Sell Silver Jewelry is the best place to sell silver jewelry. We offer industry-leading purchase prices and top-notch customer service. We buy all kinds of silver jewelry, including antique silver jewelry, contemporary silver jewelry, branded silver jewelry, Native American silver jewelry, and scrap silver jewelry. The process for selling your silver jewelry is straightforward, transparent, easy, and fast. Please give this article a read before you head out to sell your silver jewelry around the corner. Selling with us may take one or two days longer than selling to your local buyer, but it will very likely result in a much higher payout. reDollar is known to be the best option for selling gold jewelry, silver jewelry, coins, watches and other valuable items.

How much is silver jewelry worth?

Packed silver jewelry ready for selling with envelopeHow much is silver worth? Most silver pieces are evaluated and priced by their weight. One ounce of 925/1000 sterling silver is currently worth $23.12. You can use a scale to weigh your items at home for a quick value determination. Please take into consideration that pricing antique silver jewelry, branded silver jewelry, or Native American jewelry cannot be done by weight alone, as other factors are involved. The manufacturer, age, rarity, provenience, and origin can all impact the value of your silver. If you don’t believe your items fall into these special categories, please read our expert article about calculating silver value. The process is easier than you think and can be done from the comfort of your home.

Sell Silver Jewelry: A Few Items & Big Collections

Generally speaking, you can sell anything from a very small amount of silver jewelry to a large collection with us. Please consider that selling just two or three silver rings may result in a small payout amount, probably in the range of $20 to $40. Most of our sellers own at least one box filled with unwanted silver jewelry, which will make their selling transaction more interesting financially. Compared to gold jewelry, silver jewelry is unfortunately only worth a fraction of its gold counterpart.

Is it worth selling a piece of sterling silver? Many people think that selling a few pieces of sterling silver is not worth the hassle, but it’s always a matter of perspective. If you’re well-off financially, $50 probably won’t matter to you—but it may matter to somebody struggling to make ends meet. And even if you’re not in need of a few dollars, you can give the money to someone who is. Any nonprofit organization will gladly appreciate even a tiny donation. The bottom line is, no amount of silver is too small to sell if it’s not needed anymore. We are happy to donate on your behalf to a nonprofit of your choice, even if it’s just for a single silver ring. Click here to sell now. We provide free shipping labels for selling transactions of $150 or more. For smaller amounts, we kindly ask that you take care of your shipping costs.

Silver & Gold Value Compared

Let’s compare two rings: a silver ring and a gold class ring weighing almost exactly the same. Which is worth more?

Silver Ring Value: $13.12
Gold Ring Value: $498.91

Gold is significantly more valuable than gold. Please keep this in mind when selling.

Sterling Silver Ring

10K Gold Ring

Silver Class Ring

Sell for $10 – $50

Navajo Silver Necklace

Sell for $1,000

Tiffany Silver Earrings

Sell for $250

Turquoise Silver Bracelet

Sell for $70

Sell Silver Jewelry – All Types of Items

You can sell silver rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings, brooches, bangles, and anything else made of silver. Our appraiser will go through your items and price them based on either the weight or other factors like maker, rarity, or craftsmanship. We will test all your items in detail and share any knowledge we have about your collection. We will also separate out items that are not made of silver and cannot be sold to our company. When it comes to selling silver jewelry, reDollar is your best choice. Compare us with local gold buyers, pawn shops, or jewelry stores. You’ll see that we pay more than the competition.

Jewelry box with silver jewelry, silver coins, and silver watches

Sell Native American Silver Jewelry

You can sell Native American silver jewelry for top dollar with us. Our company and our employees have a special affiliation with Native jewelry, as our Denver headquarters are only a few hours north of the Southwest region. Navajo, Zuni, and other tribes have a long history of bringing jewelry up into Colorado, and the knowledge that our appraisers can provide is extensive. We are happy to buy a single piece or your whole collection.

You can sell high-end jewelry from famous Native American artists as well as mass-produced and contemporary jewelry. We are proud to be part of a collectors network serving domestic and international buyers, so we have an outlet for your items. Don’t make the mistake of selling your silver jewelry to your local buyer. We always pay more. Please contact us for a price comparison.

Sell Branded Silver Jewelry

You can sell Tiffany jewelry, David Yurman jewelry, Gucci jewelry, Pandora jewelry, John Hardy jewelry, Vivienne Westwood jewelry, and any other designer jewelry with us. We pay high prices for your items, as we have a lot of experience buying, refurbishing, repairing, and reselling branded silver jewelry. We promise to review all submitted items very carefully to come up with the highest possible offer. Please understand that the purchase price you initially paid has nothing to do with the current sale value. Markups for branded jewelry are usually very high. You can always submit an appraisal request before selling your silver jewelry with us.

Sell Antique Silver Jewelry

Our company is one of just a few online buyers with the knowledge and skills to deal with real antique jewelry. We will always buy Victorian era jewelry, Georgian era jewelry, Edwardian era jewelry, Art Nouveau jewelry, and Art Deco jewelry. Please understand that just because something looks old doesn’t necessarily mean it is. It’s fairly easy to give silver jewelry an old look, and many items that look antique were actually made in the last few decades. But don’t worry, we will always review your items for free before you make a selling decision.

Sell Austro-Hungarian, Prussian, & British Silver Jewelry

Austro-Hungarian, Prussian, British, Dutch, Italian, French, and Eastern European silver jewelry that was made pre-World War 2 can be very valuable. Please consider us as your buyer for antique and vintage European, Asian, and South American silver jewelry. We have a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to dealing with rare and fine jewelry. Our appraisers work with experts from all over the world, and we’re able to handle extremely rare pieces. Sell your silver jewelry with us and enjoy the highest prices paid.

Sell 800, 835, 900, or 950 silver jewelry

You might own silver items marked 800, 835, 900, 950, or even 999. Just because something is not marked “sterling” does not necessarily mean that it has no value. In the United States, markings like 900, 925, sterling, and 999 are very common, and most people know that those items can be sold. Items marked 800, 835, 850, or 950 are also made of real silver, but of different origin. For instance, silver marked 950 may be made in Japan or Mexico. Items marked 800 or 835 may be made in Germany or Austria. If an item is marked 12 or 13, it indicates that the piece was made in Russia. Learn more about silver markings if you are interested in this topic.

Sell Silver Jewelry Online – 3 Easy Steps

We developed a very easy process for selling silver jewelry with our company. After reading our reviews, most people simply start selling online by telling us what they want to sell and how much insurance coverage would be needed. We provide a free shipping label and review and quote your items when they arrive. If you agree to our offer, we pay you right away. This whole process can be done in two to three days.

Start Online

Start online and provide us with some basic information about your selling transaction. We’ll fully insure your shipment.

Ship Your Silver Jewelry

Please pack well using a solid shipping box. Make sure that your items are cushioned to prevent damage.

Quote & Payment

When your items arrive, we’ll make you a purchase offer on the same day. Once you agree, we pay you immediately.

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