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How much is gold jewelry worth? Asked Howard

Hi! My name is Howard and I would like to sell the jewelry that my parents have inherited me. Can you tell me how much is gold jewelry worth? I work as a medical expert but I’m completely unfamiliar with the gold buying business, therefore I can’t evaluate the value of my gold but I would like to know if the jewelry I have is very valuable or not.
Howard from Orlando in Florida

Hello Howard! Nice to meet you! I’m pleased that you have contacted reDollar with your concern. It’s my pleasure to detect the value of your jewelry. I will make the appraisal with you together, that way you can learn more about the valuation of gold jewelry. I’m sure that very soon we will know how much is your gold jewelry worth.
reDollar appraiser, Maria Tait

Howard wants to know, how much is gold jewelry worth?

Howard: Hello Maria, thank you for getting back to me so soon. I would like to sell two gold rings and a pair of diamond ear studs.

Maria: Hi Howard! This sounds nice. It seems that you own very nice jewelry. Please be so kind and provide me with as much information as possible to make a proper estimation.

Howard: Alright. I can send you photos of the pieces and what concerns the diamond ear studs I have a certification that belongs to this pieces.

Maria: That’s fantastic. Let’s start with the evaluation of the diamond ear studs.

Howard: I’m very excited, let’s see how much is my gold jewelry worth. I hope you like the photos.

Maria: Yes, thank you. The quality of the photos is perfect and with help of the certificate it should be very simple for me to provide you a prompt estimation. I see that your diamond ear studs are colored, that’s nice. You own yellow diamond ear studs. Each diamond weighs approximately 2.08 carats and is mounted in 18 Karat gold. This are gorgeous pieces. In specialist jargon I would describe your diamond ear studs as sets with circular-cut fancy yellow diamonds. From the certificate we can learn that one of the diamond has a fancy, natural yellow color and an internally flawless clarity. The second diamond is from the same quality, it will described with a fancy yellow, natural color and a VVS1 clarity. The quality of the diamonds is nearly perfect. I have to admit that this two sets are very nice pieces and to sell diamonds like that it needs an expert. Don’t make the mistake and sell them straight away to the next gold buying dealer. I doubt that the jeweler next door is able to determine the value of such outstanding pieces. I have searched through archives of nameable auction houses and I have related their auction results with realistic market prices for jewelry pieces like that. On basis of that, I could estimate a value of approximately $20,000-$30,000 for this pair of yellow diamond ear studs. What do you think Howard?

Howard: Well, I already knew that this fancy diamond ear studs will have a great value but I have to admit that I’m very surprised that you have estimated the value so high. I thought I would get let’s say $4,000 for this ear studs but not more.

Maria: You have to consider that my estimated value is not the price a buyer can pay you. You have to deduct around 20% for the buyer’s margin but my estimated value reflects the price you can receive for this diamond ear studs if you sell them to private individuals.

Howard: Please also find out how much is my other gold jewelry worth. The two rings I have mentioned before seem to be very heavy. I think that influences the value, does it?

Maria: Yes in general the weight of a gold ring influences the value because the higher the weight of the gold, the higher the value. But if your ring was manufactured from a famous gold smith or jeweler than the value can increase significantly. Gold rings from Harry Winston, Van Cleef and Arpels, Graff, Cartier, Bvulgari or any other famous jeweler can have a much higher value as from usual jewelers. Also the age and provenience plays a significant role. An old gold ring from a notable aristocrat for example has a higher value as well.

Howard: That makes sense, thank you for your explanation Maria. The two gold rings I have must be made of 18 Karat gold I thing. The weight of both rings is 32.09 grams.

Maria: Do you know anything about the provenience or where the rings were bought.

Howard: No, I know nothing about the provenience or were the rings were bought. I only know that the gold rings are Men’s rings. I also found the hallmarks on the rings.

Maria: Yes that’s right. One 18K gold ring looks like a seal ring, and the other ring shows a lion, very nice but no rarities I think so. On basis of the total weight I would estimate a realistic purchase price of $882.48 for the two gold rings. My calculation is based on the weight of the gold rings.

Howard: That’s not bad for this rings. I’m happy with the price. Thank you for the evaluations Maria. Your professionalism has fully convinced me. I think I will sell my gold jewelry with you. Now I know how much is gold jewelry worth, that reliefs me.

Maria: My pleasure Howard. Knowing how much you own gives self-confidence. What we also recommend our clients is to run a comparison. Test what other local gold buyers would offer you.

Howard: Yes that’s a good tip. I will do that but my feeling says I should do the deal with you.

Maria: Thank you for your trust Howard! We would love to win you as new, happy client.

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