Who buys dental gold? Where to sell dental gold? Asks Daniel

Dental gold crowns and bridgesHi Alan! My grandpa worked as a dentist in Queens for almost 30 years. Five years ago he passed away, and we never went through his garage stuff because we only use his house as a vacation home to get out of the city occasionally. Last weekend, the neighborhood organized a garage sale which we joined. We welcomed this opportunity because our grandpa also stored a lot of old things that we can’t use anymore. While sorting through his stuff, we found a jar filled with yellow -and silver- colored teeth. I guess he collected this dental gold over many years. We didn’t expect to find any treasure, but now we are very excited to find out more. Alan, what is dental gold worth? Where can I sell dental gold, and who buys it? Thank you!
Daniel from New York City,  State of New York

Hi Daniel! Bingo! You hit the jackpot if your dental gold is truly gold, which I’m guessing it is. Hopefully, your grandpa didn’t collect just junk from his patients. Sometimes this happens. A single gold tooth can be worth between $50 and $150, depending on the weight and the precious metal content. I’d be happy to tell you more about the gold teeth in your jar, as well as who buys dental gold and how to sell dental gold for a good price.
reDollar appraiser Alan Jensen

Daniel wants to know where to sell dental gold and who buys dental gold.

Sell dental gold with reDollarDaniel: Alan, I’m so excited. I found a jar filled with yellow and silver-colored teeth, which I think is dental gold. I sent you a couple of photos for your initial assessment. I’m hoping to use the money for my semester abroad. Please tell me more about these teeth and where I can sell my dental gold.

Alan: What a lucky young man you are. Finding a jar filled with gold teeth is like hitting the jackpot. Let’s say you own real gold and not just dental junk. If that’s the case, you can easily spend thousands more on your semester abroad. But let’s continue step by step. First, I asked you to send me photos of different teeth. I asked you to do that because I have seen hundreds of kilograms of dental gold in my career, so I have a good idea of what worthless teeth look like. My first good news is that your dental gold looks good to me. I’m guessing the majority of your gold teeth are of good quality. There may also be some junk teeth in your mix, but that shouldn’t reduce the value significantly. Generally, dental gold of good quality is made of 18K gold. Eighteen karat gold means that the dental laboratory used 75% pure gold for production. And that’s pretty good. But you can also find dental gold made of only 9K, 10K, 12K, or 14K gold in the US. It depends on the area and the origin of the dental gold. We know that gold teeth from South America are generally a little bit more valuable than those from Asia. Dental gold from New York or Texas is also more valuable than gold teeth from Florida. So you see, it really depends.

Daniel: I understand, but can you please give me an idea of the value?

reDollar experts appraising dental goldAlan: Well, as you know, I asked you to weigh the yellow teeth separately from the silver-colored teeth. That’s because I have no idea how to estimate the value of the silver-colored teeth without an x-ray machine. This white metal dental gold could be made of platinum, palladium, silver, or maybe even base metals. White-colored teeth can be trash as well as treasure. I’d have to put these pieces under my XRF machine to tell you more.

Daniel: OK. What about the yellow gold?

Alan: The determined weight you provided to me is 371 pennyweights. I see both, metal and cement teeth, so I’m deducting 20% from the total weight, which equals about 310 pennyweights of yellow dental gold. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. If all teeth are made of 18K gold, you own dental gold worth about $27635.85. If your dental gold is mostly made of 14K gold, it is worth about $21555.96. And just in case, if it’s made of 10K gold, your dental gold shows a value of about $15328.68. But please remember, I can’t test even one tooth from afar. This means there is also a chance that your dental gold is worthless if it turns out that all the teeth are made of base metals.

Daniel: Wow. Can you recommend a place to sell dental gold?

Alan: All gold buyers, pawn shops, and even jewelers can buy dental gold. We also buy dental gold, but you have to understand that requires special machines and a laboratory to perform an accurate analysis. We check every single tooth, and we remove all base metals like cement or organic material. If you agree, we also melt down the teeth, as this is the best way to determine the precious metal content. You can also find reliable gold buyers near you, but I would recommend that you work with a company like us. We use the newest technologies to offer the best prices for dental gold.

Daniel: I would love to sell with your company. How do I proceed?

Alan: It depends on your preference. We can determine your dental gold’s value by teeth evaluation or, like I told you, a melting analysis. The melting analysis is extremely accurate and can be done in just one working day. If you plan to sell only a few teeth, we can do the analysis in just minutes. It strongly depends on the number of teeth you send to us. We also arrange fully insured and free shipping for you.

Daniel: Sounds great. I will give you a call to discuss the logistics, but I will definitely be selling with your company.

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