Let’s talk about nuggets: how much are gold nuggets worth?

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How much is a nugget of gold worth?

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We have to differ between natural gold nuggets and artificial, human created, gold nuggets to talk about how much they are worth. While bigger natural gold nuggets are reflecting a value higher than the gold price, humanly created gold nuggets are always “only” worth the current gold price. Small natural gold nuggets, mined from Alaska to Australia, are also “only” worth the gold price because they are not either really rare or exceptional.

Natural Gold Nuggets

Most natural gold nuggets appear either as a pure nugget or in combination with a host rock like quartz. North American mined natural nuggets usually contain approx. 95% pure gold while Australian mined nuggets can contain up to 99% pure gold. A natural 1 gram gold nugget containing 95% pure gold is worth $65.81, today.

Please also check our value-examples further down this page to get an idea how much bigger-sized gold nuggets are worth.

Artificial Gold Nuggets

Humanly created gold nuggets can sell for the current gold value because they are not special or worth to collect. Usually, artificial gold nuggets are created by goldsmiths to collect gold-remains left from their work. The purity can vary much because it depends on the melted materials if a nugget contains much or less pure gold. If the nugget was melted out of gold jewelry, the purity can be in the range of 40% to 55% pure gold or higher but if the nugget was melted out of gold plated electronic parts like plugs or panel pieces the purity can be less than 10% pure gold.

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Expert Article: sell your natural gold nuggets

Sell Artificial Nuggets1 Gram1 Ounce
10K Gold (.416)$28.82$896.19
14K Gold (.585)$40.52$1260.27
18K Gold (.750)$51.95$1615.73
24K Gold (.999)$73.05$2271.72

How much is a nugget of gold worth? Value examples!

Gold nuggets can present a very high value. Check our value-examples to get an idea about how much they are worth.

natural Klondike gold nugget, Alaska USA

Natural Klondike Gold Nugget

Origin: Alaska, USA
Weighs: 3.05 grams
Value: $200.71

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natural gold nugget from western Australia

Natural Australian Gold Nugget

Origin: Kalgoorlie region, Australia
Weighs: 35.06 grams
Value: $2307.19

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natural gold nugget from California, USA

Natural California Gold Nugget

Origin: California, USA
Weighs: 6.26 grams
Value: $411.95

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natural gold nugget from Brazil

Natural Brazilian Gold Nugget

Origin: Brasilia, USA
Weighs: 9.19 grams
Value: $604.77

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natural placer gold nuggets from British Columbia, Canada

Natural British Columbia Gold Nuggets

Origin: British Columbia, Canada
Weighs: 16.77 grams
Value: $1103.58

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More about Natural Gold Nuggets

Many gold nuggets are so called placer gold nuggets and can be found washing gravel, stones and sand to get to the nuggets.

We know the following types of gold deposits

Native Gold

  • silver is a necessary impurity
  • one of the biggest natural nuggets ever discovered was found in the Urals in 1842 weighing approx. 36 kilograms
  • the biggest ever found natural nugget was found in Australia and weighs 93 kilograms

Endogenetic Gold Deposits

  • Most variety in composition
  • gold-quartz or gold-quartz-sulfide deposits
  • formed at great or at intermediate depths
  • Kolar (India), Yellowknife or Porcupine (Canada), Mother Lode or Homestake (USA), Great Boulder or Ballarat (Australia), Altay-Sayan (Kazakhstan), Morro-Velho (Brazil)

Exogenetic Gold Deposits

  • gold-bearing oxidized zones of ore deposits and eluvial deposits or placer
  • Ural, Western Siberia, Alaska, California, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Central and South Africa

Metamorphosed Exogenetic Gold Deposits

  • uranium-gold auriferous conglomerates
  • Witwatersrand (South Africa), Blind River (Canada), Jacobina (Brasilia)

Gold Minerals

  • gold compounds with silver, copper, mercury, bismuth
  • tellurides of gold
  • intermetallic compounds of gold

Questions about nuggets or native gold?

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