Mail in Gold Buyers

Many folks understand that mail in gold buyers are very beneficial if you just pick the correct buyer. We believe that it’s actually easy to distinguish between the good guys and the scammers. One and probably even the most significant indicator for doing a good job is providing a binding cash for gold quote. Statements like “we pay the highest prices” or “nobody pays more” are not good enough to proof that somebody is  paying a really high gold price. We always recommend to watch out for a gold calculator or a price table offering a transparent and trustworthy way to see how much a company pays for gold.

How much we really pay you for gold

24K Gold Per Gram: $55.85
24K Gold per Pennyweight: $86.57

18K Gold Per Gram: $39.72
18K Gold Per Pennyweight: $61.57

14K Gold Per Gram: $30.98
14K Gold Per Pennyweight: $48.03

10K Gold Per Gram: $22.03
10K Gold Per pennyweight: $34.15

How it works to mail in gold to a buyer like reDollar

If you work with the selling process is very well planed and you as a seller can monitor all steps you are going trough. First you get started online. You can request a selling kit or a shipping label for instant use. It’s up to you and depending on your personal circumstances if you better go with a kit or a shipping label. If you are in a hurry, get a shipping label making it possible to mail in your gold at the same day.

After your gold arrived in our highly-secured facility, our experts get to work. They provide you a purchase offer within 6 hours after your gold arrived. It’s than up to you to accept the offer and get paid instantly. If you agree with getting payed into your PayPal account, money comes within an hour but we also offer check payments, money order, wire transfers or direct deposits. It’s your choice for what you’ll go.

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Benefit from Mail In Gold Buyers is a highly respected and top rated mail in gold buyer offering highest prices and the most transparent way to sell gold. We get you to the point where you understand how much money we offered you and especially way. To get laymen educated, we provide detailed analysis reports making it possible to see exactly how much money we offered for each delivered position. We pay any kind of gold and we pay any quantities. We are extremely well funded and able to buy “big gold” from the entire US. But don’t worry we appreciate also little treasures like a single ring or a small amount of broken gold.

Why are mail in gold buyers beneficial?

1.) Most Privacy: If you sell gold using a mail in service you benefit from a very discreet way of selling. That does not mean that you can stay under the radar but it means that you don’t run in the danger of shopping around with your valuables. There are really bad guys out there just waiting for someone running around with gold.

2.) Compare Prices: we recommend only doing business with mail in gold buyers having either a gold calculator or a binding price list on their website. From our point of view, just promising to pay the most cash is not enough. Watch out, bad guys want your gold for a bargain.

3.) Easy & Convenient: Usually mail in gold buyers installed an easy process to sell. Watch out if there is enough insurance coverage included. Some mail in gold buyers only insure your gold up to $500 or $1,000. If you deal with reDollar, insurance coverage up to $150,000 is available.

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