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Are there any persons out there owning no ring made of gold, silver or platinum? Hard to imagine when you know that there are approximately 2.5 million weddings in the US every year. Not to mention how many rings are given for engagement, as gifts, in love or for thousands of other reasons. Rings sold in malls, on the internet, on the flea market, on TV, at jewelers or goldsmiths. When you sum up it must be millions of rings, sold every year in the US. This are the explanations why you are searching for selling rings. Now you are more than happy to learn that you found one of the best places to sell your rings. is not only a dealer like all the other ones – is the perfect place to realize a fast selling result. No fees for selling, no money pending for days into your PayPal account, no walking from one dealer store to the other dealer store spending precious time and wasting your Dollars for parking and gas. employs jewelry experts to appraise your rings value. At the end we offer you the most competitive offer that you can imagine. Get started online to get amazing prices for your rings that you would like to sell. Become another satisfied customer. Share your experience writing a review and you can get a $20 gift card from a store that you like. We have nothing to hide. Your recommendation to your family or friends is more valuable for us than any other way of advertising.

Go ahead and sell rings online

reDollar experts discuss the value of a white gold ring with a diamondYou would like to sell your rings right now? Well, that’s a very good decision and fast to realize. Get started online, tell us your basic contact information and describe the rings that you would like to sell. Finalize your order by selecting a way of shipping. We offer three convenient ways to ship your rings: ship by yourself, using the shipping company you like, ship with a prepaid shipping label from FedEx or UPS that we provide for your or alternatively you can schedule a free pick-up at the location you prefer, to ship your rings to our labs.

Thanks to the fast and professional shipping companies we welcome your rings in our labs the very next day or latest 48 hours after shipping. Your rings will be unpacked by hand. This is an extensively automated process – certainly under strict security. You learn now that selling your rings is not only convenient – it’s also very safe

We give you a call or we text you after determining your ring’s value. We immediately proceed with the payout as you agree to our offer. At this point we should let you know that it’s not needed to use a bank account to get paid. We can also mail you a money order instead of making a direct deposit into your bank account.

Selling rings of all makes, brands or ages

We welcome your rings made from all brands or coming in any condition. We accept gold, silver and of course also platinum. Tiffany & Co. rings are just as welcomed than unbranded rings. Damaged rings, also named scrap gold, can be easily sold too. There is no ring selling case we can’t proceed for you. After selling your rings to us you get a personalized selling certification, summing up your case and your total amount paid, sent into your email account. We operate solely fully transparent. Hurry, get started online and finish in less than three minutes.

Sell extremely valuable rings, vintage rings, modern rings or rings from brands

Sometimes we were asked for a list of rings that we can accept. Below you can find an overview:

  • Gold rings: 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 20k, 22k
  • Silver rings: .925 silver named sterling silver
  • Men’s rings
  • Ladies rings
  • Platinum rings
  • Palladium rings
  • Cameo rings
  • Branded rings
  • Unbranded rings
  • Damaged rings: scrap gold
  • Diamond rings
  • Ruby rings
  • Wedding bands
  • Engagement rings
  • Sapphire rings
  • Pearl rings
  • Garnet rings
  • Emerald rings
  • Opal rings
  • Moonstone rings
  • Amethyst rings
  • Baby rings
  • College rings