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Many folks understand that mail in gold buyers deliver quick cash and a great service if you are able to pick the right buyer. It’s actually pretty easy to distinguish between a good mail in gold buyer paying high prices and a questionable buyer with bad business practices. The most significant indicator for being a good mail in gold buyer is providing a binding cash for gold quote. Statements like “we pay the highest prices” or “nobody pays more” are not strong enough to proof that a buyer is  paying a really high gold price. We always recommend to watch out for a gold calculator or a price list offering a transparent and trustworthy way to see how much a company pays for gold. You may also contact the buyer to make sure that the published prices are getting paid in cash with no deductions.

Some online gold buyers are fooling customers by providing a list of the current gold price rather than a list of prices really paid to sellers . This lists are often indicating ONLY the current market value of gold but NOT the price they are willing to pay you. There may be a huge difference between the current market price of gold and the price they are really paying you!

That may look like that:

Current Gold Price: $2428.58 per ounce

There is nothing wrong with displaying the current gold price if it’s disclosed that the buy-back price is different!

What makes a mail in gold buyer transparent?

Three things will make a mail-in gold buyer transparent and trustworthy: (1) published purchase prices (2) offered means of payment (3) turnaround time. While it is important that they offer various options to get paid, a quick process is also something what you may be interested in. Especially if you are in some sort of financial needs, getting the selling transaction done as soon as possible matters. But most important is the purchase price when you sell gold or other precious metals. Many mail-in gold buyers are luring customers with statements like “We Pay More” or “The Highest Gold Price Paid” or even “Industry Leading Prices Paid” while offering pennies on the dollar. Only published purchase prices will guarantee you to get paid what you expect them to pay you!

Current gold priceHow much we pay
24K$2428.58/ oz$2307.15/ oz
18K$1823.26/ oz$1622.70/ oz
14K$1422.14/ oz$1265.71/ oz
10K$1011.30/ oz$900.06/ oz
24K$78.09/ gram$74.18/ gram
18K$58.63/ gram$52.18/ gram
14K$45.73/ gram$40.70/ gram
10K$32.52/ gram$28.94/ gram

How it works to mail in gold to a buyer like reDollar

If you work with the whole selling process is very well planed and you as a seller can monitor all steps you are going trough. First you get started online. You can request a selling kit or a free shipping label for instant use. It’s up to you and depends on your personal circumstances if you better go with a kit or a shipping label. If you are in a hurry, get a shipping label making it possible to mail in your gold on the same day.

After your gold arrived in our highly-secured facility, our experts get to work. They provide you a purchase offer within 8 hours after your gold arrived. It’s than up to you to accept the offer and get paid instantly. If you opt of getting paid via Zelle or PayPal, your money comes within an hour. We also offer check payments, money order, wire transfers or direct deposits. It’s your choice for what you’ll go.

mailbox with gold coin promoting mail in gold buyer service

Benefit from Mail In Gold Buyers is a highly respected and top rated mail in gold buyer offering highest prices and the most transparent way to sell gold. We will get you to the point where you clearly understand how much money we offered you how we came to that offer. To get everyone educated, we provide a detailed laboratory report making it possible to see exactly how much money we offered for each delivered position. We buy any kind of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium – a single ring or whole estates. We are extremely well funded and able to handle high volume transactions. But don’t worry we appreciate also your small treasures. Every customer will be treated equality.

Why are mail in gold buyers beneficial?

Maximum Privacy: If you sell gold using a mail in service you benefit from a very discreet way of selling. That does not mean that you can stay totally anonymous but it means that you don’t run in the danger of shopping around with your valuables. There are really bad guys out there just waiting for someone running around with gold.

Easy to Compare Prices: we recommend only doing business with mail in gold buyers having either a gold calculator or a binding price list on their website. From our point of view, just promising to pay the most cash is not enough. Watch out, bad guys want your buy your gold for little money.

Very Convenient: Usually mail in gold buyers installed an easy process to sell. Make sure that they provide you with sufficient insurance coverage as most smaller online buyers offer only a basic $500 insurance. If you deal with reDollar, insurance coverage up to $150,000 is available.

What You Can Sell To Mail-In Gold Buyers

Most mail-in gold buyers accept pretty much any merchandise made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Diamonds, watches, dental gold, vintage jewelry, medals, silverware, gemstones, collectibles, and paintings are often accepted as well.

Gold Coins

It’s very easy to sell gold coins and any mail-in gold buyer will happily take your coins. Be very careful before you sell your gold coins as you may run into a bad deal. Getting to know the value of your gold coins is an important step before selling. Doing a quick value-research is easy with gold coins as most indicate crucial information like the weight (for example: 1oz) on the coins.

Gold Jewelry

Big mail-in gold buyers like reDollar will employ highly skilled jewelry appraisers. Appraising scrap gold is usually not very challenging for most appraiser but dealing with highly valuable and rare pieces may be for some. If you plan to sell Tiffany jewelry or merchandise made by Cartier or another top-of-the-line brand, knowing a professional place like reDollar is most important for getting paid a high price.

Scrap Gold

Scrap gold is not very fancy but still very valuable. You would be surprised how much money you can get paid. If you plan to sell scrap gold, start with a scale to get a quote for your items. As a general rule, scrap gold is priced by purity and weight. Make sure to know the approximate cash-value of your items before you mail them in. A good mail-in gold buyer will offer between 85% and 90% of your gold’s value.


Don’t rush to sell loose diamonds to the next possible mail-in buyer. Grading and appraising diamonds is a skill that will need decades of experience. Diamonds are graded by color, clarity, and carat weight. A smaller but better quality diamond can be worth significantly more than a bigger diamond of lower quality. Having a grading report from a well-respected grading place like GIA makes the selling process so much easier.

Rolex Watches

In comparison to diamonds, it’s much easier to sell a Rolex watch for a good price. For buying Rolex watches, less experience is needed as long as the box, papers, and the purchase receipt are present. If no box and papers are available, you will need a very experienced buyer who examined hundreds of Rolex watches over the years. Watch out, most buyers don’t have the funds to make you a competitive offer!


If you are looking for a cash for gold quote, using an online calculator is the best way to get a very accurate purchase quote. If you haven’t dealt with the mail-in gold byer yet, reconfirming that the quote given is final and no deductions will apply wouldn’t hurt. Some buyers are running foolish adds and you don’t want to come in an uncomfortable situation once you mailed-in your gold.

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