know this information, using a gold calculator like ours is the most convenient way to find out how much your coin is worth.

melted gold and gold coins cast to bar

Melt Value 24K Gold Coins

We melt your 24 karat gold coins for free and offer the highest possible price for them.

24K GoldToday’s Melt Value
Troy Ounce$1661.27

Melt Value 22K Gold Coins

We refrain from melting most gold coins even when they have damage.

22K GoldToday’s Melt Value
Troy Ounce$1523.25

Melt Value 21.6K Gold Coins

Many international gold coins are made of 21.6 karat gold equaling .900 gold.

21.6K GoldToday’s Melt Value
Troy Ounce$1496.64
Gram$48.12 pays around 95% of your gold coin’s real value, which is the best possible offer available to buyers. Check out our amazing reviews to learn more about our great reputation and why is the best way to sell gold and precious metals.

American Gold Coin Melt Values

List of common American gold coins.

CoinGold ContentMelt Value
$5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle0.2419 oz$12.92
$5 Indian Gold Half Eagle0.2419 oz$12.92
$10 Liberty Gold Eagle0.4838 oz$25.84
$10 Indian Gold Eagle0.4838 oz$25.84
$20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle0.9675 oz$51.68

Bullion Gold Coin Melt Values

Sometimes, melting bullion coins is required due to serious damage.

CoinGold ContentMelt Value
1 Ounce Bullion Coins31.10 grams$1661.27
1/2 Ounce Bullion Coins15.55 grams$830.64
1/4 Ounce Bullion Coins7.77 grams$415.05
1/10 Ounce Bullion Coins3.11 grams$166.13
1/20 Ounce Bullion Coins1.55 grams$82.80

International Gold Coin Melt Values

Especially old international gold coins in bad condition need melting. Check our list to find the current melt value of your gold coin.

CoinGold ContentMelt Value
Swiss 20 Francs Helvetia0.1867 oz$9.97
Great Britain Gold Sovereign0.2354 oz$12.57
20 Francs French Rooster0.1867 oz$9.97
Austrian 1 Ducat0.1106 oz$5.91
Austrian 100 Coronas0.9802 oz$52.36
Belgium 20 Francs Leopold II0.1867 oz$9.97
Uruguay 5 Pesos0.2501 oz$13.36
Italy 20 Lire0.1867 oz$9.97
Germany 20 Marks Prussia0.2304 oz$12.31
Colombia 5 Pesos0.2355 oz$12.58
Denmark 10 Kroner Frederik0.1288 oz$6.88
Russia 5 Roubles Nicholas II0.1244 oz$6.65
Peru 1 Libra0.2354 oz$12.57
Argentina 5 Pesos0.2334 oz$12.47

Gold Coin Melt Value

Melting gold coins is a very common process in the United States. There are billions of dollars’ worth of coins in circulation, and countless coins change hands every day. Most of the gold coins sold to gold buyers, pawn shops, and jewelers undergo melting because those buyers usually don’t have a market for those coins. This is unfortunate, because there is a big market for old or unwanted gold coins. Moreover, melting destroys the historical value. The gold coin melt value is an important figure for understanding how much a damaged gold coin is worth, but it should not mean that a prospective coin buyer melts the coin down.

gold coins melted to gold bar

If you sell coins with, you’ll help to prevent coins with historical value from getting melted and lost forever. Moreover, there is probably a collector’s value besides the gold coin melt value. pays not only for your coin’s melt value but also for your coin’s collector’s value.

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