Gold buyers in Orlando: do they offer fair prices?

Divorce, bereavement, emergency or inheritance often bring gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds, watches, dental gold and other stuff. But how to sell this assets, and where is a good place for selling? First, there are the countless cash for gold-spots in Orlando that you can consult but there are other options too. Think about your neighborhood pawn shop or your family jeweler. They all buy gold and jewelry. But do they pay high prices too? Are there any risks if selling gold in Orlando? We collected the information for your needs. Read our step-by-step gold selling guideline for Orlando and become a satisfied seller.

NOTE: Gold buyers in Orlando can pay how much they want

Some people think that gold, silver and other precious metals can be sold at any gold buying location for the “daily price.” This misunderstanding comes from advertising. Many gold buyers advertise to pay the “gold price” for gold and jewelry. But that’s a popular misconception. The gold price is the price of gold, created on the stock exchange. If you sell gold or jewelry and a buyer would really pay you the gold price, he wouldn’t make a profit because he would pay gold, worth $1,000 for $1,000. There is no margin! So, this statement is just a slogan. Unreliable gold buyers in Orlando would offer you maybe just 30%, 40% or 50% of the current gold price while a very reliable buyer would offer between 80% and 90%. But how is it possible to find the honest guys in Orlando?

It’s not that easy. We know that lots of gold buyers pay only little money. The fewest pay proper. But running a comparison is very easy. Just take your gold and shop around. And don’t only ask in your neighborhood area. We always recommend to consult as many buyers as possible. We know you spend your precious time but it pays off at the end of the day. And the much more gold you have, the much more important is a carefully done comparison. Let’s imagine you own some rings, a necklace, a chain, a coin, and some dental gold, worth $2,500. Wouldn’t it be fine to get $2,100 or $2,200 for this gold? That’s desirable. Most buyers would offer you amounts between $1,500 and $1,900 for gold which is worth $2,500.

Local gold buyers in Orlando vs online gold buyers

Reliable online gold buyers like know about the hassle if selling gold in Orlando to a local gold buying location. They know that achieving a high price is a challenge. Therefore they try to outbid the local buyers. And mostly, it works. Online gold buyers can often offer higher prices because they are organized in a different way. Cash for gold locations in Orlando only serve the neighborhood in contrast to online buyers serving nationwide.

The competition is your advantage. Use convenient tools like online gold calculators to calculate the value of your gold.

Beware of criminal energy

An investigation of the department for consumer affairs in New York revealed that 3 out of 4 gold buyers are in violation with laws. Never trust a gold buyer you don’t know. Weighing fraud is not an exemption, for example. It can happen to you too. Our tip is, never sell to one of the first gold buyers in Orlando where you ask for a quote. And allow them to put pressure on you.

Uncertain what to do? offers free evaluation for your gold and jewelry. You can meet the appraisers for asking your questions. See what other people asked:

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It’s very interesting to learn from other gold-sellers. It helps you to avoid selling mistakes. Local gold buyers in Orlando are tricky and we want to help you finding the good guys. They are out there, it just takes a bit longer to find them.

Gold buyers in Orlando, FL: some addresses

We found 6 potential cash for gold places in the North of Orlando for you. Try your luck visiting Gold Buyers At the Mall, located at Altamonte Mall, 451 East Altamonte Drive or the company named Quick Bucks For Gold, located at Lunsford Dr or also GoldMax they are located at 601 N Orlando Ave or National Jewelry Buyers, located at 370 W Fairbanks Ave or the Orlando Gold Exchange, named Gold 2 Cash Exchange, located at 697 N Semoran Blvd or Gold Max, located at 3635 West State Road 426.

In the South of Orlando and in South West you find at least 5 more gold buyers. Visit Orlando Gold Buyers LLC, located at 4722 E Michigan St or the guys in the Florida mall, Precious Fine Jewelers & Gold Buyers, located at 8001 South Orange Blossom or also The Gold Buying Company, located at 1790 Sand Lake Rd or the store in the west, Precious Gold Buyers & Gift Cards, located at 882 S Kirkman Rd or maybe also The Gold Buying Company, located at 8894 West Colonial Drive.

Remember don’t sell your gold to one of the first gold buyers in Orlando that you consult!

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